15 Activities to Do in Toronto: Toronto is such a beautiful country to travel to, with diverse cultures and lots of places to explore. From museums, parks, aquariums, to vibrant markets, Toronto has it all! Here are our 15 recommended activities to do in Toronto!

1. Eating in a Revolving Restaurant of CN Tower

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

The first thing to do in Toronto is to have dinner in this revolving restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Canadian National Tower, which was once the World’s tallest structure until Burj Dubai surpassed it in 2007. Many people come here to admire the breathtaking views from the Glass Floors. But you have to assure yourself that you are brave enough to walk on it because you are walking at the height of 342 meters. If you want to experience something greater, you can try the Sky Pod which can take you to 33 floors higher! From there you can see as far as Niagara Falls! Sounds amazing? However, it does not just end there. This tower also has Toronto’s Most extreme attraction. A group of six, while attached to an overhead safety rail, will walk full circle hands-free! The tickets start at $195 CAD to do the Edge Walk.

2. Admire Art Collection in Royal Ontario Museum

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

Next up is to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, which is one of the largest museums in North America. It has more than 6 million collectibles and 40 galleries! Ranging from dinosaur fossils, meteorites, European historical artifacts, clothing, interior, to East Asian Art. No wonder the museum can attract over one million visitors every single year! All of the exhibitions stretch across five main floors. But one of the most interesting ones is on the third floor, which includes cultures from around the world, such as the Egyptian collections. Meanwhile, there are also permanent collections here, such as Galleries of Africa and Galleries of the First People of Canada. Lastly, the museum is open daily from 10 AM to 5.30 PM.

3. Trying the Escape Room in Casa Loma

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

Trying the escape room in Casa Loma is the next experience we must do! Casa Loma is a Gothic-styled mansion that is now a famous landmark in Toronto. However, many people become intrigued with the experience of escaping the castle. There are four different escape rooms you can try. One of the rooms gives you the experience of becoming a bootlegging kingpin in the 1920s! Each room will last about 60 minutes where every participant can solve unique puzzles. If you are not aiming for the thrilling escape rooms, you can just stroll around the stunning estate garden while enjoying the city skyline.

4. Grocery Shopping at St. Lawrence Market

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

5. Ride a Rollercoasters in Canada’s Wonderland

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

After spending a day shopping in St. Lawrence Market, it is time to dedicate the whole day to enjoy thrilling rides in Canada’s Wonderland! There are so many rides with different levels, from the easiest to the most aggressive! The most aggressive ones are Yukon Striker, Leviathan, Vortex Backlot Stunt Coaster, Behemoth, etc. Moreover, the park has not only one theme but several others such as the International Street filled with shops and restaurants, The Medieval Faire, Grande World Exposition, and Happyland of Hanna Barbera. Lastly, the daily admission ticket ranged from $39.99 or adults.

6. Window Shopping in CF Toronto Eaton Centre

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

Satisfied with trying out various rollercoasters, it is now time to spend a leisure day window shopping in CF Toronto Eaton Center. The mall is so popular it becomes one of the busiest in North America. That is because the Mall owns over 300 stores and restaurants! ranging from Apple, Best Buy, Uniqlo, H&M, Nordstorm, to Guess, everything is available. It attracts so many visitors because of the strategic location, and easy access. Moreover, the Mall is open every day from 11 AM to 7 PM.

7. Attend Various Events at Yonge-Dundas Square

15 Activities to Do in Toronto

Not so far from the CF Mall, don’t forget to spend a night strolling in Yonge-Dundas Square in the middle of Toronto. Specially designed for public events, you will find just many activities here, from celebrations, concerts, theatrical events, to cultural promotions which become a major attraction for international tourists. The location can easily attract a huge crowd making it a vibrant place to go. There are also man colorful billboards surrounding the square, which makes it magical at night. Many people come just to take scenic shots too!

