15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast: Aussie Lifestyle is what describes The destinations on Gold Coast. This city is just full of surprises and spectacular destinations. Ranging from incredible beaches, world-class theme parks, cultural centers, to local markets. It is also becoming a safe haven for surfers. Here are our 15 recommended destinations in Gold Coast!

1. Warner Bros Movie World

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

There are so many themed parks with spectacular rides in Australia it’s crazy! There is one located on Gold Coast which becomes children’s number one favorite. Warner Bros Movie Word offers famous cartoon stars meet and greet, from Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Universe, Tom&Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and Looney Tunes characters! The park was first opened in 1991, making it a part of everyone else’s childhood memories. Not only characters meet and greet, but there are also various thrilling rides you can try to kick to boost that adrenaline! From Batwing Spaceshot, Superman Escape, Scooby-Doo Spooky Coasters, to Doomsday Destroyer, everything seems like so much fun! Lastly, this place also hosts two special events during Halloween and Christmas holidays. Furthermore, click here to order your tickets now!

2. Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

Australia also has many water parks in their respective areas, since summer can get pretty intense. Of course, the children have to refresh their day inside a cold pool! However, what makes this park special is they heated their slides and pools during winter! The park offers gigantic rides. Some of them are Kamikaze, Tornado, Blackhole, Aqualoop, and Buccaneer Bay. Meanwhile, there is a lazy river attraction, a 3-person water slide, a flow rider, and a giant wave pool attraction. To get more information and book your entry tickets click here.

3. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

Austalia is eager to educate their youngsters about their endemic populations. That is why the country owns many sanctuaries to conserve their native animals. Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary is a perfect place to start in Goldcoast. It is a zoological garden which is famous for its populations of rainbow lorikeets. They also conserve many other native species, such as the Tasmanian devils and tree kangaroos. However, there is something unique about this sanctuary. It has a Frog-breeding facility to conserve critically endangered frog species! The frogs’ natural habitat was destroyed by climate change and the threat from pests. The entry fee ranges from AUD 25!

4. SkyPoint Observation Deck

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

One of the highest tourist attractions on the Gold coast is Sky Point Observation deck. It is a fun destination to head to if you would like to enjoy a city landscape from the heights. The observation deck also features a museum, a weather station, a theatre, as well as a lounge bar. Imagine enjoying a few glasses of cold beers while enjoying such a scenic landscape! If you would like an extra challenge, you can head to SkyPoint climb. Here, you will need to pay an additional fee to enjoy an external building walk. Lastly, this is the only sky observation deck that provides a landscape to the nearest beach. The tickets to enter the deck is AUD 27 for adults.

5. Springbrook National Park

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

This national park is extraordinary since it contains ancient trees dated from when the land was still connected to Antarctica. However, many people chase the trails to view the most beautiful waterfall in the location. Located in the middle of lush rainforest and ancient trees, the ambiance of the park is serene and pristine. Since the park is so huge, you can hike an endless trail for three days in order to explore the beauty. But you can always opt for a shorter walk. One of the destinations to head if you opt for a shorter walk is the Twin Falls Circuit. One of the easiest trails in Natural Bridge, which is only an hour hiking.

6. Lamington National Park

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

Gold Coast actually stores many of Australian pristine beauty worth exploring. One of them is the Lamington National Park, which is popular for its birdlife and mountain views. That is why there are many hiking trails available for adventurers. One of the longest trails can be as long as 160 kilometers far. However, not only fit adventurers can visit this pristine forest. There are family facilities such as Barbecue, picnic tables, toilets, and lookouts. One unique place to visit in the middle of the forest, which is the Wild-Flower Forest own by Pretty Produce company. The flower plantations range from sunflowers, colorful zinnias, and cosmos flowers full of butterflies. What a heavenly sight!

