15 Must-Visits in Perth: Perth is may not be as famous as Sydney, however, tere re many places which you can explore. Fom Fun themed park, National Park, Wineries, Harbors, Vibrant Local Markets to Beaches, Perth has it all. Easily accessible by public tansportations, here are 15 Must-visits in Perth!

1. Elizabeth Quay

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Elizabeth Quay is a vibrant hub with many tourist facilities in one place. The complex includes restaurants, cafes, parks, waterfront and decorated with sophisticated architecture. The reason why this place becomes a favorite is that it has it all! Some of the options available such as the Rubra on the Swan, Boat Collective, Burge Bar, Gusto Gelato, and even pop-up bar. Since Elizabeth Quay place becomes the main destination, many organizers held special events regularly. Some of the regular events such as Ice skating ring, Pop and Rock concerts, and Craft beer festivals. However, Elizabeth Quay is still a perfect destination just to explore around and spend a chill day.

2. Sittella

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Perth is famous for the production of authentic wine. No wonder there are many wineries available to explore. There is one specific area where there are many wineries open for tourists. It is called the Swan Valley, West Australia. One of the wineries there to try is the Sittella Winery and Restaurant. The winery thrives in fertile soils, therefore producing only rich flavored wines. With serene meadows and Italian style architectures, Sittella gives serene ambiance. The restaurant offers authentic meals and wines, perfect for a romantic date with your partner. It is open from 11 AM to 4 PM everyday.

3. Freemantle Market

15 Must-Visits in Perth

When you are visiting Perth, you can’t miss visiting this historical market located in Fremantle. The building has a thick Victorian style which makes it stood out the most among other tourist destinations. Other than that, there are many variations of things to choose from. There are fresh fruits and vegetables, cheap trinkets, to authentic infused coffee. The fresh fruits ranged from Quince Apple, Bananas, Oranges, Papaya, Grape Fruit Pomegranate, to Cherry. You can also find yummy desserts from the stalls such as black forest cake, Russian tea cookie, sea salt caramel cookie, to a chocolate truffle. The price starts from $2 to $20 per kilogram. However, this market only opens on weekends, from Friday to Monday.

4. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Another destination you can’t miss in Perth is visiting one of the biggest city parks in the world, Kings Park & Botanical Garden. The locals utilize this public space to jog in the morning, to held sport events, etc. Most of them are taking their dogs for a walk, sunbathe, or picnic. What makes this park different than others is that the park has a stunning landscape of Perth’s city line. Another exciting thing about this park is the Baobab tree which is 750 years old. To find it without hustling, you can go with a tour group. Sometimes, they will tell you a whole historic story about the tree. Lastly, the best time to visit the park is in the late September where there will be thousands of wild flower blooms beautifully.

5. Cottesloe Beach

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Perth also stores natural beauty which you can adore on this beach. Cottesloe Beach is an iconic destination with many different activities to do such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and sunbathing. There are many cafes, restaurants, and bars serving a glass of wine while enjoying the sunset. This beach is so popular that you can easily reach it by bus or train from the center of Perth. This beach has a special place in everyone’s heart for having pristine sands and crystal clear waters.

6. Adventure World

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Perth can be insanely hot during summer, so the best way to spend a day is by visiting a water park. Adventure world is the only water/theme park in Perth with over 25 rides and many attractions. It is a complete package! The rides ranged from a children’s section park, a sky lift, dueling raft waterslides, a tandem tube slide, even the famous attraction called Goliath. The water park section also has one of the longest and steepest funnel water slides called Kraken. One-day tickets ranged from $64 for adults to $165 for a family.

7. Yanchep National Park

15 Must-Visits in Perth

If you are looking for a day away from the crowd and wanted to spend a relaxing time closer to nature, Yanchep National Park is the answer. The park is a combination of well-maintained lawns, native animals, and many other activities to do. Not only natural bushland, but the park also owns a limestone cave named Crystal Cave. This cave is completely open to the public and accessible by group tours. Other than admiring the natural stalagmite, you can also get closer to the koalas. Try coming at 3.15 pm where they have a free Koala talk each day to learn more about the Koalas. This place is perfect for a family day out!

8. Whiteman Park

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Perth seems to have a lot of parks, however, each of them has its own distinction and characteristics. If you can meet interact with the koalas in Yanchep National Park, you can find sports facilities and a Tractor museum here! As funny as it sounds, there are other interesting attractions to visit. The Whiteman Park has a motor museum, revolutions transport museum, a railway, and wildlife park. No wonder you can find a huge train with many people using it as a background to take pictures. Other than that, many people come to visit the park to take a long walk around the natural bushes.

9. Araluen Botanic Park

15 Must-Visits in Perth

The last recommendation of a park to visit in Perth that you can’t miss is the Araluen Botanic Park. The park is famous for its annual Tulip Festival in spring and Summe. Yes, the main attraction that draws everyone from around the world is the beautiful and colorful tulips plantation. The park collects 270 varieties of Camelia plantation. There are also annual folk music festivals during the spring season here. Other than that, the park includes a gift shop, a cafe with tearooms, and walkways.

10. The Roundhouse

Moving on from the parks, you should visit this historical site in Perth. The building was opened for the first time in January 1831. The building was once used to hold convicted crimes in the settlement. However, the prison only serves the colonial and indigenous prisoners until the late 1880s. It then began to operate as a historical building in 1966. One unique thing to experience here is there will be a cannon fired every single day at 1 Pm. If you are lucky, you can even pull the canon trigger. The Roundhouse is open everyday between 10.30 Am to 3.30 pm.

11. E Shed Market

E shed market is another interesting tourist attraction to visit in Perth. Unlike other markets in general, many artists are performing live music inside the markets. It creates a vibrant ambiance for the shoppers. Many stalls are seling international foods, local handicrafts, antiques as well as collectibles. Some of the selles are elderly selling aromatic coffee. The market itself is located in a historical warehouse building on Victoria Quay. The market is open every weekends from 9 Am to 5 Pm.

12. Hillary Boardwalk

It is not complete visiting Perth without visiting Hillary Boardwalk. The buzzing vibes of the waterfront make it very attractive for many visitors, especially for family activities. Not only that, the sunset view in the harbor is fantastic. From the harbor, you would see an orange skyline alongside the silhouette of the boats and ships sailing by. There are also many choices of cafes and restaurants to visit and call it a day.

13. AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia

If you are looking for learning but fun experience while you are visiting Perth, you can try visiting the Aquarium of Western Australia. This is one of the largest aquariums in Australia as it owns the largest single aquarium and walk-through. The aquarium is specialized in Australian marine species. The species represents the uniqueness of marine life from different regions of Australia. There is also a shipwreck aquarium which can be 40 meters long and 2 meters wide. Lastly, the aquarium also owns one of the largest living coral reefs in the world. You can experience snorkeling between the sharks and the rays here!

14. The Bell Tower

15 Must-Visits in Perth

Bell Tower is an iconic architecture that symbolizes modernity of the Perth city. Standing up tall and high, this tower owns the largest musical instrument in the world. The tower stores bells originated from Buckingham Palace. The best thing is, you can even interact with the bells and see the ancient bell ringing in front of your eyes. You just can’t miss this unique experience while visiting Perth! The entrance ticket is only AUD 10 for adults and free for children.

15. Sci-Tech Museum

Last but not least, is to visit this interactive science museum. Full with curious children and inspiring adults, the museum ignites imaginations and sparks the hunger for knowledge. This is the epicenter for science lovers in Perth. The SciTech museum also has its own Planetarium, a whole discover land, a science theater, labs, and a tinkering space. Click here to learn more.

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