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High Cultural moment: with less than 50 inhabitants, Pitcairn Islanders are also known to be the least populated state in the world. The Islands are known to be homeland of the mutineers of the bounty! besides being well known as the home to the mutineers, Pitcairn Island is also known as a paradise for nature lovers, with numerous mountains to climb and bautiful beaches diving sites around the stunning coral reefs.

1.St. Paul’s Rock and Natural Pool

The amazing blue waters of the beautiful Saint Paul’s Pools.

2.Diving in the pristine waters of Pitcairn

Beautiful diving sites around the stunning coral reefs around the Pitcairn.From the sheer cliffs emerging from the ocean floor to the countless unique fishes resting in shallow water, this place is nothing short of magic. Places like these give me small glimpses of hope for our Oceans.

3.Enjoy the Sunset

You can enjoy the sunset at the beaches, When days are short and nights are long, nothing is better than melting away with the fading day, filling your gullet with some hot cocoa, soup, or coffee and watch the amazing sunset!

4.Hiking to the Peak

Pitcairn was a very special remote location, walked to the highest point, Standing on a cliff face on the most remote island in the world.Quite natually, one of the finest panoramas can be enjoyed from above!

5. Explore The Nature

A whole forest of strangler fig trees. There must be 10 or more stranglers here. Strangler figs and other strangler species are common in tropical forests throughout the world. 

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