Uluwatu has many pristine and beautiful spots to explore. From a sacred temple, newly discovered beach, to luxury experience in day clubs. Uluwatu may not be as crowded and famous as Canggu, but the sunset spots are irreplaceable. Here are our 16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu!

1. Uluwatu Temple

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

Uluwatu temple is one of the most important temples located on the edge of the island. The ancient history of the temple can be traced back as far as 1,000 years ago. However, many reconstructions have been done and now become tourists favorite sight. Offers a majestic landscape of the oceans from the top of the cliffs, every visitor will gaze in awe. Every six months, there will be religious ceremonies to experience, so make sure you mark your calendar.

2. Uluwatu Beach

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

One of the most famous beaches to surf in Bali is Uluwatu Beach. With its pristine coastline and limestone ocean, many people come here not only for the challenging waves but also because of its true beauty. There are six peaks to try here in Uluwatu beach, ranging from the shortest to the tallest. However, the most popular ones are the Peak and Outside Corner. Other than that, Uluwatu beach is very easy to access yet has one of the best sunsets in town.

3. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

Once you stepped in Uluwatu, make sure you visit the most iconic landmark in Bali. The name GWK or Garuda Wisnu Kencana comes from an ancient mythology creature, which is a human with a head and feet similar to birds. Recently, there is a gigantic statue recently finished by 120 artists who worked tirelessly for almost thirty years. The process of making included using cranes, lifting tonnes of carved stones one by one. The workers have to climb hundreds of meters from the ground level. You can witness this masterpiece from another side of Bali! To witness the statue from close, you have to pay Rp. 200,000 per person.

4. Thomas Beach

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

Thomas beach might sound strange to you, especially if you have been around Uluwatu for some time. Yes, Thomas beach is a newly discovered beach due to the difficulty to reach it. The unspoiled beach has gorgeous white sand with turquoise crystal clear water. You can have a day out to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, and surf on this beach. Though there are not so many people and other available facilities, this beach is a must-visit!

5. Jaran Hill

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

Jaran hill is rarely known by many people. Located right by the Uluwatu temple, this is one of the most beautiful yet tranquil spots to watch the sunset. Since not a lot of people know the location, you can have it all to yourself if you are lucky. 20 meters from the entrance, you can find a tall vintage white tower where you can climb to watch the sunset. Be careful when climbing it since there is no guarding fence whatsoever to prevent you from faling off the cliff, yikes. This spot is just like out of the movies. Make sure to put this on to your wish list!

6. Nalu Bowls

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

One of the founding fathers of Smoothie warungs, Nalu bowls is another must-visit while you are visiting Uluwatu. With many choices of classic smoothie bowls with organic and locally sourced toppings, Nalu becomes a sanctuary for those who crave sweets and refreshing treats. It also provides options for vegan, vegetarians, even some gluten-free menus! Lastly, located right by the cliffs, you can enjoy your smoothie while enjoying the landscape of the ocean.

7. New Kuta Golf

16 Best Destinations in Uluwatu

This is more than just a golf course, this is a luxury entertainment hub located on the southern coast of Bali. Completed with exclusive amenities, dining areas, spa, entertainment lounge, and practice range. What makes it special is that the 85 hectares of land are located right on top of the cliff, offering stunning views of the limestone ocean and blue skies. If you are looking for a quick shop for golf equipment, they also have it just for you. For more details, please visit here.

8. New Kuta Green Park

If you have kids and wanted to find a way to have fun, you can come to the New Kuta Green Park. This is a new family recreational complex located in Uluwatu. It offers many thrilling water rides and slides as long as a tranquil floating facility. Some of the slides are 10 meters and 8 meters high. There are also zipline areas where you can see the landscape of Uluwatu from the heights. Also, they own a bungee trampoline for kids and adults! The ticket fee ranged from Rp. 90.000 for adults and Rp.60.000 for kids. Meanwhile, kids below 80 cm can get in for free!

