Most people come to Bali just for the night partying or to surf in Uluwatu. However, there is so much more to explore. Kintamani offers a whole different destination. Ranged from natural hot springs, sunrise catching, splendid lake view, spiritual sites, and ancient village. Here are 15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani.

1. Mount Batur

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani

Mount Batur is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kintamani. The reason many people come is to chase the breathtaking sunrise scenery and its natural caldera. To reach the peak, you will have to hike for three hours. It is important to go with a group of people if you don’t take tour guides with you. Lastly, you should start hiking at 3 AM, to chase the sunrise which starts at 5 AM.

2. Toya Devasya

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani

Before Natural Hotsprings was built, all the natural hot springs flow directly to the lake. Since thousands of years ago, people have come to bathe in this natural hot spring to cleanse, purify, and heal skin conditions. However, it wasn’t properly maintained. Now, The locals build facilities that can sustain the natural hot spring and attract many visitors. Toya Devasya is a natural hot spring with improved facilities such as waterslides, lockers, and a warm Olympic size pool. They also have water sports activities and a spa for relaxation. To enter the water park, you will have to pay Rp.100,000 for adults, and only Rp. 60,000. Click here to visit their website.

3. Batur Natural Hotspring

A little bit different from Toya Devasya, Batur Natural Hotspring is more like a simple version and without all the fun slides. This is perfect if you just want to chill around the pool and enjoy some snacks and refreshments. There are also some daybeds for you to sunbathe while enjoying the view of Batur Lake. The facilities they have included toilets, changing rooms, a locker to store your belongings, and a restaurant. You will have to pay Rp.60,000 to enter which includes a welcome drink, shampoo, soaps, and towels.

4. Terunyan Cemetary

People in Bali still carry their traditions and beliefs from thousands of years ago. However, there is a special village in Kintamani called Trunyan with exceptional rituals and ceremonies. The people who live there are the Bali Aga people, or the first people to live in Bali. They have been around since the year 880. The ritual they still have to this day is called Mepasah, or to lay the deceased below the Trunyan tree. However, the Trunyan tree has a magical organic perfume, therefore hiding the odor of the deceased body. Only those who died from natural causes can be laid down in this cemetery. The caretaker then scatters the bones of the dead around. You may see many dried flowers and old offerings to the dead around. To reach this site, you have to cross the lake by a small boat.

5. Volcano Active

Batur Mountain has three volcanic cones which are famous for sunrise catching, hiking, and jeep riding. However, it is one of the easiest trails for most people. It takes only two hours from the starting point t reach the peak. The view there is very rewarding. You can see mount Agung, Mount Abang, and even Mount Rinjani in Lombok from this spot. Don’t forget to go very early to catch the sunrise view.

6. Geopark Museum of Batur

Recently, the government of Bali established a Geopark Museum of Batur in Kintamani. Officially opened in 2016, the museum has the collections of three pillars of the geopark, which are Biodiversity, Geodiversity, and Cultural Diversity. This museum becomes a center of learning for all curious people to learn more about mount Batur. Mount Batur has been formed 29.000 years ago. The ticket ranged from Rp.15,000 for children and Rp.20,000 for adults. Lastly, the museum is open from 8.00 AM to 2 PM daily.

7. Segara Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Kintamani has a lot of spiritual sites with beautiful scenery. One of the must-visit is Segara Ulun Temple which is located by Batur Lake. This is the second most important temple other than the Besakih temple. Ulun Danu loosely translates to the Goddess of the lakes. The locals believe that the goddess blessed them with fertility, crops, and clean water. That is why many Balinese still come here to this day to held religious ceremonies and give offerings. Since it is a sacred site, be considerate about your outfits, use of language, and behavior. While enjoying the traditional architecture of the temple, you can enjoy Batur lake.

