15 Memorable Activities in Montreal: Montreal is an amazing city with sophisticated buildings and unique cultures. There are just many things to explore! From its Gothic Revival-style Building, Local Markets, Amusement parks to Nature getaways, everything is worth visiting! Here are our 15 recommended activities to do in Montreal!

1. Admire The Architecture of Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

The first thing first is to explore the old part of Montreal by visiting Notre Dame Basilica. Located in Notre-Dame West, this particular church is one of the oldest churches dated from 1829. The building has a sophisticated Gothic Revival style embellished with a colorful altar and stunning interior. Moreover, the church has a peaceful atmosphere as many people still come here to pray and worship. As a religious center, the community hosts many sacred events from weddings and state funerals. Some of the most popular events ever held in the church are the wedding of Celine Dion and the state funeral of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The Notre-Dame Basilica has two bells in both of its towers. It even has the nickname Jean-Baptiste. The bells can weigh as much as 10,900 kg and become an important part of many occasions.

2. Explore Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

Another option of sophisticated building with Gothic-Revival style is the Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal. You can’t miss this place because the oratory is Canada’s Largest church with one of the largest church domes in the World. This majestic building is located 30 meters above Mount Royal’s summit, so you can see the building from miles away. The building dated as far as 1914 and consisted of a few different parts: The Crypt Church, Votive Chapel, the Shrine, and the Dome. The Crypt Church has the capacity of 1,000 people. The Votive Chapel on the other hand stores approximately 10,000 candles. Meanwhile, the Dome still holds the tittle of the tallest and largest dome in the world measuring 39 meters.

3. Grocery Shopping in Jean Talon Market

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

Satisfied with your visit to both of the sophisticated buildings, it is time to spend a day out exploring the city’s beloved Farmer’s Market. Located in the Little Italy district, Jean-Talon Market is one of the oldest markets in Montreal dated as far as 1933. The market offers all of the essentials, from seasonal fresh produce, home-baked goods, fisheries, to a diverse range of meats. Other than that, it also offers a wide range selection of restaurants with various delicacies. If you explore the market in the outdoor season, you would find a new section of the market opens up for the Market Gardeners. They offer just about any flowers you can find with nice scents and colors. Lastly, the market is open daily from 8 AM to 6 PM.

4. Learn More About the Ecosystem in Biodome

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

Satisfy with your desire to shop? It is time to learn new insightful information in Montreal Biodome. From the outside, you would see a sophisticated building that represents the modernity of science and knowledge. The facility was a part of the Montreal Olympic Stadium. There are four different exhibits that allow the visitors to learn firsthand about four different ecosystems. The first exhibit is the Tropical Forest which displays a replica of the South American rainforest. The second exhibit is the Laurentian Forest which displays the North American wilderness. The third one is The Saint Lawrence Marine Ecosystem which displays the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Last but not least, is the Sub Polar Region which displays the Arctic.. It is a home for over 2,000 animals with 200 different animals. Some of the best animals are penguins and the golden Lion Tamarind monkeys. To purchase your entry tickets, click here.

5. Ride a Rollercoaster in La Ronde

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

After exploring the replicas of various ecosystems, it is time to spend an adventurous day in La Ronde. It is the city’s beloved amusement park which offers 40 rides and attractions and various rollercoasters. The park becomes a perfect option for families with children to gather and spend time together. It also hosts many other events from live entertainment shows, Fright Fest, and L’international des Feux Loto-Quebec. The rides have different levels, from the easiest for children to the hardest for adults. Some of the extreme rides such as the Boomerang, Catapult, Chaos, Demon, Goliath, and Ednor. To purchase your entry tickets, click here.

6. Ride a Ferris Wheel in Vieux-Port de Montréal

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

Spending a day riding all the thrilling rides, it is best to spend an anfternoon strolling around the Old Port of Montreal. However, there is one specific place where you can get a vibrant atmosphere and scenic view at the same time. The Old Port of Montreal is one of the most famous areas for recreational and can attract six million tourists annually. furthermore, there are many activities you can do here, from just strolling around enjoying refreshing breeze, going for a ride on a pedal boat, watch IMAX movies, as well as riding a cruise for holiday. You can also ride a zip-line crossing the harbor or play a labyrinth.

