15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali: Bali is the island of 1000 temples, with the majority following religious practices and spiritual regimes. This is a paradise for those who wanted to heal their hollow heart, by starting a journey of spirituality to improve mindfulness and wellbeing. One of the ways to do it is by starting to connect your body and your soul through Yoga. Bali is a paradise for yoga lovers. Not only it provides serene and tranquil sites, but it also provides a large system of support. Guiding you step by step through the journey, ensuring you can immerse in the new spiritual journey. Check out 16 places in Bali that offer a great experience of Yoga and meditation.

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

1. House of Om Bali

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

House of Om is an accredited school of Yoga in Bali, which also organized several charity works in the community. It also consisted of a conscious community and Holistic school which focused on community group to improve wellbeing and elevate wellbeing. It also becomes a training center for future yoga teachers. House of Om also provides free workshops and events, affordable teacher training, budget communal accommodation, and employment opportunities. If all of those great visions do not ensure you come and have some yoga sessions, I don’t know what will! Since it is a resort and co-working space, you can come in anytime and book some yoga classes throughout the day. To check the schedule, you can visit their official website here.

2. The Practice

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

Located on Jalan Batu Bolong 94A, Canggu, The Practice is one of the world-leading institutions which provides various kinds of Yoga. From Tantric Hatha and Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. The vibes of the Yoga site are so calming, with a wooden floor and open space, directly to a well-maintained garden. It feels homey, spacious, and calming. The practice also provides high-quality teachers and facilities to support your spiritual journey. If you are looking to see their available schedules, you can click here.

3. The Istana

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

If you have a little bit more budget for your yoga session, you can try this luxury yoga retreat in The Istana, which has a yoga school name Aylan Yoga School. It has one mission, which is to be the community of conscious creators who have an uncompromising task to live according to a natural rhythm. The most special thing they offer is the calming surrounding and the breathtaking scenery of the ocean from the cliff. After a tiring session, they also offer a spa retreat to fully relax your body. To check their prices and packages, click here.

4. Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

If you are staying in Canggu and you feel like joining some yoga classes, Serenity Yoga can be your choice. It has a serene and tranquil vibe and it just steps from the beach. They offer a wide variety of Yoga classes every day with different amazing teachers. The Serenity claims to help you maintain your wellbeing and total wellness while you are in Bali. Other than that, they also have vegan restaurants to help you balance your diet. Click here to check out their Yoga Schedule.

5. Pranava Yoga

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

Another option if you are staying in Canggu and wanted to hop in yoga classes is the Pranava Yoga. The place offers various Yoga classes to accommodate different body types and energy with all types of levels ranging from beginners to advanced. They also provide different teachers to cater to your needs and willingness to learn. Pranava Yoga has different types of Yoga such as Vinyasa Power, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Hatha Cakra, etc. The studio is open air surrounded by a tropical garden on one side and a terraced rice field on the other, giving a sense of calmness.

7. The Yoga Barn

15 Amazing Yoga Sites in Bali

Yoga Barn is one of the most famous Yoga retreat facilities in Bali, located in Ubud, it provides many classes, from Yoga, Meditation, Vinyasa, and Crystal Bowl Meditations. It also offers a serene ambiance to an open space surrounded by lush forest, claiming to support your total wellness. More than just a typical yoga studio, it has varieties of classes in Yoga and also a center dedicated to Holistic Healing including Detox Programs & Colonics, and Ayurvedic Rejuvenation. To check out their price list and classes, click here.

8. Sannyas Yoga Academy

Sanyas Yoga academy is an option to choose if you are staying in South Kuta. Located in Uluwatu, it is one of the most popular spiritual hubs in the town. It has a lot of open space with a Mediterranean style, making it feel homey yet luxurious. They offer a type of yoga called yoga shala supported by the pro yoga teachers team. the Yoga experience is also completed by a Nice pool view and terraces to chill. To check on their schedule, please visit their Instagram page.

9. Desa Seni

Desa Seni or in English is the Art Village is an Eco Resort that provides exclusive and private Yoga classes to help you dive deeper into spiritual exploration. It also offers a specialized yoga class based on your individual goals, needs, and ability. The main purpose is to make Yoga available to everyone in a different background, gender, size, and shape. Private yoga sessions are the ideal way to address all aspects of your health and well-being. There are many different teachers who specialized in injuries, illness, and mental health. If you wanted to join a regular yoga class, you can check their price and donation here.

10. Shanti Toya Ashram

Shanti Toya Ashram is a retreat center for Yoga and Well-being. It also offers traditional Balinese massage, delicious vegan meals while learning about Balinese culture. They have a week package for only $175 a week! Shanti Toya Ashram provides twice daily yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation classes- all-inclusive in the package. The yoga teachers are specialized in the alignment of postures, Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga, including a 2-hour workshop.

11. Yuga Union Bali

Yuga Union in Bali is another fantastic Yoga site you can try. With hundreds of positive reviews of this place on Tripadvisor, Yoga Union Bali may worth the try. Located in the Gianyar regency hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud center, there are a few types of Yoga classes from Flow Yoga, Alignment-Oriented Yoga, Fitness Yoga, and Gentle Yoga. You can also book full-time, part-time classes alongside the modules. The setting of the classes placed amongst rice fields. The vibes are so serene and tranquil since there was a refreshing breeze with the perfect temperature.

12. Radiantly Alive

Radiantly alive is a Yoga Studio located in the cultural hub of Ubud. It is a center for the Yoga community consisted of International and the local member who has passionate about Yoga. Radiantly alive has a mission to ensure each visit will give a powerful and meaningful experience and encourage you to practice mindfulness. They claim to offer 80 0pen Level Yoga and movement classes each month taught by the world-class teacher. They also offer private classes for one on one and couples classes for an individualized direction. The rates ranged from $10 for a class, to $300 unlimited yoga classes a month. To check out their schedule, click here.

13. Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali offers a wide variety of Yoga retreats and a complete site for holistic wellness treatments, including organic and vegan cafes. Located in a peaceful part of Canggu, the community of Samadi Bali creates a self-empowerment to practice mindfulness corporated in Yoga activities. Additionally, they provide an exciting schedule every day all day full of Yoga classes, Workshops, Events, Yoga training, Breathwork, and Sound Healing. If you are looking forward to being a yoga instructor, you can book a 300-hour student training program for an affordable price with around 6 modules here.

14. Power of New Oasis

Power of new oasis is a yoga center and yoga school located in the hub of Sanur. It is a unique healing center specialized in Yoga Alliance and customized health retreat programs. Other than that, it is one of the most reputable yoga centers in Bali. If you are looking to be a yoga instructor and currently staying in Sanur, Power of Now Oasis has different prices ranging from the cheapest to 5-star quality. However, if you are looking for fun and quick yoga classes, they have a class for beginners run by international and local teachers.

14. Yoga Saraswati

Yoga Saraswati is an alternative option if you are traveling to Ubud and wanted to try something different. It is a smaller scale of community, and smaller scale of Class, providing more intimate yoga sessions. It is also an alternative if you are having a tight budget because they offer some cheaper class fees. Moreover, they also have some of the best Balinese teachers only to help you immerse in Balinese cultures.

15. Kura-Kura Yoga Retreat Bali

Located far from the busy hub of Canggu, the Kura-Kura Yoga retreat is hidden just 50 steps away from the beach of Seseh. It claims to be the sanctuary of mind and soul, a safe place for most people. However, all yoga classes are postponed due to the pandemic. They now rent their yoga spaces for people in small or large groups with an affordable price.

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