15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland: There are many places you need to visit in Auckland since there are many iconic landmarks. However, Auckland also owns natural beauty where you can escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. From parks, art galleries, monasteries, to family attractions, here are 15 places recommended in Auckland.

1. Sky Tower

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

First thing first when you arrive in Auckland, is to visit the Sky Tower. It ain’t an ordinary tower, it owns New Zealand’s one and only revolving restaurant which turns 360 degrees every hour! Not only a revolving restaurant, but it also owns a brasserie-style buffet. After filling your hungry stomach with some delicious culinary, step on their observation decks. There are currently three fully- operating observation decks that are at a different level. However, the main deck is 186 meters tall. It doesn’t just end there, you can try their adrenaline-pumping facility which is the “SkyJump”, where you can jump up to 85 km/h from the tallest point. Last but not least, admission to the Sky Tower starts from $32 for adults. Click here to see more information about the admission fee!

2. Auckland War Memorial Museum

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

Visiting Auckland wouldn’t be complete unless you visit New Zealand’s most important museum. The museum collections and exhibitions ranged from documentary heritage, natural sciences, and human history. What wowed me the most is how the museum has a special exhibition dedicated to the first family who lived in Auckland. The name of the exhibition is Tāmaki Herenga Waka means ‘the gathering place of many waka’. Moreover, the museum also has an exhibition dedicated to showcasing the arts from the native who inhabits Te Ao Mārama. Lastly, the museum also has a permanent exhibition which is “Scars on the heart”. The Cenotaph headstone honors New Zealand’s role in International Peacekeeping operations and participation in two World Wars. The admission fee to enter starts from NZ$10-25. 

3. Albert Park

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

Don’t forget to visit Auckland’s most important public park as well. It ain’t an ordinary public park, because it showcases important memorials and artworks. One of the most popular being The statue of Queen Victoria, which was installed by the British colonies in 1897. Other than that, it also displays a marble Boer War memorial and a life-sized statue of Sir George Grey. Not so far from both memorials, there are two large field guns dated from the 1880s used in the Russian Invasion Scare. Lastly, there is a huge tunnel underneath the park which was fully operating as an air-raid shelter in the world wars. Sounds pretty amazing for a regular public park right? Located in Wellesley Street east, this park is definitely a must-visit!

4. Kitekite Falls

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

Moving on from learning insightful history of Auckland, lets enjoy the present time here in Kitekite falls. This 3-tiered waterfall is 40 meters tall worth visiting. At the falls base, there is a natural swimming pool spot with river streams, making it very refreshing after hiking through the scenic path. To reach the waterfall, it will take an hour drive away from the central of Auckland. There are two options of hiking path, the first is a very easy 15 minutes walk, while the other one has trick steam crossings and slippery steeps.

5. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

Other than a museum, a place where you can see Auckland’s treasures are in Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. The gallery owns national and international collections of art and often hosts international exhibitions. This place stores many European classic paintings dated from the 19th century and even from the middle ages. The number adds up to 15,000 artworks. In total, there four floors exhibitions which displays arts from 7 centuries. The museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM everyday.

6. Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

There is on emesmerizing monastery which is very impotant to the Chinese Buddhist community in Auckland, which is the Fo Guang Shan Temple. Located in the East Tamaki, the temple has a sophisticated style and architecture inspired from the Tang Dynasty. The icon of the monastery, is a large Buddha statue with a two-tonne bell. The iconic Buddha statue stands strong with a speific Calling the Earth to witness pose. Moreover, the monastery also offes an Art gallery which displays paintings, caligraphy, and woven art. Sometimes, the monastery offers children activities introducing caligraphy lessons. Lastly, there is a Gift shop offering religios objects such as precious malas and religious writings.

7. Rainbow’s End

15 Worth-Visiting Places in Auckland

Other than art galleries, museums and all that, bring your children to have fun here at the Rainbow’s end. Rainbow’s end is New Zealand largest theme park which offers a family entertainment children and facilities to accomoadate children under 8 years old. The attractions varied from a scary ride such as the stratosfear, the invader, power surge and Corkscrew roller coaster, to kids rides such as the Kidz Kingdom, Goldrush, Family Karts, and Rainbow Playlab. Lastly, the park has a dining space which provides foods special for kids who have alergies! No wonder that the park receives a lot of awards. The tickets start from $159 for one adult and two children, to superpass for 15 people!

