15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver: Vancouver is an Iconic City in Canada that has a wide selection of tourism facilities. From scenic and pristine parks, fine art galleries, amusement parks, beaches, to vibrant shopping centers. Here are our 15 recommended activities to do in Vancouver!

1. Enjoy Vibrant Hub in Granville Island

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

First thing first, you should spend the whole afternoon exploring this vibrant shopping district in downtown Vancouver. The shopping hub has many to offer, from a public market catering to essential needs, hotels, performing art theatres, restaurants, fine art galleries to a shopping center. It also hosts varieties of festivals, including the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. Lastly, the best way to reach the island is by riding a mini-tugboat ferry!

2. Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

Satisfied with exploring the vibrant and crowded shopping hub, it is time to explore Vancouver nature. One perfect place to do outdoor activities while enjoying lush greenery is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Just like the name, the main attraction is the suspension bridge which is 137 meters long and 70 meters high! While walking, you can enjoy the serene and scenic view of the forest, sky, and river. You can also try their other facilities such as the Cliffwalk and the Treetops adventure. If you plan to visit the park in the winter, you would be able to visit the Canyon Lights attraction, which is all of the attractions filled with colorful lights. Lastly, the park is open every day from 11 AM to 9 PM.

3. Take a Calming Walk in Stanley Park

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

Done exploring lush forestry, it is time to explore the city’s first urban park. Stanley Park is a great getaway from the hustle-bustle of work. That is because the park offers many facilities, from long hiking trails, serene beaches, various culinary options, cultural landmarks, and wildlife! Many people come here to do outdoor activities such as walking, running, cycling, fishing and skating. Don’t worry about your safety too, because the police patrolled the park by riding horses! Moreover, there is one special monument in the park to honor the Japanese Canadian who served in World War 1. Lastly, the park is open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily.

4. Skiing in Grouse Mountain

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

Another Natural getaway option other than the urban park is the Grouse Mountain. It definitely gives a whole different vibe from the vibrant city. The mountain is a vast alpine playground with thrilling rides, summer and winter clubs, to memorable dining experiences. However, you can’t miss the experience of riding the Super Skyride Gondola Lift. Through the glass window, you would be able to see pristine mountain wilderness and the mesmerizing view of the skyline. Other than that, you can also try the thrilling mountain zip line which runs 80 km/hour! There is also paragliding facilities where you can try tandem fight from the Peak of the mountain for half an hour! Meanwhile, there are whole different activities available in the winter ranging from skiing, snowboarding, ice skating to Sleigh Rides!

5. See Blooming Flowers in Queen Elizabeth Park

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

Exploring green forestry sometimes may not be enough because you need to refresh your eyes with some colorful touch. Head to Queen Elizabeth Park, where you can explore wide flower beds and fauna jewels. When all the flower blooms gracefully, you can enjoy the scenic view as well as the refreshing smell. Head to the rose garden in the southwestern perimeter of the park to see various roses. Don’t forget to visit the Arboretum where you can see Cherry blossoms and other exotic faunas.

6. Learn New Things in Science World

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

It is time to ignite your curiosity and discover new things in Vancouver Science World. From entertaining quests and interactive displays, there are many insightful activities for children, young students, to researchers. One example of an interactive display is the Eureka where children can play with light and motion. Other than that, there are various live educational science shows to answer children’s curious questions. The topics range from gravity, energy, space, to anatomy. Lastly, there is IMA Theatre at science world where you can watch scientific movies such as Apollo 11 and the Superpower Dogs.  

7. Shopping in Granville Island Public Market

15 Best Things to Do in Vancouver:

Located in Grandville hub, don’t forget to explore the Island’s public market. The vibrant market offers just about everything from fresh produce, meat, seafood, cheeses to international food vendors. From Mexican, Chinese, Thailand, to French delicacies, everything is available here! You can pick up some snacks from the stalls and have a spontaneous picnic by the harbor. Other than that, there are many stalls selling handmade souvenirs and trinkets which you can buy to bring home.