8. Watch Baseball in Rogers Centre

Visiting Toronto wouldn’t be complete without watching live baseball in the stadium. One of the most famous stadiums in the city is the Rogers Center. Ain’t no like another stadium, the Rogers Center has a multi-purpose retractable roof! The stadium can accommodate over 49,000 people! Can you imagine how big the stadium is? Don’t worry about not being able to see into the field, because there is a gigantic 10×34 meters video board! It is one of the largest in North America. No wonder it can host the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Not only baseball, you can also watch Basketball, Football, Soccer, Motorsports, cricket, professional wrestling, to Live Music Concerts!

9. Ice Skating in Nathan Phillips Square

Satisfied with your Baseball game? don’t forget to stop by Nathan Philips Square! This well-maintained public space usually hosts many concerts, art displays, and a winter ice skating rink! There is a huge pool in the middle of the space, which then turned into a huge ice skating rink for everyone. Other than that, there is a beautiful garden dedicated to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The government also build the garden to show the commitment of the Canadian citizen towards world peace. Behind the story of the beautiful public space, it was once a major immigrant reception area during the first half of the twentieth century.

10. See Marine Species in Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Other than Ice Skating with family and friends, you should not miss the fun of going into Canada’s most favorite aquarium! That is because the aquarium has more than 20,000 sea specimens and 450 different species. Those marine species are displayed in ten different galleries. One of the examples is the Dangerous Lagoon, which displays sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, to roughtail stingrays. The best thing about the aquarium is you can see all the marine species swimming above your head! Lastly, the admission costs only $43 for adults and $12.50 for children under 5 years olds.

11. Pet Pandas in Toronto Zoo

Wait, don’t go home after visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium! Continue your exploration in Toronto Zoo, the biggest zoo in Canada. This zoo is so huge, that it has many different regions. The first one is the Indo-Malaya area which displays animals from Southeast Asia, such as Babirusa, Orangutan, Sumatran Tigers, and Clouded Leopards. The second one is Africa, which displays Baboobs, Cheetah, White Rhinoceroses, and even Gorilla exhibition. Next up is the South American which displays sloths, beavers, alligators, capybaras, to flamingos. They even have animals from Tundra Trek, which showcase arctic animals such as polar bears, snow geese, and arctic wolves. Lastly, the admission fee for adults is $29 and only $19 for Children.

12. Enjoy Sakura Blossoms in High Park

After a whole day visiting animal exhibitions, it is time to take a relaxing stroll in the lush greenery but not so far from the center of the city. High Park offers many facilities, from sporting areas, Children’s playgrounds, and cultural facilities. The sporting area is no joke because there is a hockey rink, a pool, and a tennis court. If you are not interested in doing sport, the park is huge enough for just hiking and picnic areas. The scenic area also has beautiful plantations such as cherry trees. The Park turned beautiful with Cherry blossoms in the late April to May.

13. Learn New Things in Ontario Science Centre

After relaxing in a serene park, don’t miss the opportunity to discover new things at the Ontario Science center. It is one of the first interactive science museums in the world! There are various permanent and temporary exhibitions which you can see. Some of them are AstraZeneca human anatomy gallery, Science arcade, Space Hall and Planetarium. If you are interested in studying, there is a Science School that offers grade 12 University Preparation courses in STEM subjects. There are also membership options with unlimited access to main exhibits. Lastly, the ticket is only $17 for Adults and $10 for Children.

14. Play Lego in LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto

Tired of discovering new things and thinking critically? It is time to have fun in the Legoland Discovery Center in Vaughan Mills Mall. This attraction is suitable for all children and adults. Legoland offers 10 play zones, themed rides, 4D cinema, and a gift shop. There could be over 3 million Lego bricks inside the store itself! Here, you can learn how all the Legos bricks are made. You can also host your birthday here with a Lego-themed party! Lastly, there is a Lego-themed Cafe where you can enjoy some snacks and refreshments while spending the rest of your days playing!

15. Relax and Enjoy Live Music in Toronto Music Garden

The best way to finish our journey in Toronto is by enjoying a live music experience in Toronto Music Garden. Located just by the Toronto inner harbor, you can chill and relax at the park while enjoying a beautiful sunset. There are often many international music performances who will give a fantastic show in different seasons!

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