15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton: Edmonton is a vibrant City with both natural landscape and destinations accompanied with modern and sophisticated community facilities. Ranging from shopping centers, natural trails, parks, fun amusement parks for family activities. Here are our 15 recommendations of best things to do in Edmonton City.

1. Shopping in West Edmonton Mall

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

The first thing first, is to visit one of the most visited malls in Canada. West Edmonton Mall becomes a safe haven for thousands of shoppers daily since it becomes a home for hundreds of different shops and entertaining rides. The shops ranged from many branded stores such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, to Louis Vuitton. There are also some themed areas you can enjoy seasonally, such as The Bourbon Street which feature clubs and restaurants in New Orleans. Ranging from Boston Pizza, Hudson’s Tap House, Jungle Jim’s Eatery, Steakhouses, and Dueling Piano Bar. There is also European Boulevard with shops depicting the street in European countries such as Fleurs Flower, Dr. Martens, Cafe Levi, and La Maison Simons.

2. Swim and Splash in World Waterpark

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

Next up is to visit The World Waterpark, which is still located in Edmonton Mall. It was one of the largest indoor water parks in North America because of its capacity of 5,000 people. Though the waterpark is indoors, there is a huge slide that can reach the height of 25 meters! The waterpark is famous for its wave pool. The pool can generate waves as high as 1.5 meters with air horn blast which can be thrilling and entertaining for some. Other than the regular waterpark, there are some other rides with additional fees such as the Tsunami. It is a simulator for flow boarding and bodyboarding. To enter the World Waterpark, the admission fee is $49 for adults.

3. Visiting Fort Edmonton Park

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

Next up is to visit Edmonton Park which is one of the most famous living history museums. The fort was there to represent four different eras of the city. Started from the first era of the Fur Trade, which dated from 1795-1859. This was when the construction began with different notable features such as the York boat, the roads house, the men’s quarters, the clerk’s quarters, the Indian trade house, and the aboriginal camp. The other part of the building represents the settlement era which started from 1871-1891. This was when the town started to develop with major political events. Some of the notable features such as covered wagon, and the famous Methodist church. Moreover, the other part of the building represents the metropolitan era with different features such as a hotel, a melon farm, a mosque, and an exhibition.

4. Discover New Things in Royal Alberta Museum

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

Done with your visit to the historical fort, there is another place where you can also learn about the region’s remarkable stories. The museum has 2.5 million stories with different interactive exhibitions and various learning programs. There are around 13 programs available, from Canadian history, indigenous studies, archeology, quaternary paleontology, quaternary environments and so on the museum was opened in 1967 and is located at 103A Avenue Edmonton. The ticket admission ranges from $19 for adults, $14 for seniors, and $10 for children.

5. See the Elks in Elk Island National Park

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

There is one beautiful spot in Alberta where you can see native species such as bison, moose, beaver, whitetail deer, black bears, and especially elk. Moreover, the park is a house for more than 250 bird species All of these animals are protected and conserved to prevent Extinction. The main attractions are not only the animals, but also the family activities. Ranging from hiking, wildlife hearing, cycling, jogging as well as overnight camping. However, most people come to hike the 85 km of trails. The trails are famous for the spruce trees which give an earthy and Moss scent. It provides a tranquil and Serene combination for all of those in adventure. The most popular time to visit is around autumn when all the trees turn oranges and are very colorful. What a sight to the sore eyes! If you are interested, there are some programs available for you who wanted to do interactive activity. Some of the activities range from archaeological studies, stargazing, Creek crafting workshop, and bison and closure. Last but not least, this Park is open all day of the year and free of admission.

6. Pet Animals in Edmonton Valley Zoo

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

If you don’t feel like having an adventurous day rather a fun day with your children, there is an alternative located in Alberta’s River valley. Edmonton valley zoo is the perfect option for a family day out. Since there are many fun exhibitions, your children will absolutely busy observing new animals they probably have never seen before. First exhibition is the inner zoo which showcases emu, kookaburras, black swans and skunks. The second one is The makira Outpost which showcases many species of lemurs such as the ring-tailed lemurs, mongoose slimmers and ruffed lemurs. The third exhibition is the nature’s wild backyard which showcases the most famous species of the zoo, the red pandas. Next one is the carnivore alley which showcases red foxes, snow leopards, arctic wolves, Canadian lynx and African cats. There there is also an exhibition of the larger hoof stocks such as the bactrian chemo, reindeers, bighorn sheep, and the Sichuan takin. The admission fee ranges from $15 for adults. If you’re interested click here to see more.

