10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani: Kintamani is a region located in the central highlands of Bali, Indonesia. It is known for its stunning views of the active volcano Mount Batur and its crater lake, Batur. This area is a popular destination for tourists seeking natural beauty and a peaceful escape from the bustling coastal areas of Bali. Mount Batur is popular for those who love hiking. But for you who just want to sit back and relax while enjoying a scenic view of the mountain, here are some spot recommendations for the sunrise experience:

1. Oculus Cafe Bali

Oculus Cafe has become one of our newest recommendations which just recently opened in Kintamani. Oculus is a lounge cafe and hotel in one concept building with stunning architecture inspired by ancient Mayan buildings. There is a hot water pool with Mount Batur and the caldera view on the rooftop area you can access for free. Meanwhile, there is an indoor area surrounded by transparent glass you can access on the second floor. Lastly, there is a semi-indoor area with a BBQ grill on each table. There are choices of Western and Indonesian barbeque available starting from Rp. 40k only! Click here for more information.

2. Paperhills

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

Paperhill is another cute and aesthetic cafe offering a sunrise view starting from as early as 5.30 AM. Inspired by Santorini-styled buildings, it is decorated mainly with white, emerald, and pink colors. Definitely Instagram-able! They also have a crystal clear pool with daybeds you can acess with a minimum spending. They have selections of coffees, desserts, cakes, pizzas, to noodles and pasta.

3. Pahdi Specialty Coffee

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

One of the biggest coffee shop in south-east asia is located in Kintamani and you can’t miss this place. Once you stepped out of the parking lot, you would be confused to see the small architecture of this place. But once you go down the stairs, you would see how big the building is. Padhi specialy coffee also uses local-sourced coffee beans for their caffeinated beverages. Other than that, you can also enjoy several dishes from pasta, pizza, chicken congee to betawi soup. From here, you would be able to enjoy the batur mountain view to the next level.

4. Okuta

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

Okuta might not be as big as Pahdi, but definitely has a unique architecture and design building resembling a forest. It ishas an aesthethicand cozy ambience with a touch of pebbles as their floor mats. What makes Okuta special is their delicious dishes. They have grilled thai beef salads, soup and curry, tom yum noodles, thai green curry chicken, grilled ribs soup, steak, volcano cheese burgers, pan seared salmon and so many more. They also serve rustic courmet pasta!

5. Montana del Cafe

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

Montana del cafe is another option to enjoy a funtastic sunrise view of Batur Mountain. Montana del cafe has two floors with a minimalistic decor and dominated by a clean white color. A little bit different with the other cafes, Montana del cafe wants visitors to focus more on the view of the mountain instead of the cafe. Therefore, it becomes on of the top spot for people to take the panoramic view. Many people also come to shoot their pre-wedding pictures here.

6. Jezera Cafe

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

Jezeera cafe is open as early as 5 AM! Perfect for your sunrise itinerary! Serving food and beverages starts from only Rp. 20k, Jezeera coffee is another option for you to enjoy mount batur Kintamani. If you walk to the balcony outside, you would find a fish tank with batur mountain view. What makes them different than other coffee shop is they use minimalistic concept, less crowded and perfect as a coworking space.

7. El Lago

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

El lago is also another sunrise spot open as early as 6 AM. Offering a wide selection of dishes from the local famous mujair nyat-nyat, fried rice, tonkatsu chicken rice bowl, grilled chicken and even sushi, el lago becomes an enjoyable place catering everyone’s taste. There is a huge mirror there for you to take a mirror selfie with the background of batur view. So iconic!

8. Ritatkala Cafe

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

Ritatkala coffee shop is rather smaller and more intimate than the previous ones on the list. The interiors are white clean manimalistic with a touch of nature. It only has one floor with indoor and outdoor space. They serve authenthic Indonesian cuisines such as fried rice, beef rendang, capcay, Mujair Nyat-Nyat, and also Green Chicken Curry, and even Pho Bo. You should also try their delicious apple pice for dessert. Visitors love this cafe because of great quality service and also the taste of the dishes. Overall,iIf you are looking for a quiter place to enjoy your food and the panoramic views, Ritatkala coffee is your go to cafe!

9. The Amora Bali

10 New Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kintamani:

Kintamani has many restaurants serving buffet options, one of them is Amora Bali. However, Amora Bali offers all you can eat buffet for a very reasonable price. They serve daily buffet which you can enjoy from breakfast to lunch. There are Indonesian, Indian, Chinese and also western food available to satisfy your taste buds. You don’t even have to make a reservation even if you bring your whole family here. The restaurant have 3 floors and a sky lounge with a huge parking spots to fit everyone. Amora also offers the stunning view of mount batur just like any other cafes. If you are thinking about a family gathering event in Kintamani, Amora can be one of your option.

10. Eco Bike Coffee

Last but not least is Eco Bike coffee. Inspired by the concept of a glass house with various plants, Eco Bike coffee offers a unique natural vibe for a coffee shop. The surroundings are full with plantation, just like in a glasshouse. It also has an outdoor area by the cliff where you can enjoy a scenic Mount Batur view. Not only perfect for sunrise, but you can also enjoy your calm morning here. Offers a litte more quiet space compared to ther viral and crowded coffee shop, Eco Bike is perfect for working, or a deep intimate talk with your friends.

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