9. Savaya

Savaya was first named OMNIA but has rebranded itself in late 2020. Located 100 meters above the ocean, Savaya ensures any visitors come and gaze at their architecture. Surrounded by a huge pool and located on top of natural cliffs, Savaya is no ordinary beach club. Many people come to experience the enclave of luxury while enjoying tasty delicacy. With beautiful daybeds sitting around the pool, this is a must-visit day club!

10. Suluban Beach

Uluwatu has some of the best beaches in Bali. Suluban is one of them. Hidden in between huge rocks and reefs, there is a view of a crystal clear ocean blessing your eyes. However, just like any other beaches in Uluwatu, you will have to climb many many stairs down from the cliffs. With huge waves, many surfers come to chase the peaks. However, this beach is not recommended for kids below 12 years old, because there are hard reefs that can hurt them if they’re left unattended. Lastly, if you come here for the sunset, you can see how the limestone ocean turned orange and red.

11. Single Fin Bali

Uluwatu is famous for the high cliffs and the amazing sunset views. Therefore, Single Fin Bali provided the amazing experiences of relaxing, romantic dining, or a fun night party. First opened in 2008, Single Fin stole everybody’s heart for being one of the best places to see the sunset. Other than that, they serve tasty comfort foods, from Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, nachos, to Indonesian delicacies such as lamb skewers and fried rice. They also serve smoothies, locally sourced juices and cocktails.

12. Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang-Nyang beach is a hidden gem that is unlike other beaches, is very hard to access. Because of the difficulty, not so many people come to visit. With long long stairs to climb and a little foresty, you will be awarded a beautiful landscape of white sandy beach and limestone ocean. Not for swimming, this beach has amazing waves and peaks to surf, making it a must-visit for surf goers. It also has a long coastline, making it perfect for a romantic walks watching sunset.

13. Beyond the Cliff

Located in Labuansait street, Uluwatu, Beyond the cliff is a whole place dedicated for you who wanted to experience the ocean by the cliff, literally. It opens from 12 PM to 7 PM daily. To enter this place, you have to pay Rp. 150,000 for a voucher you can exchange for food. This place is perfect for a romantic dinner while watching the sunset. And by the way, the sunset in this place is no joke! Beneath the restaurants, they have a sidewalk with lush greenery for a walk while enjoying the breeze.

14. The Cashew Tree

The Cashew Tree is a spot to fulfill your healthy smoothies bowl cravings! This is a place for all the surfers and beachgoers to enjoy healthy foods while enjoying live music performances. They also serve western staples, from many kinds of Salads, sandwiches, wraps, and locally sourced fruit juices. This place is also family-friendly, where they have a kids playground with staff very attentive to their needs. The kid’s area so decked with safe toys, books, dolls, and coloring books. Mothers, you can enjoy a few hours uninterrupted while slurping your tasty slushie! Price ranged from Rp. 50,000 only!

15. El Kabron

Kabron cliff bar claimed to be the Ibiza of Uluwatu, completed with Basque and Catalan design. It also serves Spanish delicacies, from paella to tapas. Many people come here to enjoy a night out drinking cocktails and loud music, you can also come here to enjoy a relaxed and quiet afternoon. Laying down on their daybeds, you can also enjoy some snacks and refreshments. One of their famous spots is the Hedonism Lounge with an infinity pool. They also have the best sunset spot here! Priced start from Rp. 100,000.

16. Ulu Cliffhouse

Uluwatu is not very famous for its beach club, however, there is a great option if you would like to enjoy a party at night. Ulu cliff house offers a fantastic view of the Mediterranean ocean and five stars delicacies. The chef who will be serving your foods is Deigo Munoz, a chef from Peru. Some of his masterpieces are on the number 14 top 50 restaurant in the world. If you come in the daylight, you can sunbathe on the daybed while enjoying cold beverages. They serve tonics, Indonesian traditional herbs, to kombucha! The price ranged from Rp. 50,000 to Rp.400,000.

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