7. Play in Galaxyland

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

Next day, you should absolutely visit galaxyland which is in one of the largest malls in North America, West Edmonton Mall. Galaxy land has the world’s tallest and longest indoor roller coaster, which sounds very thrilling for those who are brave enough. There’s so many rides to try, from a carousel, a ferris wheel, miniature dirt bikes and atvs, a train ride, a treaty movie theater, a small roller coaster, Canada’s first spinning roller coaster, a giant swing set, bumper cars for adults, world’s largest indoor triple roller coaster, and space themed ride. Lastly, there are many tickets available from $33 for children, $27 for guests with disabilities, $35 for seniors, and $28 for visitors who visits 3 hours prior to closing.

8. Grocery Shopping in Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market

15 Entertaining Activities in Edmonton

After spending a fun day visiting the indoor amusement park, you should absolutely visit one of the famous farmers market in the city. First open in 1983, the Old strakona Farmers market has a superb mix of locally ground and produce fresh goods. There are just so many things to explore in this place because they have more than 130 vendors offering different products, craft, and fresh baked goods. Started from the entrance, there are vendors selling fresh vegetables and meataries. Followed by an alley full of sweets, pastries, and bakeries. There are also an alley full of international delicacies from Thai culinary, Ethiopian foods, Chinese noodles, two Cafe selling aromatic coffee. Lastly, the market open every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and they also offer free parking for all of the visitors.

9. Learn about New Plantations in Muttart Conservatory

Next is two span a whole morning strolling around the botanical gardens with sophisticated pyramids architecture and filled with blooming flowers and fresh plantations. The Muttart conservatory is the cities belover horticultural center, located by the river valley. It is a home for more than 700 species of plants in three different biomes within the pyramid. Since the plantations are inside the pyramid glass house, the climate inside it mimic the climate of different areas such as a climate from Southern Great lakes of Australia and some from the mountainous areas of Asia. The environments are extremely controlled with specific conditions allowing many plans to live. Inside the pyramid the plants bloom seasonally and changes several times per year. However, to see the beauty you have to pay an admission fee ranges from $7 for children to $14 for adults. Last but not least, the garden opens daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except on Wednesday which are for adults only.

10. Stroll in Terwillegar Park

Satisfied with visiting the local market, you should absolutely try to take a chill stroll around the Terwillegar Park located at the northern part of Saskatchewan River valley Park. There are so many people come here to hike the numerous trails available with beautiful nature. There’s also an expensive off leash area for those who bring their pets to walk. The main area which becomes a popular spot for pictures, is the 262 m long foot bridge. It offers a Syrian view of the serene old Oleskiw River valley Park.

11. Ski and Snowboard in Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

Rabbit Hill ski resort is the perfect destination when you are visiting Edmonton in the winter. The resort is the largest local ski and snowboard center located in the Serene North Saskatchewan River valley. It is one of the most famous places to provide winter activities in Western canada. Not only that, they also offer various lessons for group and private. The lessons are available on Saturdays and Sundays to improve your skill in snowboarding. Lastly, you can also rent a venue and private key for your family events with extremely affordable price. Click here to see more information.

12. Learn in Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

There is one place which you would not expected exist in the city. The Ukrainian cultural heritage is an Open Air museum which tells the story of The immigrant from Ukrainian and East Central Alberta from 1982 to 1930. There are different buildings mimicking the life of the Ukrainian refugees completed with actors using costumes as well as speaking the native language. The museum exists to protect the ukrainians cultural identity as well as introducing it to the local people. It preserves the story of the solitude, the survival of the Ukrainian community in the city. There are also many different events held to to educate people about the Ukrainian settlers. Furthermore, they’re also many school programs, and summer group programs available here. However, there is an admission fee you will need to pay prior of visitation, ranging from $15 for seniors and $13 for children.

13. Join a Free Tour in Alberta Legislature Building

After you set foot in the city, don’t forget to visit and join the free tour available and the legislative assembly of Alberta building located in 10801-97 avenue. This is the place where the legislative assembly of Alberta take place. It has a sophisticated architecture with several memorials and statues within the building and the gardens surrounding it. The building was first built in 1907 with Greek Roman and Egyptian architectural influences.

14. Watch Orchestra in Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Don’t forget to check your calendar so you don’t have to miss magnificent events held in Northern Alberta jubilee auditorium. It is a center of performing arts cultural and community facility seating capacity up to $2,500 people. There are many events held in the venues such as the orchestra performance, dances performance and international tours. If you’re interested click here to see the events held in the jubilee auditorium.

15. Stroll around the Louise McKinney Riverfront Park

Last but not least is to visit Louise McKinney riverfront Park located in the center of Edmonton City. The park is famous for its Chinese gazebo featuring a scenic path and lush grassland surrounding it. It also has a public dock for people to kayak and canoe. Lastly it also has a shelter house which is the center of Publix for other amenities.

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