15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok: If you want to experience exotic beaches but are empty so you can have it all to yourself, Lombok is the perfect destination for you. Lombok has a wide variety of isolated beaches, untouched waterfalls, and deep lush forestry. You can access Lombok through boats from Bali or by airplane towards their recently developed International Airports. Here are our top 15 destinations in Lombok!

1. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is a small island located on the western side of Lombok. With its natural beauty and developed tourism facilities, Gili Trawangan is definitely another option other than Bali. Gili Trawangan has a smooth white sandy beach with a long coastline. The ocean surrounding it is bright limestone with crystal clear water. To reach Gili Trawangan, you can head to the Bangsal Harbor and rent a fast boat. Gili Trawangan is very calm and serene, pollution-free. That is because machine vehicle is rare here! Most people use bikes and the traditional cidomo!

2. Gili Air

Gili Air is a smaller island within the Lombok archipelago. Known for its panoramic landscape and tropical beaches, international tourists are rushing to putting Gili Air to their itineraries. The access to reach Gili is very easy, only a 15 minutes boat rides from the Bangsal Harbor. The cost to cross is only Rp.8,000 – Rp. 25,000 per person. Gili Air has a rich marine life, with diverse species and healthy coral reef populations. Not only it becomes a superstar for snorkeling and diving, it also becomes a learning center to those researchers.

3. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

This hidden gem is located in Sajang village, which is around 175 km from the center of Mataram. Mangku Sakti Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with a unique gradation of Tosca colors. The pure water comes straight from the Rinjani mountain, making it very fresh and clean you may drink them. This waterfall is very popular for its beauty, so try not to come at peak season and opt for weekdays instead. There is a unique part of the waterfall, which is a fresh pool mixed with sulfur. The entrance fee is only Rp.10,000 to Rp.15,000.

4. Rinjani Mountain

Lombok has one of the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia. This massive volcano becomes the icon of the island. However, the most challenging activity to experience is to climb the 3,726 meters tall mountain. When you reach the top, you will see an unforgettable landscape of the sulfur lake, Mount Baru, the sea of clouds, and lush greenery. The lush greenery is no joke, it covers 41,330 hectares of forest. It even becomes a major bio-geographical transition zone (Wallace). To reach the mountain, you can start heading to Senaru Village and Sembalun Lawang village which is four hours drive to the east of Mataram.

5. Segara Anak Lake

Arguably one of the best lake in Lombok, Segara Anak lake is a lake which located 2,003 meters above the sea level. The daily temperature of the lake is around 20-22 degrees Celcius which makes it very warm. The researchers claim the water gets hot from a huge hydrothermal fluid. However, the lake is very safe for fish populations. Now, the locals are fishing around the lake by boats for livings. The landscape of Rinjani mountain, panoramic land, and the local fishermen creates a top-tier view.

6. Dandaun Hill

Located in Sembalun Village, Dandaun Hill is located 1,300 above sea level. From this point, you can see the most unique view of colorful ricefields and the majestic mountain. Though you can visit the hill at any time, however the best time to visit is at sunrise and at sunset time. This hill is very popular with hikers to enjoy the view. The reason for its popularity is the easy access, especially for beginners. This hill has a serene and calming ambiance, a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of busy life.

7. Penyisok Beach

Located in southern Lombok, this exotic beach offers a majestic view of the Indian ocean. Combined with golden cliffs and huge green meadows, making the site very dreamy. In the dry season, the green meadows turned colors into savannah. The best view to look at the beauty is of course from the height of the cliff, where you can capture all the sun activity. However, the best time to capture it is at sunrise and sunset. Another special thing to observe on this beach is the Ancient Batu Apung Mosque and Lingkoq Datu. Though there is no official facilities from the government, the site is worth exploring.

8. Sarang Walet Waterfall

This unique waterfall is located in Kembang Kuning village, East Lombok. The name Sarang Wallet waterfall was given because there are so many swallow birds’ nests around the area. To reach the waterfall, you can climb stairs down which are only 100 meters away from the entrance. This waterfall is inside a cave, creating a magical ambiance and serene vibes. You can hear the echoes of the water splashing and flows around. Though there are no official authorities managing the waterfalls, this place is still worth the visit every time.

9. Sendang Gile Waterfall

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

Sendang Gile waterfall has a special place in many people’s hearts. Not only because of the stunning landscape and serene ambiance it has but because it has a magical history behind it. The locals believed that the goddesses descended from heaven to purify themselves here in this waterfall. The waterfall itself is situated on the National Park of Rinjani Mountain. That is why before people hike to the top, they usually come to visit this waterfall first. To reach the waterfall, you just have to walk for 15 minutes from the entrance. When you arrive, you will see two levels of waterfalls which are very unique. When you see around, there is lush greenery everywhere.

10. Mayung Polak Waterfall

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

Mayung Polak Waterfall is so underrated that not so many people know, however perfect for an amazing adventure. It is located in Timbanuh village, east Lombok. This waterfall is much smaller compared to other waterfalls in Lombok which is only 3 meters tall. However, the untouched nature makes it perfect. There are many unique trees, you can even find wild strawberries by the trails. The surrounding gives a serene ambiance, perfect for a quick getaway just to chill and swim.

11. Sade Village

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

So not only beaches waterfalls, and mountains, Lombok is rich in cultural diversity and ancient traditions to dive in. One option to start is in Sade village, which is where Sasak tribes reside to this day. This village does not change or evolve according to the modern eras. The houses made from Bamboo become a distinct character which makes them special. Don’t be shocked if you find their floors full of the cows’ poo. It is a part of their tradition to cleanse and protect their houses. After walking around for few hours, take some time to buy traditional souvenirs.

12. Gili Meno

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

This romantic island becomes another option to visit while you are in Lombok. Gili Meno is the smallest island in Lombok, giving a much quiet and calming ambiance. If there are many late parties you can find in Gili Trawangan, you will not find them here. The most famous attractive site in Gili Meno is to snorkel and scuba dive. The ocean water is crystal clear making it very attractive to watch colorful fishes and the diversity of coral reefs. You can also visit the Meno Sea Turtle Sanctuary, where you can see cute turtle babies.

13. Merese Hill

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

Though Lombok has many amazing hills, you just can’t miss visiting Merese Hill. The access is also very easy, as the hills are not very high and steep. It is just a wide green meadow combine with crystal clear blue sky. Not only that, you can also see the ocean from here, creating a heavenly landscape. To reach the location, you can start from Mataram through Kuta and to Tanjung Aan.

14. Ekas Beach

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

Ekas beach is a quiet beach in the southern part of Lombok. With a beautiful natural cliff and deep blue ocean, this beach becomes a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of life. This beach is famous for its sunset view because the whole ocean turns orange. The beach has iconic white sands with a long coastline. It seems like the whole beach is yours once you come to visit. There is a great landscape of boats sailing with fishermen doing their daily activities. With a healthy species of fish, this is a perfect place to fish.

15. Selong Hill

15 Stunning Destinations in Lombok

Lastly, Selong Hill becomes another amazing option if you are going for a short hike with panoramic scenery. From the top of the hill, you would be able to see the majestic Rinjani mountain, the bamboo forest, and infinity rice fields from the top. Not only to hike, but you can also stay here as much as you like by setting up a camp. The Hill is as high as 1800 meters from sea level. However, access towards the hill is pretty easy because there are stairs and developed trails.

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