7. Australian Outback Spectacular

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

Do you want to learn about Australian folktale, while enjoying delicious three-course meals? You can’t miss the Australian Outback Spectacular’s Heartland. Various shows are featuring immersive technology and many animals. However, the star of the show tells us a story about the real-life struggles of Australian farmers to overcome famine. To accompany your stay, the three menu courses include rustic woodfire Vegetable, Goat Feta Tart, or Homemade pineapple. Other menus include tender steak or chicken breast with roast pumpkins and potato parcels. Lastly, a chocolate tart with salted caramel sauce to finish the dinner.

8. Snapper Rocks

15 Holiday Destinations in Gold Coast

Australia also has various beautiful beaches, such as the Snapper Rocks. It is a small rocky outcrop on the northern side of Point Danger. The beach is famous for the surfers because of the consistency of the surf break. However, there is another special thing about this beach which attracts curious tourists. That is the Snapper Rocks Sea Baths. The pool was built in 1956 for the public. However, it was moved to Duranbah Beach later on.

9. HOTA, Home of the Arts

Gold coast also stores meaningful art collections, which you can see here in the Home of the Arts. It hosts various performances, from Live Music, Theatre, Dance, Comedy, Operas, to Kid’s shows. The building has sophisticated architecture surrounded by well-maintained parklands and a pristine lake. There is one special stage which is the Outdoor stage. It was first opened in 2018 surrounded by a lake with a spectacular view of the city landscape. Meanwhile, there is also a huge cine where they play international movies seven days a week. Lastly, there is even a Chapel where a lot of weddings happen.

10. Miami Marketta

After all that adventure, I am sure you are all hungry. There is a place where you can fill up your hungry stomach and have fun with your friends! Try various street food delicacies while enjoying free live music here in Miami Marketa. Not only serving local favorites but there are also many delicacies from all around the world. From delicious wood-fired pizza to vegan options, everything is available here. For the shopaholic, there are plenty of vintage and thrift boutiques here where you can buy dresses for a cheaper price.

11. Broadwater Parklands

If you want to try something new other than a waterpark, hop on to the Broadwater parklands for various fun activities. There are expansive parklands with lush greenery and shady spots, perfect for picnics. If you opt for shallow and chill swimming, you can head to the beach nearby. The popular shoreline stretches from Paradise point to Southport. Broadwater Park is also a community park, which is why there are many various events for different occasions.

12. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

In 2019, this place was voted one of the best Queensland experiences. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market is a vibrant walkaway full of various local shops selling trinkets, foods, clothing, and local artisan works. There are also homemade desserts, hand-made accessories, and personalized items. You can enjoy the refreshing breeze as you walk around the foreshore.

13. Tamborine National Park

Gold coast stores various natural beauty worth exploring. One of them is the Tamborine national park, 45 km away from Brisbane. What draws many people in are pristine bushwalks, spectacular cliffs, rainforest areas, and woodlands. It becomes a home for many species too, such as Lyrebirds, the elusive platypus, lorikeets, even satin bowerbirds. Though it may be tempting to set up a camp and stay over for the night, camping is not permitted in any part. You can try staying in a smaller cottage accommodation nearby. Some of the attractions available here are the witches fall, palm grove, Joalah, The Knoll, Cedar Creek, and Niches Corner.

14. Coolangatta Beach

Other than previously listed beaches, Coolangatta beach has soft and white sand, plenty of space, deep blue water, and even many safeguards to protect you. The beach is also much quieter than other beaches on Gold Coast. Other than that, it has world-class surf breaks which become a heaven for surfers. If you can’t swim and surf, there are many choices of restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby!

15. Infinity Attraction

Last but not least, is to try something you never try before! Use all of your 5 senses combine with your imagination for a fantastic journey! In Infinity Attraction, you will go through a futuristic maze which involves a futuristic maze and unique special effects. There will also be groovy music, strange illusions, and interactive experience all in one place. Some of the attractions are The Cyclotron or a powerful time warp, The Mystery Zone, Laser Zone, The infinite light canyon, and Infinite Recession! The ticket ranged from AUD 20 only!

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