Osaka Travel Destinations

Osaka has various travel destinations, from traditional to modern attractions.So here’s 15 Places Must visit in OSAKA.


Osaka Travel Destinations

Osaka Castle

When you think of Japan this is what comes to mind. A big beautiful castle with so much history and charm. Take your time walking the grounds and enjoy the tranquility.

Osaka Travel Destinations

Shitennoji Temple

A beautiful historical site from Osaka city. Definitely a must go for tourists and locals. Paying an additional fee you can join a buddhist ceremony once in a while. Also very nice just to walk around and take photos.

Osaka Travel Destinations

Sumiyoshi Taisha: Drum bridge

One of the highlights of Osaka is this beautiful, old temple complex with several shrines within it. The old red bridge is the temple’s defining feature and is both beautiful and architecturally unique.

Osaka Travel Destinations 2020

Good place get a nice view of the city, especially at night!

A must go place if you are in Osaka. The view on top is magnificent. Better go here using osaka amazing pass, the ticket will be free. Without the pass, you have to pay 1500 yen.

Kuromon Ichiba Market

Kuromon Ichiba Market

Best place to soak up local fresh delicacies in Osaka! From grilled scallops, shrimps, lobsters, squid, fresh salmon, various fatty tuna parts, to quality meats, the assortment of options to try are endless.

Ferris Whell Osaka

Ferris Whell Osaka

Worth the trip. You can see most part of Bay Area when you’re at the top. Plus, it’s free with Osaka Amazing Pass. Last admission at 9:30 p.m.

Dotonbori Streetin Osaka

Dotonbori Street Osaka

This is where you go to experience the night life, street food, and culture of Osaka. So much to see and experience in the city, definitely don’t miss Dōtonbori

Osaka Train Station

Osaka Train Station

Osaka city station, like other Japanese transit stations, is really well organized and efficient. There is ample signage to direct you where to go. Many staff members speak English as well. Osaka station is massive. There are shops and places to eat everywhere.

Warrior Statue Osaka

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Statue

Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was a samurai and politician, among other things, who is generally regarded as one of the great warrior of Japan.

Yurakucho Concourse Bar _2020

Underpass Bar Yurakuko

Yurakuko bar is kinda unique bar, it placed under the bridge, you can just hangout and get some drink here!

Hoshida Park

Hoshi no Buranko

A local favourite hiking trail thru the forest and the hanging bridge is nestled between the 2 hill tops. There is a rock climbing facility and a cafe for those wanting more adventure or just a place to chill out after a hike.

Shinsekai street Osaka

Fun place to hang out for a bit. Lots of arcades, restaurants, shops, and more. Not too much to do in the area though, just a cool historical part of Osaka.


Universal Studio Osaka

Universal studios is well worth a visit if you’re in Osaka (or the surrounding area). The highlight of the park is undoubtedly the Harry Potter world (which ironically isn’t even owned by Universal studios). Other attractions well worth the visit are Jurassic Park and the Minions. The parade at the end of the night is fantastic.

American village Osaka

American village Osaka

American village in osaka, you can feel USA atmosfer here,so many western style building and culture.

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