10 Unique Activities to Do in Seminyak: Seminyak is another popular area located on the west coast of Bali. It’s known for its lively atmosphere, luxurious accommodations, and a wide range of restaurants, bars, boutiques, and spas. Although most famous for its vibrant nightlife with collections of clubs, there are things you can do other than getting wasted at night. From exploring fun restaurants, painting dates with your bestie while having wine, or playing mini golf. We have arranged 10 unique activities you can do in Seminyak, no clubs included!

1. Bali Sea Turtle Society : (FREE) Release the turtles

Did you know that you can see first hand and participate in conserving little turtles in Seminyak? Since Bali became fluctuated with tourists, turtles’ ecosystems have been endangered with plastic pollution and ongoing developments. With the help of this conservation project, we can increase the chance of baby sea turtles making a safe way back to the ocean. All these activities are free, however, there is an open donation to keep this project going! If you are lucky, you can go by boat to the open ocean with a baby turtle of your choice.

2. Flea Market: Shop your trinkets in the Best Price

Put this on your list if you are planning to bring your friends souvenirs with a very reasonable place. Not only that you are supporting local businesses, you also get to see thousands of local handmade crafts. It is just beautiful how creative and artsy balinese locals are. The best thing from the market is, they are absolutely affordable and you can still negotiate the price. Some are as low as $1-$5. There are cane bags, dream catcher, jewelry, shoes, clothers, sunglasses, wood carving to masks.

3. Si Jin Steak House: Most Popular Fine Dining Experience

Hands down one of the best restaurant experiences in Bali, you even need to reserve a seat 3-4 months in advance because it has always been fully booked. First, you can get to choose your own chopsticks out of many varieties. Then, the waitress will give you selections of complimentary appetizers. The waitress will also bring you 7 special salts and herbs to go with your steak, such as Yuja Citrus salt, Truffle Salt, Kimchi Salt, and even Matcha salt. Don’t worry, your waitress will explain everything and recommend you the best one. You also will get to choose your own knives that were crafted from all around the world. The choices of steak varied from fillet mignon, wagyu, and other side dishes. Click here to make your table reservation!

4. Kynd Cafe: Customize your smoothie bowl!

If you want to give a surprise to your bestie, bring them to this place and customize their smoothie bowl! they will spell your name for you with carved fruits. All their menus are vegan, so very rich in fiber and vitamins. This cafe is also dominated by all-pink interior, making it very Instagrammable. You can have a pretty brunch with your girlies here.

5. The Forge: IDR 1k/pc Chicken Wings and Sport Match Show

Every Wednesday, The Forge has IDR 1K chicken wings with a minimum order of 6 pcs for each plate. You can also mix the chicken wings’ flavor with salt & pepper, tangy BBQ, teriyaki, buffalo wings, and sri racha. Not only cheap wings, they also have 25k Beer Bintang (minimum 2 beers purchased) to go with your wings. This price will be valid from 11 AM to 7 PM. This gastropub also holds social events regularly, including a soccer show on certain dates.

6. Ling Ling’s Bali: Free Popcorn, Roll a dic get a free cocktail

If you visit Ling-ling, you will get popcorn for free as you wait for your food to wait. They also have happy hour from 9-11 P.m. every day where you can get buy one free cocktail. However, if you decide to come earlier at 5-7 P.m. to order a cocktail, your waitress will come to your table and ask you to roll a dice. If you get the answer right, you will get a free cocktail! Meanwhile, on Tuesdays, they usually do a $1 taco. Other than that, many people have said the food tastes amazing and always decided to come back. For menus, they serve cauliflower wings, vegan calamari, salad bowls, macrobiotic plates, Mexican burritos, creamy ramen, butter curry, Vietnamese pho, spaghetti, burgers, and wraps. Meanwhile, for beverages, they have signature hot chocolate, mylkshakes, kombucha, traditional jamu drink, juices, cocktails, and mocktail choices. Food price rates from IDR 90k only.

7. Theta Spa by The Sea: Ocean View Spa

10 Unique Activities to Do in Seminyak

Have you ever felt so tired from your long flight and wanted to relax? You can visit Thetha Spa with its amazing ocean view but at a local price. They have a jacuzzi pool as well. If you book this ocean view spa session from an OTA app, you can get a much cheaper price, only IDR 190k for one hour. Lastly, they will serve you a complimentary ginger tea to help relax your body after the massage.

8. Sae Design: Design your own jewelry

10 Unique Activities to Do in Seminyak

9. Shooters: All Day Games and Mini Golf

10 Unique Activities to Do in Seminyak

Unleash your competitive side or have fun playing games with your friends all day in the shooters. From axe throwing, a pool table, a shooting range, giant jenga, giant checkers, a foosball table, arcades, mini golf, and a vintage-style photo booth. While playing, you can order all American-style snacks from fries, milkshakes, hot dogs, burgers, and even gelato ice cream. They also have certain happy hours so you can get really cheap beers.

10. Creative Art Bali: Painting and Wine Date

10 Unique Activities to Do in Seminyak

This is probably one of the best ones you can do with your best friends or your date in Seminyak. Get drunk while also creating your own masterpiece of art. There are several other things you can do here, from paintings, beads bracelets making, and pottery! They also offer painting classes where the art instructor will guide you step by step to paint, so don’t worry if you have zero art skills!

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