10 New Activities to Do in Canggu 2023: Canggu, is a vibrant and popular destination with a wide range of activities to enjoy. Popular among the younger generations for its vibrant and diverse community, this coastal village located in the northern part of Kuta has undergone significant development in recent years, especially post covid. It also has retained its Balinese charm and character which steadily increased tourism and development. Many boutique hotels, restaurants, cafes, and yoga studios emerged to cater to the growing number of travelers seeking a more relaxed and laid-back Bali experience. It has become a trendy destination for surfers, digital nomads, wellness enthusiasts, and tourists. Since it’s always developing, it would be hard to keep up with everything. Here is our list of 10 new activities to do in Canggu :

1. Myrah Peñaloza Shop & Tea Sanctuary

This plant dye workshop has just opened for the public and offers natural plant dye workshops led by artists from Cinta Bumi Artisans. The workshops include an activity to fill a blank canvas with colorful and vibrant pieces using natural dye from plants. Other than creating art pieces, they also have 1 hour tea ceremony and meditation. Sometimes they offer free events open for anyone who is interested in participating in this activity. Moreover, you can also shop their sustainable slow fashion pieces here. The shop is located in Pererenan.

2. itsumō

Canggu could be insanely hot in the middle of the day. But you couldn’t bear to visit cute cafes and hang out with your friends while you are here. That is why Itsumo is the exact place to visit. With its iconic exterior of pink walls, Itsumo serves Japanese authentic ice cream and tarts. Some of the most favorite menus are miso white rice ice cream and matcha azuki tart. A little bit different than regular ice cream or gelato you find in Bali, this Japanese ice cream has a combination of salty, bitter, and savory while also sweet at the same time. 

3. Bali Art District

If you are a photographer, a model, or a business owner, there is a new place you can never miss for a great photoshoot. Bali art district brings beautiful concepts of Santorini from Greece and the Sahara desert into Bali. Its water studio has mostly white caves decorative and turquoise crystalline pools. In the sand studio, you will find pinkish shapes, pottery, and other props that suit the Sahara dessert-themed. Other than that, they also have sculpture studios equipped with many Greek-inspired sculptures. You can check their availability here and rates on their official social media.

4. Crate Cafe

10 new activities in Canggu

This one is absolutely a must-visit! a very well-known spot to have a large bowl of brunch for a relatively cheap price. They’ve got everything for every taste. From burritos, avocado on toast, smoothie bowls, and burgers, to varieties of vegan and non-vegan desserts. Since their portions are huge, we recommend you to be very hungry. With the cute open cafe concept, they always have lines because of their popularity. However, everything will come out of the kitchen fast. If you are looking for a calm and quiet place, don’t go to this place! 

5. Sand Bar

10 new activities in Canggu

Have you been clubbing around Bali and had enough of the hot and humid indoor interiors? Maybe you should try partying by the beach in Sand Bar canggu! famous for its late-night partying with its music and plenty of space to dance, everyone just loves coming here to drink and meet new people to have fun. Not only you can enjoy the breeze by the ocean, you can also choose many varieties of foods available. Sand Bar is also open from morning to evening serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Located near batu bolong beach, Sand Bar is another place worth visiting in Canggu.

6. La Brisa Sunday Market

10 new activities in Canggu

La Brisa has a free entry Sunday market located in Pantai Baju Mejan Street. This is a perfect activity to start your Sunday morning strolling around Canggu. This market is also pet friendly which means you can take your dog for a walk too. Most of the tenants are local businesses selling discounted fashion items, accessories, hand crafts, tarot reading to henna tattoos. Don’t forget to try the food and beverages from all around the world, such as baklavas, coffee, smoothies, and the famous children-owned lemonade stands. You can also get locally sourced organic veggies. The market is open from 10 am to 4 pm every Sunday.

7. Bokashi Bali Organic Supermarket and Restaurant

10 new activities in Canggu

Another unique shopping activity you can’t miss is this organic and sustainable concept of grocery store slash restaurant which is located on the hearty side of Canggu. On the first floor, there is a selection of organic products with eco-friendly packaging such as herbs, tea, seasonings, reed diffuser, granola, kimchi, natural shower gel, etc. You can also bring your own packaging to support sustainability. There is a full-concept restaurant on the second floor which offers a cozy and earthy vibe. They serve a full-course menu, coffee, pastries, smoothies, desserts, and cocktails.

8. Baked

10 new activities in Canggu

You can not miss Baked while you are canggu. The All-time favorite cafe serves buttery warm croissants and its delicious iced lattes. One of their best menus is the best scrambled which consists of eggs, and croissants. It is a must-taste! they also have their own baking room located just outside of the main area, so you can peek at their braking process while enjoying your breakfast in the morning. Overall, a great way to start the day

9. Vagabond Design Lab

10 new activities in Canggu

Another fun activity to do especially if you are a solo traveller, is to try a ceramics class at Vagabond Design Lab located in Pererenan. You can have a staff to teach you how to create your own mugs or bowls from start to finish. The best part of taking a souvenir home is by making them!

10. Our Projects

10 new activities in Canggu

lastly, create your own perfume in Our project, a shop that also provides perfume workshops. Located just in front of the Crate cafe, there are 36 scents you will smell and choose from to make your perfume. Some staff will guide and introduce you to kinds of scents and fragrances to then we can mix them as our own unique perfume. They also will help to measure all the liquids to create a perfect bottle of perfume. What a unique experience

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