8. MOTAT Museum of Transport and Technology

Other than art galleries, there is another museum in Auckland where you can learn various insightful knowledge. MOTAT or The Museum of Transport and Technology is a science and technology museum located in Westen Springs, Auckland. It showcases many commercial and military aircraft. There are two different exhibitions here, the Great North Road and the Meola Road. Other than that, the museum also offers Live Day in the village where you and your family can experience life back in 1800! The exhibition displays daily life activities played by actors as a Rocksmith in the forge, a student, a baker, etc. The museum is open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM.

9. Auckland Botanic Gardens

Need a nature hideout in the middle of the city? Say no more! Auckland Botanic Garden is a perfect choice because it is only 20 minutes from the city. There are various flowers exhibition depending on their season. For example, in the middle of July, the Camellia blooms beautifully in the garden. There is also an exhibition dedicated to all the African plants here. Other than that, there is a Conifer Garden, Magnolia Garden, Perennials Garden, Potter Children’s Garden, Rose Garden, Spring Blossom Valley, and even a garden dedicated to all the edible plants. Lastly, the garden has free entry every single day. It is open from 8 AM to 6 PM.

10. New Zealand Maritime Museum

Other than the MOTAT, there is New Zealand Maritime Museum Hui Te Anani. The museum is located on Hobson Wharf, Viaduct Harbor. This museum stores a story of Auckland dated from the first Polynesian arriving and settling down here. There are many exhibitions here, from the Polynesian navigation, European Voyages of discovery, Early coastal trading, modern commercial shipping, etc.

11. AJ Hackett Auckland Bridge Bungy & Climb

Want to try Auckland’s most thrilling rides? You absolutely must visit the Hackett Bungy! Located on Auckland Harbour Bridge, the Bungy community decided to turn this iconic landmark of the city, into the most adventurous ride ever. The bridge can be as tall as 64 metres above the water at its highest point! If you choose to do the jump on this bridge, you can choose to dip your head in the water! That means you are going to drop so low just a little bit above the river. The price ranges from $132 for weekdays!

12. Snowplanet

Who doesn’t love going snowboarding and skiing in the winter? Everyone love touching the snow and skiing all the way down the hill. Skiing in the summer is now possible! Snowplanet offers all kinds of winter activities, from skiing, snowboarding tubing, and even tobogganing all in one place. Just 30 minutes from the central city of Auckland, this indoor resort is a heavenly playground for all ages. It owns a 200-meter slope which is safe for children. Since the place can be quite cold, you can bring your own warm clothes, or if you want to avoid the hustle, just rent all the equipment on site. The ticket ranges from $36 for children and $48 for Adults. Lastly, the place is open from 12 to 9 pm everyday.

13. Muriwai Gannet Colony

There is one and only place in New Zealand where you can watch hundreds and hundreds of birds in one single place. That s the Muriwai’s gannet colony, which is only an hour away from the center of Auckland. The gannets nest on this site from august to march every year.

14. Ambury Regional Park

Auckland turned out to have a lot of natural sites to explore. It is located on low-lying volcanic lands nearby the Manukau Harbour. Many people come here to visit working farms, an education center, and birdwatching hide. This is the perfect place to visit with your family because there are plenty of family activities. Since there are many open spaces available especially nearby the lake, it is a perfect place for picnic and barbequing. You can also interact with the animals in the farm such as little sheeps, cows, and horses!

15. Crystal Mountain

Lastly, Crystal Mountain is the right place to spend your weekends with the rest of the family. The park offers a peaceful and calm site with friendly animals and various interactive attractions. From a Dinosaur dungeon full of growling and moving dinosaur displays, a small rollercoaster, and a cafe serving lunches. There is also a museum displaying many kinds of crystals. To reach this park, it only takes 20 km from the center of Auckland!

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