15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali: Are you bored with a monotone beach holiday in Bali? Are you looking for something different and more adventurous? Say No More! We got 16 campsites in different places for you and your family to try. They all offer fantastic scenery of the mountains, the lakes, and the ocean! Some of the sites are pretty tough, like camping in Abang Mountain where you have to hike for 3-4 hours. Or the sites are pretty easy to access and even a little luxurious. Bali is not only about the beaches and the nighclub. If you are willing to venture deeper to the lush forestry, you will find many hidden gem spots here. Here are the best 15 campsites you can ever find in Bali!

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

1. Buyan Lake Camp Ground

Buyan Lake camp is probably one of the most popular campsites on the island. With the gorgeous landscape of Buyan Lake and its lush forest, many youngsters come here to refresh and rest. Located on the foothill, this campsite has a low temperature, so ensure that you are carrying some sweaters and long pants. The vibes are magical. It gives you a sense of tranquility and peace. You can also bring your fishing equipment here and chill by the lake. After the sunset, you can set up a campfire and drink a cup of hot coffee with your friends. However, it becomes so crowded during the holiday season.

2. N’Jung Bali Camp

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

N’jung Bali Camp is another amazing campsite located in Songan, Bangli regency. It is around 2 hours car driving from the International Airport. This campsite offers a direct view of Batur Lake alongside the beautiful background of mountains. The surrounding area is very well maintained, giving you a special experience of sightseeing. The vibe in this place is immaculate! There are two options of tent you can rent, the luxury ones, or the regular ones according to your budget. They also provide canoeing, mini-golf facilities, and live music performance.

3. Alengkong Bali Camp

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

If you are looking to explore the unspoiled side of Bali, you can try visiting Alekong Bali Camp. Located on top of a hill in Kintamani, Alekong offers a view of Batur Lake from a different perspective. While staying overnight, you can’t miss the amazing sunrise on the horizon. When you’re lucky enough, you will witness a view of the cloud ocean. This campsite provides public toilets, warung, and parking spots for cars. If you come here without a tent, they will rent it out for you. One glamping tent for three people cost Rp. 300,000. While the regular tent only costs Rp. 30,000. You can also rent other camping equipment such as sleeping bags, portable stoves, and mattresses.

4. Pinggan Village

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

Next is the Pinggan Village, or the village above the cloud. This village has a platform where you can see the sunrise over foggy clouds. I kid you not, it was one of the most magical sceneries I’ve ever seen. The sun typically rises at 05.30 in the morning, so camping overnight is the right choice. With a background of the smokey mount Batur, many people come here to capture this beautiful landscape. Pinggan Village is a highland located nearby mount Batur. it can take up to 2 hours drive from Denpasar. The best time to go here is in early September to November, where the weather is nice enough but still has that fog.

5. Sari Hills

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

Sari Hill

Another campsite is located just 6 km away from Mount Batur. This is also another alternative to camp around the Songan village, Kintamani. However, this campsite offers a garden landscape and provides a nice Asian breakfast daily. What’s the benefit of staying here rather than in a nearby hotel? You can bring your pets with you! You can stargaze all night and wake up with amazing sunrise and cloud beds. 

6. Canging Waterfal

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

Unlike the other waterfalls, Canging is still unspoiled and gets much fewer visitors than the nearby ones. You will cross a bamboo bridge before seeing at the waterfalls and streams of water. In between the lush forest, there is enough space for you to set up a camp overnight. Imagine sleeping with the sounds of water, very calming and serene. You can also set up a campfire and held a BBQ party with your friend. Located in Sambangan Village, Buleleng, it takes two to three hours to reach by car.

7. Abang Mountain

15 Best Camping Sites in Bali

Are you looking for something more challenging in Bali? you can try camping in one of the tallest points in Bali, Abang Mountain. However, there is no other access to reach the campsite other than to hike the 2,152 meters tall mountain. It can take 3-4 hours of hiking to reach the peak. Meanwhile, you can set up a camp and stay overnight to catch the sunrise. Since there is no provider, you have to bring your camping and hiking equipment. The entrance fee is only Rp. 24,000 without a guide.

8. Cemara Hill

Cemara hill is not as popular as other hills such as Campuhan and Asah, so this is a perfect chance for you to enjoy it before everyone else. Located in Yeh Kori, Cemara hill is in a rural area, so far from the crowd of the city. You can enjoy the feeling of fresh oxygen and the cool breeze while staying here for a night. If you wanted to enjoy the surrounding beauty, make sure you are not coming in September or November, since the fog will cover most of the scenery.

9. Karang Sewu Beach

A little different from the previous campsites, this particular one is far from the mountain and lakes. Karang Sewu beach has a landscape of green grass and few tall trees nearby the ocean. There are also mangrove plantations surrounding the area. The scenery is perfectly combined with the limestone ocean. There are also green hills decorated this picturesque background. Sometimes you can also see some fishermen with their ships sailing around. Located in Gilimanuk, North Bali, this campsite is a must-try.

10. Igloo Glamping, Songan Village

Located in Kubupenlokan, Igloo Glamping provides a refreshing experience with its unique concept of camping. The tents look exactly like igloos, however, the inside exterior looks exactly like a hotel room. The tents are surrounded by lush forest and the Batur Lake. At night, you can lay down on the grass and stargaze with your family or friends. You can also catch a foggy sunrise in the morning, perfect for a quick getaway. They provide blankets and towels for customers with extra fees.

11. Sunrise Hill Camp

Exactly like the name, this campsite is perfect to catch a magnificent sunrise. The campsites are exactly by the Batur lake and Batur mountain, giving a picturesque scenery. It is also the first glamping site with a natural hot spring pool in Indonesia! Once you feel the cold strikes, just jump to the natural hot spring pool right in front of the tent. Perfect for a refreshing trip with your spouse and family. The interior of the tent is just like a hotel room, so there is nothing to worry about.

12. Belong Keliki Campsite

Belong keliki offers a camping ground area just by the caldera of Mount Batur. There are various packages offered here. You can choose to bring your tent or rent it from the provider. The packages include a tent, a mattress, a sleeping bag, and a welcome drink. This campsite also has a small restaurant so don’t worry about getting hungry. This campsite also offers a spectacular tour package. They provided some activities such as tracking, canoeing, and fishing in Batur lake.

13. Heaven Hill

Heaven Hill or people call this hill the Nampo Hill, is another hidden gem in Karangasem Bali. It is around 800 meters above the sea, offers a magnificent view of the village, ricefield, and the ocean. Located in Tanahampo village, Karangasem, this campsite is 68 kms away from the International Airport. This campsite is pretty new, as it was first established in 2019. At night, it cn get pretty foggy, so prepare your flashlight.

14. Bukit Tengah

Bukit Tengah is another hidden treasure located in Klungkung, Bali. It is only 45 minutes riding a scooter from Denpasar. Before Bukit Tengah is famous, there was no sign or anything to pinpoint this campsite. Some college students created some signs to guide some curious visitors. The view it offers is beyond amazing, such as the three green hills layering each other, the limestone ocean, and the lush forest surrounding it. You need to remember that the road is only accessible by scooter.

15. Le Monte Camp

Another interesting spot to visit while you are visiting Bangli is to stay overnight in Le Monte Sunrise. This new place is barely opened, therefore not very popular yet. They are pretty wide for a campsite, where they have three different heights of the platform. They are surrounded by lush forest and greenery, making it feel surreal. Le Monte Camp also offers a fantastic sight of the mount Batur and the village landscape.

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