Bali becomes a major tourist destination for surfers because there are a lot of amazing surf spots here. Ranging from the most common one in Kuta, then South Kuta, to the one in Gianyar regency. Not only that they have an amazing landscape, but they also offer different difficulties, from the easiest to the most challenging ones. Most of them are also perfect barrelling left-handed reef breaks, with some are right-handed reef breaks. It really is no wonder that so many people travel to Bali in search of the ultimate surfing adventure.

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

1. Uluwatu Beach

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

One of the most famous surf sites in Bali is Uluwatu Beach. With its pristine coastline and limestone ocean, many people come here not only for the challenging waves but also because of its true beauty. There are six peaks to try here in Uluwatu beach, ranging from the shortest to the tallest. However, the most popular ones are the Peak and Outside Corner. Most people come here to aim for these two. Other than these two, there is a much harder peak which is called the Bombie. It is one of the deepest and the hardest peaks here. There is also the Racetrack peak for some extra barrels. Some of the other peaks are the Temples area, A bombie bomb, and the always humbling reef walk. The gap between each of the 6 peaks are about 328 feet.

2. Batu Bolong Beach

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

Batu Bolong beach is famous for the beautiful sunset landscape. However, it is also the right place to start learning how to surf. No wonder, you will see many beginners learn here, especially some surf students. Batu Bolong is the classic beach to surf in Bali. Why? because everyone comes here to chase em waves! The beach can get insanely crowded during the holiday season. Some waves on this beach can be mellow due to the semi reef break. However, this is the perfect wave to start as a beginner. Because the waves are extraordinarily long, there are many chances to understand which position to use, and how to balance positions.

3. Padang Padang Beach

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

Padang-Padang beach might be one of the beaches in Bali that resembles the beaches in Hawaii. Padang-Padang itself translates to Balinese Pipeline. This beautiful beach has two surf sports, you can find them on the northwest coastline of Bali and the southern part of North Bali. The first surf spot is called the Main peak, which is pretty hardcore. While a little bit mellow ones are called Baby Padang. Before you reach the main peak, you should paddle through the baby Padang. If you are planning to visit, you should go in between April and November. The entrance fee is around Rp. 15,000, pretty affordable.

4. Keramas

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

Keramas beach has some of the most hardcore waves ever in Bali. It becomes the spot for many international surfing competitions due to its difficulty. Just around 10 minutes drive from Denpasar, you can come to Keramas beach to conquer the challenging waves. The waves included the barrel wave, powerful wave, shore break, and right-hander. If you are planning to visit, make sure you come from September until February because you will get the best wind, weather, and waves. If you are aiming for the tall and best wave, try coming in the full moon phase. Make sure you are sober the night before and come early to enjoy the sun rise!

5. Nyang Nyang

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

Nyang Nyang Beach in Bali has a pretty consistent tide at all times of the year. It is an exposed reef break that receives distant groundswells. The waves here also allows longer rides, which is perfect for many beginners to intermediate surfers. However, if you are an advanced surfer who is looking for that tall waves, you can find them somewhere else. The waves are not that tall because of the windy conditions and sometimes can be too small. Though the tides are pretty consistent, the best time of the year to surf is during summer which usually falls between March to June. Located hidden in nature, Nyang-Nyang offers a natural landscape away from the city.

6. Impossibles

14 Best Surf Spot in Bali

Unlike its name, there are many chances of you to be able to swim on this beach. The impossible is located very close to Padang-Padang, yet it is pretty difficult to reach. There are three peaks you can try to reach here. You can paddle from Padang-Padang to reach the barrels and cracks. However, the second peak is a middle section which can be seen from the final section. The last peak is the end section down into the water. The tides around the year are pretty high, and sometimes it gets too fast. This beach is for the intermediate to advanced surfer.

7. Balangan

Famous for beginners, Balangan beach offers series of long waves, giving chances for the newbies to adjust their posture and techniques. The reef bottom left point breaks which have 2 main peaks. The first peak is pretty low so beginners can take advantage of that. The second peak is taller, perfect for intermediate and advanced. Most surfers called this beach Paradise. The crystal clear water and the white sandy beach making your surfing experience memorable. Located in the Bukit peninsula, you can get here for 30 minutes ride on a scooter from Kuta.

8. Padma Beach

Pama beach is another safe spot for beginners. Most of the surfing schools are holding their lessons here all the time. It’s because the waves are steady mos of the time. It is an exposed beach break that offers dependable surf. The best season to visit is from May through October. Avoiding bad weather and rains, you can surf here while enjoying the beautiful landscape of sunset.

9. Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach is famous for its shiny black sand and powerful waves for advanced surfers. Located in Mengwi, it is easily reached by 40 minutes car drive from Kuta. There are two peaks on this beach, one in the south of the beach and another one on the beach near the river. The other can have a semi punch left and right-faced waves, while the left is often accompanied by a longer room of wall. Nevertheless, it is still challenging enough for some surfers looking for fun. If you are planning to surf here, try to come on the dry season since the wind flows from the east to the west, therefore creating huge waves.

10. Balian Beach

Other than Batu Bolong, Balian beach is another surf spot in Canggu. Though the off-shore waves are great for beginners, Balian does not always have perfect waves for the advanced. The lefts are usually much longer and better shaped than their right. It is also a perfect A-frame river mouth bank. Additionally, there another inside left with a sense of protection from the trade winds, and it is a favorite among the intermediate. You should come before 11 AM because the onshore winds will ruin the perfect waves. Sometimes, many surfers were taken by the currents to the right side, however just paddle through instead of trying to conquer it.

11. Medewi

Medewi is probably a beach which people rarely visit for fun, but a must for surfers. This beach is a point break with a sharp reef, so a chill paddling can sometimes tear your feet. There are some places nearby that rent out some booties at an affordable price. Medewi itself is a soft let handed point break, meaning it is a beginner spot however it is difficult to access in and out.

12. Dreamland

Dreamland is a beautiful beach located in the southern part of Bali. Its beauty attracting lots and lots of tourists and surfers every day. Unlike other beaches, dreamland has both left and right waves breaking over a limestone reef. There are also 4 different consistent peaks to try. However, there is a surf spot that is very popular among the locals, because of its consistency. There is also an A-frame reef between shoulder-high if you are lucky. When you come between 3-5 PM, the sun will make the ocean gleam and crystal clean. Important they have a lot of big boulders on the offshore.

13. Kuta Beach

One of the most popular sites to start surfing is Kuta beach. That is because Kuta beach has the softest sand bottom waves in Bali. Many beginners also start here, sine there are a lot of people who offer cheap surfing lessons here as well as renting surfboards. However, you can also find a high wave, located in front of the Hardrock hotel. But if you opt for a lower and consistent peak, you can try the peak in front of Poppies Lane. Overall, Kuta Beach is a perfect place to surf and chill.

14. Bingin

Bingin is probably not very well known compared to Uluwatu and Padang-Padang. However, Bingin has 3 left waves and each of them has different characteristics. Though there are a few types of waves, all of them can be considered consistent, predictable, and easy to conquer. That is why you can find a lot of types of surfers here, from experts, intermediate, and beginners.

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