8. Take a Chill Stroll in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Not so far from the center of the city, there is a magnificent oasis where you can relax and escape from stress. The garden was built to bridge cultural understanding between Chinese and western culture. There is a beautiful pond filled with Koi fishes with pristine lush greenery surrounding it. Moreover, you should also see the 150-year-old miniature tree from China which was built in 1986. Lastly, there is a Chinese tea tradition which you can experience if you join the guided tours!

9. Ride a Ferris Wheel in Playland at the PNE

After relaxing in the pristine Chinese garden, it is time to visit the city’s beloved amusement park! There are so many attractions here, from funhouse, mini-golf, face painting, wall climbing, shooting gallery, haunted house, roller coasters, and even Ferris wheel. However, kids are not the only ones who can have fun here. Adults are welcomed to have fun in the Side Bar & Patio facility which features frozen drinks and alcoholic beverages! Lastly, there are many delicious eateries available here, such as the fundunkers mini donuts, treat thyself, Buen Gusto Tacos & Totchos, Pizza, and so many more! For more information about ticketing and attraction click here!

10. Visit Vintage Village in Burnaby Village Museum

After enjoying a ride in Ferris Wheel, it is time to explore another part of the city. Burnaby Village museum portrays a 1920’s village completed with real-time collections, photographs, and artifacts. Unlike other museums in general, this village has many real-life actors with costumes playing as local residents. There is also a daily demonstration of a blacksmith shop played with real-life actors to help you immerse in the experience. The best thing about this museum is, there is no admission fee to enter!

11. Have a Night Out in Richmond Night Market

Next up is to visit the largest Night market in Noth America, Richmond Night Market. The ultimate reason why people come here, is, of course, all the new foods and the vibrant atmosphere. There are so many foods you may never hear such as Fried Chicken Bolo Sando, Deep-fried Bao with Ice cream, Dango, Beaver Tails, Nori Tacos, Gyukatsu Sand, and Hawaiian butter garlic shrimp. You can see that there are many international culinary. For your Information, the market only opens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7 PM to midnight in summer.

12. Learn Culture from All Around the World in Museum of Anthropology

Next up is to admire art collections from around the world in the Museum of Anthropology. Located in downtown Vancouver, the museum showcases various forms of art, from carvings, weavings, statues, ceramics, paintings, textiles, calligraphy, photographs, and so many more. The museum also displays permanent exhibitions such as the Great Hall, Welcome Plaza, Bill Reid Rotunda, Multiversity Galleries, and museum grounds. Other than that, there are various temporary exhibitions as well as tours from international actresses.

13. Sunbath in English Bay Beach

Yes! there is a place in Vancouver where you can swim, sunbathe, and even kayak! English Bay Beach is situated on Gilford street and Bidwell St nearby Stanley Park. It is a perfect place for a family day out because there are many outdoor activities you can try here such as sand volleyballs, swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing. Or, you can just relax and let the children build some sandcastles. There are also lifeguards available in peak season therefore you can feel safer while swimming. Lastly, there are some beach clubs available so you can sit down and enjoy a refreshment in the searing hot day!

14. Ride a Ponny in Maplewood Farm

Spending a whole day out on a beach may be fun, but would you refuse a day out on a farm riding cute ponies? Maplewood is the family’s best attraction located in the northern part of Vancouver. It offers a unique opportunity for families with younger children to connect with farm animals. Children can learn various types of farm animals, from a huge Belgian draft horse to a chicken smaller than crows! If you are aiming to ride the ponies, it is recommended to book them in advance!

15. Christmas Shopping at Vancouver Christmas Market

Last but not least, is to dedicate one whole night exploring the Vancouver Christmas Market. Inspired by ancient German traditions, the market offers everything from local artisan, handcrafted gifts, Christmas decoration, warm baked goods, German Beers, and savory delicacy. There are also Christmas Carousel for children, Christmas Choir performances, and a gigantic Christmas Tree for everyone to celebrate.

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