10 Places to Visit in Pererenan: Where to Stay, Shop, Learn, and Eat: Pererenan is another coastal village situated right by Canggu. It is another great option to explore just outside of the touristy area. Pererenan is known for its lush green rice fields, volcanoes sand beaches, and more chill and peaceful surroundings. While Pererenan is not as crazy in development compared to Canggu, it has been experiencing some growth in recent years, with an increasing number of cafes, restaurants, and accommodation options catering to visitors looking for a quieter Bali experience. From the most aesthetic villa to building a stronger community in a garden!

1. Stay: Further Hotel

Stay Further Hotel is on the top list for its interior design specialties. It has a unique mix of Mediterranean and Japanese interior styles. The bedroom has a red maroon accent color and a modern-style spring bed. All the furniture has been curated with a great sense dominated by black. They also put so much time and effort into choosing the amenities from Oaken Lab to ensure a wholesome experience for each guest, The hotel also received one of the best five hotels in the world! Overall, the hotel wants to give a rarefied space for sleep and rejuvenation.

2. Shop: Lonely Hearts Club

Lonely Hearts Club is a vintage and thrifting concept boutique located in the heart of Pererenan. All the stuff are curated by the gorgeous Ms. Inka Williams, who is a model with more than 2.4 millions of followers in Instagram. Some pieces could come all the way from Japan and from unique fashion brands. Not only that, the boutiqe store also supports local business by selling Bali made trinkets and fashion items. Other than fashion, they also have art displays on sale, which is a great deal for you who wants to shop for a budget. Don’t forget to check this little gem!

3. Learn: Clay Club Nusa

Is it really a Bali trip without really learning a handcraft class? clay club is a fun way to keep your day productive while staying in Pererenan. The club has two types of classes, hand building and wheel throwing. You can do it alone or with your besties. Don’t worry if this seems a little bit intimidating, because there will be an art teacher who can give you a demo and guide you through the whole thing. The price package for wheel throwing is only Rp 395k for 2-hour classes including 2 kg of clay. However, the pieces you create must go through another process for 2-3 weeks before its ready for you to bring home! If your time is short in Bali, they will send it right to your door.

4. Eat: Mostly

If you are interested in having a more quiet and peaceful dinner with your friends or partners, you can opt mostly. They say it’s like having one moment in Ubud even though you are in Pererenan. The restaurant carries a warm and cozy vibe with lots of indoor plants, resembling a sanctuary. They also use aesthetic wooden furniture with a touch of white boho. The building also consisted of huge wood logs resembling a rainforest. From the moment you are walking through the entrance gate, you will be welcomed by this zen little garden. A menu recommendation is their unique Japanese truffle ramen!

4. Stay: Yucca Villa

Yucca Villa is another popular villa you should be staying in. It carries a mediterannean concept resembling the one in Santorini with its dominated broken white interior. They also have a turqouise clear pool water and its cute little hammock. Don’t worry if you are planning to cook for dinner in the villa because they have a huge fridge and all the utensils needed. Enjoy the heat of Balinese summer in a fun way!

5. Shop: Essentials by the Song I Love

Essentials by the song I love. From the name, it already sounded like it is going to be an aesthetic and give Gen Z vibes! Because it is! This aesthetic boutique has a modern interior finish with a clean minimalistic concept. They uphold sustainable fashion designs and ethically made wardrobe brands you can choose from. From jewelry, bikinis, skincare, and body care, as well as fragranced candles! Definitely come to shop here before you explore the other side of Bali.

6. Learn: Jiwa Community Garden

If you are looking to do something meaningful or memorable for your stay in Pererenan, stop by the Jiwa Community Garden. The garden does not have a gate purposedly to always have the public open to access it anytime. You can even rent a few meters for $20 to grow your own plant. If you want to plant fruits or vegetables and if produce excess harvest, you can swap it with other products so you can get a variety of fresh produce. There are some people who just plant flowers for the pollinators to flourish. Lastly, they have weekly cooking volunteers to give out to the needy!

7. Eat: SISTA DumplingBar 喜酌

10 Places to Visit in Pererenan

Sista dumplings is a newly established dining experience combining authenthic chinese designs with paddyrice field view. Just like the name, sista dumplings serve chinese fushion dishes such as pork wonton ramen, beef cumin noodles, and of course kinds of dumplings. From xiao long bao, shanghai, dumplings, egg custards and shiumay.

8. Stay: Villa Alisha

10 Places to Visit in Pererenan

If you are tight on a budget but still want to stay in Pererenan, stay in Alisha Villa. They have a beautiful room starting for only Rp 500k per night! This very reasonable price offers you a stunning pool, air-conditioned room, and very well-maintained surroundings. They have so many trees and plants and is a great sanctuary to rest and chill for the day. There are rooms that have glass walls but are also surrounded by plants so nobody can see you from outside.

9. Shop: Oaken Lab

10 Places to Visit in Pererenan

Another recommendation to shop in Canggu is to try visiting Oaken Lab. This newly established artisan perfume offers a unique in-store shopping experience where you can smell all their products ranging from bathing gels, perfume, scrubs, etc.

10. Eat: The Living Room

Last but not least, you can’t miss the living room in Canggu. They have something that most coffee shops anywhere in the world don’t have. It feels exactly like sitting in your own living room at home, hence the name! Everyone talks to each other, bringing a homey ambiance. The interior also screams Pinterest core, with indoor plants hanging by the shelf, printed art displays, and also their vinyl records collections! Upholding a retro and 90’s vintage style, sip a cup of coffee here while you are in pererenan.

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