Ubud is known as the art district of Bali, home to numerous art galleries, museums, and traditional Balinese dance performances. The town also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year. It is surrounded by lush rice terraces, mostly preserved as part of ancient traditions. People around the world come to taste different experiences, from getting closer to Mother Nature, finding a journey to spirituality, or getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the fluctuation of tourists, Ubud always has something new to offer. However, if you are looking for something different, Here are 10 anti-mainstream activities to do in Ubud.

1. Bu Desak, a Healer to cleanse your Soul

This spiritual experience offers an immense holistic healing approach to help cleanse your soul from past traumas and let go of the burden that has been wearing you out. It is called melukat which is a traditional Balinese Hindu purification ceremony. First, a friendly staff would serve a calming flamingo tea to prepare you before the cleansing session. Next, you will have a reading session with Bu Desak to evaluate your past and future from the whisper of the universe. Then you will change your clothing into traditional Balinese fabric to start the healing session. If you are keen to try, locations are down below.

2. Join a Pottery Class in Rusters

Another fun yet affordable activity to do while you are in Ubud is to join the pottery and ceramic class in Rusters. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Ubud, making the experience even more unique. There are 2 classes available, a Wheel-throwing class and a hand-building class. The price of the class includes a voucher for a beverage you can exchange in their coffee shop and one and a half hours of a private pottery class. The piece that you created will be ready within 4-5 weeks. If you are not going to be in Bali, Rusters staff will send it to your address.

3. Ride an ATV on a Jungle Adventure

If you are more of an adventurous type, you should definitely try this ATV experience. Provided by Alasan Adventure, you will be riding their newest type of ATV ‘the Beast’ for an hour through various challenging tracks. Starting from the bamboo forest, through a dark cave, a mud pool then across a river. First, you will ride a shuttle car to the starting point. Then, there will be all the safety kits and equipment to wear as well as a safety guidance and briefing session from the instructor. There is also a 15-minute break session before continuing to more challenging tracks. The price includes food and beverages in Cretya Sunset Day Club, a towel, and a locker. Click here for more information.

4. KOJIN Teppanyaki Omakase live cooking experience

Fancy a unique dining experience? Try coming to Kojin Omakase, a Japanese-styled restaurant where you can watch live cooking experiences performed by skillful chefs. They will serve starters with mocktails before starting the omakase. There are many choices of food from crab salads, fresh sashimi, cawan mushi, wagyu yakiniku, tuna Cappadocia, salmon teriyaki, Hokkaido scallops with gold sprinkles, barley feed black agus tenderloin. Lastly, you will be served with a variety of desserts from Fire Purin Chocolate and Mochi ice cream. They are located at Aksari Resort at J. Raya Desa Kenderan No. 88x, Ubud

5. Fruits, Woods Carving, and offering lessons in Ubud

Another fun activity you shouldn’t miss is to do a fruit or wood carving lesson in Ubud. Bali is mostly known for its high-quality of hospitality service, and fruit carving is one way to prove it. Fruit carving is a traditional art form that involves creating intricate and decorative designs on fruits. Not only fruits, you can also learn to carve wood from scratch. Other than that, they have other lessons to try here from silver ring-making lessons, traditional basic painting lessons, and Balinese offering-making lessons, to kite-making lessons all in one place. It is located in Mas, Ubud.

6. Tasting Free Luwak Coffee

You can’t miss the opportunity to taste not only luwak coffee but all the herbal tea and drink for free. If you fancy this idea, you should come visit Satria Agrowisata located in Lodtunduh, Ubud. You will be given plenty of glasses with a selection of locally sourced herbal drinks. Each of them has a different flavor and health benefits. I can guarantee you might want to purchase at least one of them because they are just very tasty. You can also see the Luwak.

7. Eating Top Local Food in Mek Juwel

If you are interested in knowing what the locals are eating regularly, you should visit Nasi Campur Ayam Mek Juwel. Though it may not be the best 5-star restaurant you would expect. It is a humble yard of mek juwel’s house turned into a small warung slash homey vibe restaurant. The food, however, is a local delicacy consisting of rice with smoky chicken with Balinese sambal and veggies. It is only Rp. 25,000 for one portion!

8. Trying Authentic Thai Restaurants – Seeds Eater

Seeds eatery is one of the anti-mainstream activities you shouldn’t miss while you are visiting Ubud. This restaurant has gone viral for its top-notch fresh oysters with Thai sauce. Not recommended to visit during peak lunch hour cause the line could be very long. Also, don’t miss trying their famous Tom Yum Sauce and authentic Thai Tea.

9. Live Music and Art Galleries at Biji World

Another anti-mainstream place you should visit in Ubud is Biji World. They usually have live music performances on the weekend nights to accompany your dinner. Other than that, there is also an exquisite art gallery where you can take your aesthetic pictures freely while roaming around. If you take a stroll around, there will be fish ponds, small shops including a cute pet shop, and souvenir shops. Check your calendar because sometimes there will be interesting local events worth supporting.

10. City of the future – Parq Ubud

Last but not least, is City of the Future Ubud. Parq is an upscale housing development in Ubud that features the largest gym, saunas, multiple different cafes, co-working spaces, and contemporary art displays. One of the most iconic parts of it is the life-sized plane just chilling by the ceiling. It is also free with no entrance fee, so everyone can come and check out the place. Parq has the most expensive gym in Ubud, complete with saunas, a steam room, hot and cold saunas, and a cold plunge area. After exercising in the gym, you can start your work at their coworking space which also sells varieties of food and coffee. There is no additional fee, just make sure you purchase something there! They also have a spa, salad bar, vitamin detox bar, sensory enhancement center, kids club and even renting a condo!

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