Visiting Hongkong might be a little overwhelming for the foreigners, especially if you are not familiar with a super-pact residency.

Tsim Sha Tsui itself is located in the southern division of the Kowloon peninsula. You can reach it from literally any direction due to the development of across roads. Tsim Sha Shui is one of the busiest districts in Hongkong. It is also a Heaven for shopaholic from around the world. Therefore, ease in the transportation sector is a must to boost sales. You can reach Tsim Sha Shui by Airport Express Train from Chep Lap Kok Airport.

But if you can not decide about where to start first, here are the 5 best things to do in Tsim Sha Shui. First, of everything, you have to visit K11 as the first art mall in the world. K11 is a mall with an artwork space collaborates in all over the retail section. This is the perfect combination for you who likes an aesthetic exhibition while doing some shopping. You will experience a countless selection of fashion modes and opulent accessories from popular designers.

Moving on to the next place which is the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. It was fully furnished and opened in 1989. It is Located closely from the Victoria Harbour. Hongkong Cultural Center is the central venue for artists to held broad performances such as world-class operas, contemporary music concerts, dance recital, and theatre. The venue is even able to accommodate conferences and exhibitions. Sometimes they would have ballet performances and the other day they would Chinese Historical Performances. Visit the website to check what is available before you visit.

The next place is this fun and vibrant amusement center of WaWa Planet. It is a one and only place where you can try a gigantic claw machine with your own body! It is located on Chatham Road. WaWa Planet is literally a large playroom designated to claw machines. The claw machines have a lot of presents to catch, such as stuffed animals and unique snacks. The price is very affordable, you can set the level from easy to very hard with just HK $5. This is the perfect time to enjoy the time if you are bringing kids with you. They will surely enjoy this unique experience.

Lastly, you have to try this exquisite experience of sailing with the iconic ferry called Star Ferry. It has been operating to take international visitors for more than 120 years. It has always been going back and forth across the famous Victoria Harbour. Even though it is a really short tide which only takes 10 minutes, it is still a must-try because the view is unforgettable. If you ride at night, you will see a dark landscape with the sparkling of the city lights from the countless skyscrapers surrounding the harbor. Offering a breathtaking view, it only costs you 25 cents. Bring all of your family members here.

Check out the brief vlog of the busy street in Tsim Sha Shui down below!

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