10 New Places to Do in Sanur: Coastal town located on the southeast coast of the island of Bali, Indonesia. It’s known for its picturesque beaches, calm waters, and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. The Beaches are the main attraction, with a long stretch of golden sand and a shallow reef that creates a lagoon with calm, clear waters. It’s an excellent spot for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities. It also offers a wide range of dining options, from casual beachfront cafes to upscale restaurants serving both Indonesian and international cuisine. Meanwhile, Sanur always has new interesting places to offer, here are some new places to check out:

1. Neun Cafe: Cottage Styled Cafe

10 New Places to Do in Sanur

Naeun is a newly established cafe located in Sanur. Rated one of the most aesthetic spots by the locals, the cafe overlooks a beautiful garden full of flowers. Specifically, flowers called “kamboja” or Frangipani, are dominated by the color pink. They also have a serene refreshment pool surrounded by trees. You can access the pool after purchasing any of their food or beverages. The cafe is also surrounded by a Balinese gazebo and is actually in the same location as a villa called Parigata. Lastly, they serve a variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. KooD – Kolaborasi Untuk Desa

10 New Places to Do in Sanur

Recently established during COVID-19, KooD is a vegan restaurant that collaborated with local farmers to support and empower Balinese businesses. With such affordable prices, there are many choices of vegan noodles, pizzas, burgers, desserts, ice cream, snacks, and delicious plant-based milk. The restaurant is self-service, meaning you have to take your own food from the cashier. After finishing your plates, you will also take them to a cabinet. My personal favorite is the spicy mayo noodles with fresh vegetables, tofu, and mayo sauce. You also can’t miss the peanut butter ice cream! It is so thick and has a creamy consistency. Lastly, they have a 50% discount for cooking at night for only IDR 6K!

3. Pitaloka

10 New Places to Do in Sanur

Do you fancy an afternoon tea time in a classic architectural restaurant? Where other people are busy building minimalistic-styled buildings, Pitaloka succeeded in bringing a classic historical-style building back to life. The style of the building is identical to the ones from the Colonialism era. The front of the building is dominated by white surrounded by antique-styled furniture. The building can be rented for pre-wedding shots or video shoots. They also have a really antique bicycle called ontel in the restaurant. Lastly, they have a tea time promo for only IDR 100K including premium brewed tea with beautiful assortments and sandwiches.

4. Glass Canoe in Karang Beach

10 New Places to Do in Sanur

A little bit different from any other canoe place, this canoe resembles those made out of glass called ‘kanoe bening’. With a glass-clear and transparent canoe, you can see what is underneath the canoe! The price is only IDR 40K for 2 people and you can use the canoe for 60 minutes. The recommended time to do this is exactly before 11 AM to avoid the heat of the sun while you watch the sunrise. Another recommended time to do this is by coming after 4 p.m. to enjoy the moment of sunset together with your family or friends. A little tip, if you come way earlier, you can avoid the long wait line!

5. Sanur Night Market

The Sanur Night Market, also known as Pasar Malam Sindhu, is a popular food market located in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. It’s a vibrant and bustling market that comes alive in the evenings, offering a wide array of Indonesian street food and local delicacies. Visitors can savor authentic Balinese and Indonesian flavors, including specialties like babi guling (suckling pig), bebek betutu (slow-cooked duck), and mie goreng (fried noodles). Also given Sanur’s coastal location, you can expect a selection of fresh seafood prepared in various styles. The prices at the Sanur Night Market are generally quite reasonable, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

6. Moreno

Another very newly established beachfront cafe, Moreno is a must for the aesthetic Instagram feeds! Bringing a minimalistic architecture with a touch of beige color, the pictures you are going to take will look super cute! They have tables overlooking Sanur Beach to enjoy an iced cafe underneath the stroking sun. Or, you can enjoy their indoor sitting area to avoid the heat. They have a selection of bakeries selling pain au chocolate, bambolini, almond, and plain croissants. Where other beachfront spots charge a minimum of spending, you can access all areas of Moreno without it!

7. Rip Curl School

Rip Curl School of Surf is a renowned surfing school located in various coastal destinations around the world. Rip Curl, the well-known surf brand, established these schools to provide surfers of all levels with professional instruction and coaching. These schools aim to promote surfing as a lifestyle, enhance surfing skills, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The school operates from two centers: Legian and Sanur. They offer courses, certification and equipment rentals in the activities of Surfing, Kite Surfing, stand-up paddle Boarding, Wind Surfing, Wake Boarding, Diving, and Foiling. You can consult with their experienced team of instructors prior to your lesson to prepare in detail.

8. Stuja di Pantai

Other than Moreno, Stuja di tepi pantai is another local favorite. Developed and owned by Indonesian, this beachfront coffee shop serves the vibe of sipping through a delicious brewed coffee while enjoying the amazing view of the blue ocean. You can also watch some people surf, paddle-boarding, kayaking or even ride their jetskies. The coffee shop has an aesthetic building, perfect for your Instagram feeds. Their coffee starts from IDR 30K only!

9. Inspirational Park Mertasari

A newly established hidden gem in Sanur is Mertasari Inspirational Park. There is an entrance fee of only IDR 12K to enter and see the gem. They have horse and camel riding packages for only 100K while enjoying the white sand of Sanur. To enter the park, you will cross an inconic wooden bridge. You will also find gazebos overlooking the blue ocean.

10. Hatten Winery: Wine Tasting

If you fancy an authentic Balinese-made wine, you should come to Hattenn Winery. They offer a package of only IDR 150K for tasting various of wines. One of the selections is Aga White which is perfect if combined with roast almond. They will have a staff guiding you and explaining all about the wines there. Cheers! Click here for more info!

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