8. Sunrise Hill Camp

Kintamani has many popular campsites, one of them is the Sunrise Hill camp. It is located exactly by the Batur lake and Batur mountain, giving a picturesque scenery. Sunrise Hill camp becomes the first glamping site with a natural hot spring pool in Indonesia! Since the temperature around Kintamani is low, relaxing in the natural hot spring pool might be the best option. Perfect for a refreshing trip with your spouse and family. Since Sunrise Camp offers a glamorous camping experience, you don’t have to worry about carrying sleeping bags. That is because the interior of the tent is just like a hotel room complete with spring beds. The lights around the camp at night are amazing, creating a peaceful ambiance. Don’t forget to wake up early to experience the sunrise from this spot!

9. Montana Del Cafe

Montana del Cafe lets you have a magical experience of dining with an exceptional view of lakes and mountains. This place first opened right before the pandemic at the beginning of 2020. The building adopts a minimalistic concept with an off-white accent, creating an instagrramable spot. Other than that, they have this little net above the cliff to take some stunning pictures. You can come here anytime because they serve breakfast, brunch, and comfort foods. One more special thing, they have organic and locally sourced edible flowers! They are picked fresh every single morning from the nearest garden to ensure quality. The price ranged from only Rp.40,000 to Rp.80,000.

10. Akasa Coffee

Akasa Coffe & Bakery is probably one of the most popular coffee shops and dining spots here in Kintamani. That is because this spot offers a luxurious view of Batur Lake and Mountain. It brings the coffee tasting experience to a whole new level. Though it is much better when you visit the place while the weather is nice, you can also enjoy a magical experience when the fog covered the surrounding area. Akasa coffee has a modern and sleek concept, creating a comfortable ambiance to chill and relax. Not only the view and decorations, Akasa only serves the best quality coffee. They also bake their cakes fresh every single day, like one of the most popular matcha cakes. The price starts from Rp. 25,000 only.

11. Puncak Penulisan Temple

Puncak Penulisan Temple is among one of the oldest temples ever built in Bali. It had existed since the Megaliths era. Ancestors who built the temple were Balinese Aga, meaning they’re pure Balinese race. Thousands of years ago, the Balinese kings used to meditate here. You can come to visit the temple to enjoy the serene and tranquil walk around the site. However, remember that this is a sacred site for Balinese people so be considerate and respectful.

12. Mount Abang

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani

Mount Abang is one of the tallest mountains in Bali, therefore if you have the opportunity to hike, go for it! Though the mountain becomes a home for many species of Flora and Fauna, many of them die due to the sulfur liquid it emits. Because of the height, many people decided not to hike and go back in one day. That is why so many people come here with tents and set a camp for the night. The best moment to come at night to chase the amazing view of sunrise. To enter the hiking trails, you will have to pay Rp. 24,000.

13. Floating Restaurant

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani

When you visit Lake Batur, you can not miss this place. This floating restaurant offers a dining experience with fantastic scenery of the lake and mountain. You can also enjoy a cooling and refreshing breeze. They also have fresh grilled parrotfish with rice, spicy water spinach, and spicy sambals. With a splendid experience, the price ranged from only Rp.30,000!

14. Ampupu Kembar Park

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani

If you want to walk around serene and tranquil forestry, you can come to Ampupu Kembar. This newly established destination is located right by Batur Lake, so you can enjoy it from a closer look. There are many colorful spots here, like the famous umbrella decoration. Fun fact, you can also fish here because the lake stores a huge population of tilapia fish. You can even set a campfire here to grill them fresh. Upon arrival, you only have to pay Rp. 10,000 to enjoy Ampupu!

15. Lava Tumuli Kintamani

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Kintamani

When you come to Kintamani, you will find Lava Tumuli on the other side of the road and wonder, this is gorgeous! Lava Tumuli is lava that has turned into rocks due to horizontal pressure from the lava flow. The remaining lava comes from the great eruption of Batur Mountain. Not only it offers a whole different view and landscape, but this place is also perfect for any kind of photoshoot. The best time to come here is early in the morning so you can catch an amazing sunrise view. Don’t come too late as it will be too hot to go around and explore.

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