7. Hike and Visit in Mount Royal Park

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

Another option to have a chill stroll around a scenic area is to visit Mount Royal. The mountain and the park symbolize the city’s cultural heritage as it was officially opened in 1876. Hiking in the mountain is one of the best activities for refreshing as it offers lush greenery with scenic views and clean fresh air. The mountain is open in all seasons with various activities ranging from jogging, cycling, skiing, tobogganing, bird watching to sunbathing. Don’t worry about getting hungry, because there are some restaurants offering hot plate dishes while enjoying the pristine scenery.

8. Stay Late All Night in Casino de Montréal

15 Memorable Activities in Montreal

Taking a stroll around pristine forestry may be great, but Montreal offers something greater. Located on Notre Dame, There is one of the largest Casinos in Canada which opens 24 hours a day, every single day of the week. There are more than 3,000 slot machines accompanied by 115 gaming tables. You can also have large meals in one of the four restaurants. If you are interested in drinking some cocktails for the evening, you can also enjoy one of the three bars completed with a cabaret. Moreover, they also have virtual game facilities!

9. Try a Floating Spa in Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau

After going through a restless night in a casino center, it is best to spend a day relaxing in a massage spa. But it ain’t an ordinary spa center. Bota-Bota is a spa center on a ship anchored located in Old Port Montreal. It gives the passengers the facility of a quiet spa with a pristine view of the Saint Lawrence River. This is one of the most innovative floating spas in the city! The facilities are including a floating terrace, a restaurant, a modern garden area. Meanwhile, there are many varieties of Saunas available, ranging from two eucalyptus steam baths, three outdoor whirlpool baths, cold showers, and relaxation areas. All of that with a direct view towards the enchanting river.

10. Shop Fresh Spices and Pastries in Marché Atwater

A relaxing day in a spa would be perfect if you finish it by shopping. To endeavor your desire of window-shopping, head to the Saint Henri area where the Atwater Market is located. The local market is a home for local and imported goods, butchers, fisheries, cheeses, and wines. You can also get your fresh baked goods here!

11. Watch Hokey in Centre Bell

Another day another adventure! There is always something new to do in Montreal. Now we are going to watch a hockey battle in Centre Bell Montreal. The stadium is so huge that the seating capacity for hockey events can be as high as 21,302 people. Not only hockey, but the stadium also has other centers such as Basketball, Concerts, an Amphitheatre, Theatre, and Hemicycle with all thousands of seating capacity.

12. Admire Barbie Collection in Barbie Expo

Montreal also has another interesting place to explore, one of them is the Barbie Expo located in Les Cours Mont-Royal. Unlike other ordinary barbies, all of the barbie collections here wear Haut couture fashion made by famous designers such as Christian Dior, Versace, Givenchy, and Vera Wang. These barbies are from many collectors all around the world. Overall, there are over a thousand barbies displayed here in this expo.

13. Watch Pro-Car Races in Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Another option other than Hockey for you sport fans is to watch Formula One Canadian Grand Prix in the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The circuit is famous for hosting Champ Car World Series Grand Prix of Montreal and Grand Prix du Canada since 1978. The circuit is 4,361 meters long and has been rewarded for its smooth asphalt surface. However, the circuit has many other purposes other than Fast car races. When it is not hosting a special event, it becomes a facility for cycling, inline skating, and running.

14. Swim in Super Aqua Club

If you love swimming, you would love this water park! Located in Pointe-Calumet, there are over 45 attractions for all ages from the youngest children to the thrill-seeking adults. Some of the rides range from The Whirlwind, The Wave Pool, The Beach, The Lazy River, and Myriam the Turtle

15. Stroll and Relax at Montreal Botanical Garden

Last but not least is to visit Montreal Botanical Garden. This park is perfect for a day out with family and friends. Not only that it has a pristine atmosphere, but it also has spacious greenery for everyone. 

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