15 Best Destinations in Sydney: Sydney is a vibrant city full of different sites to explore. Though the city is full of skyscrapers and a modern hub, there is more to explore. From wildlife conservations, world-class facilities, family-friendly attractions, exotic beaches, art galleries, and luxury shopping destinations. Here are our top 15Best Destinations in Sydney!

1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is an Icon of Australia you must visit. With such sophisticated architecture, Sydney Opera House then becomes the world’s most recognizable building. Located by a waterfront, the white roofs stood out in contrast with the blue ocean. There is a gleaming harbor surrounding the building where you can walk around and enjoy the ocean breeze. The Opera house structure encompasses studios, a concert hall, theatres, rehearsal rooms, and a restaurant. You can always enter the building however, I recommend you to take a tour to get to know the building better. The tour starts as early as 9 AM to 5 PM every day except on Christmas and Easter.

2. Bondi Beach

Known as the busiest beach in Australia, Bondi beach is a perfect tourist destination when you’re visiting Sydney. Bondi Beach has a long coastline with clean white sand and perfect waves to surf. Many people also come to watch the whales! Just 30 minutes away from the Town Hall station, Bondi beach is easily accessible by train and bus. Other than a calming walk in the morning and fun swimming, there are plenty of things you can do on the coastline. You can get fresh seafood and fish & chips, or shop in international designer boutiques.

3. Darling Harbor

Another must-visit in Sydney is Darling Harbor. The locals and the tourists love this place, not only for the stunning landscape city skyline but also for delicious culinary. There are also many choices of tenants to shop in Harborside Mall. If you wanted a chill dinner and romantic walk at night by the harbor, but you got kids, there is a kid-friendly public space free to visit. You can take your kids there and let them improve their motoric ability with the choices of toys available.

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge

You can’t miss visiting this iconic landmark of Sydney. The Harbor Bridge is famous for its sophisticated architecture connecting the northern part of Sydney to the Central Business District. The bridge has a special place in everyone’s heart, therefore earning the nickname of the unique coathanger. The construction of the bridge started in the 1930s and finished in 1967. According to the Guinness World Records, this bridge is among one of the widest in the world!

5. Royal Botanical Garden

Sydney is a lively and wonderful state to visit in Australia. There is one place that becomes everybody’s favorites though, which is the Royal Botanical Garden. Not only that it conserve the population of bees, but also a stunning park with colorful flowers. You can also learn additional knowledge of the floras here. The construction of the Royal garden started in 1816, where the government needed a place to conserve plantations. Many scientists then invented new species and receiving an intellectual patent. The Royal Garden open from 9 AM to 5.30 PM every day.

6. Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo is one of the closest attractions to the Opera House Sydney. It is only 15 minutes away, so don’t forget to stop by. Taronga Zoo is among one of the best zoos in the world. That is because the animals have a high quality of life and superb hygiene. The animals also only eat healthy foods. When you are visiting, do not miss the Koala, the Kangaroo, and the Platypus. Not only cute animals, but the zoo also has a wonderful view of Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The admission fee is 46 AUD for adults and 26 AUD for kids.

7. Queen Victoria Building

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Sydney is just full of wonderful places to visit, especially if you are a first-timer! Queen Victoria Building is another landmark with sophisticated architecture and luxurious ambiance. The building has a distinct Federation Romanesque style from the 1890s. No wonder many of the locals put so much pride in the building, more than the Opera House. Other than that, this is a shopping center with elite tenants, giving a luxurious shopping experience. There are many choices of souvenirs available but at high prices. If you are looking for a budget-friendly shopping center, you can read more of this article.

8. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

A little bit further from Sydney, there is a scenic getaway you can’t miss. Ku-ring0gai Chase National park is the country’s second-oldest national park, which offers a scenic landscape of lush forestry. There are many activities available, from Picnic, hiking, boating, kayaking, to fishing with facilities available. No wonder it becomes one of the most favorite destinations both for tourists and locals. All of that without having to leave the busy life of Sydney. There is a unique part that offers an Aboriginal Heritage engraving site. Moreover, a hike down the long trail will lead you to the Flint and Steel beach with a remarkable view.

9. Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market is a busy and vibrant hub consisted of an active fishing port, wholesale fish market, and huge seafood retail. There are also many stores o enjoy, from a sushi bar, gift shops, meat deli to a seafood cooking school! This busy market is just perfect to explore something new in Sydney. Though the market now looks clean and modern, the first construction of the market began in 1871. Different than it is now, the market was unsanitary therefore the expansion began. You can visit the Fish Market any day from 7.30 AM to 4 PM.

10. Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Featherdale Wildlife Park is a family and kid-friendly tourist attraction in the busy hub of Sydney. This is the perfect place to see Australia’s endemic species in a natural setting. There are over 2,000 animals but the most popular ones being Koalas, Hand-feed Kangaroos, Emus, and Wallabies. There are also saltwater crocodiles, Tasmanian devils, Little penguins, and etc. Other than that, the zoo provides additional facilities from cafes, Souvenir shops, Picnic areas, and baby changing diapers. Indeed, very convenient for a family of many! To check on their admission fees, click here.

11. Chinese Garden of Friendship

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Sydney is surely a busy city with its skyscrapers and an ocean of people. However, there is a serene place of beauty where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the lush greenery. Located just by Darling Harbour, the Chinese Garden of Friendship offers serene pathways with colorful flowers and a huge Koi Pond. You can also enjoy a calming afternoon enjoying Chinse tea and various dumplings with spicy Sichuan Sauce. The entrance fee is only 20 AUD for a family.

12. Raging Waters Sydney

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Summer in Sydney can be insanely hot. However, you can always chill by the pool and swim in cold water. But how about enjoying a massive waterpark consisted of 42 water slides and four different pools. The scariest ride you can try is the T5 ride. It takes you to the darkness then will drop you for 15 meters tall. There is also an upcoming slide that is 206 meters long which can reach 25 kph. Those thrilling sides can really shake your gut. The admission fee can be AUD 65 for adults and AUD 55 for Children.

13. White Rabbit Gallery

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Sydney is all about passion, dreams, and beauty. This unique gallery is the perfect place to reflect my passion for beauty. The Gallery displays more than 25 artists from and Taiwan with various aesthetic expressions. From a conceptual way to understand specific phenomenons, or to understand the polarity of light and shadow in the world. The gallery also displays over 2000 artworks by hundreds of artists in Sydney. Some of the works in the gallery are large-scaled and very interesting to enjoy. The best thing is, there is no admission fee, making it budget-friendly for backpackers!

14. Art Gallery of New South Wales

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Other than White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney also has a state gallery that displays works from Australian and International artists. It also dedicated some of the areas special to showcase artworks from Indigenous art. Some of them contain artworks from Aboriginal artists, which is the Tribana Gallery. Not only contemporary arts the gallery also collected arts from the 19th century, such as Eugene von Guerard and Arthur Streeton. Though the gallery can be overwhelming to explore, the best place to start is to see the Australian classic, contemporary, then through the Aboriginal galleries. For more information, click here.

15. Luna Park Sydney

15 Best Destinations in Sydney

Located on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour, Luna Park is a heritage amusement park that opens all year around. The iconic part of it which attracts many curious children is the smiling face icon which stands 9 meters wide. The construction of the park began as early as 1930s, which makes this park very old. Though the amusement park has gone many reconstructions, the overall layout is nearly identical, making it very memorable for some people. The rides ranged from Super Shot Drop Tower, Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheel, Carousel, etc. The day pass fee is only AUD 34-44 per person.

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