Travel new normallife idealism

New normal during the Covid-19 pandemic will be implemented and a number of tourist places began to be opened.

Prepare documents

Before booking a ticket or booking a hostel of your choice, find official information and prepare documents according to government regulations. Also look for information related to terms and conditions that must be prepared.

New Normal, New Rules

With this new normal, many regulations and protocols in traveling. Make sure you find out the info. Those regulation can be related to limitations on the number of guests, the use of masks, ticket purchases, and so on.

Use a private vehicle

Vacation does not have to go far or out of town that requires public transportation. Explore the city of residence and find unique places that have never been visited. Use private vehicles to avoid crowds.

Hand Sanitizer

To keep it hygienic, hand sanitizers are items that must be carried, besides preparing wet wipes, dry wipes, liquid soap, and disinfectants. Also prepare personal medicines and regular consumption of vitamins.

Bring Personal Stuff

Personal equipment that must be taken is a place and cutlery, drinking bottles, sandals, and towels. Although a lot of the equipment is available and looks clean in a tourist spot, using your own equipment is still better.

Use a mask

Wherever its purpose, masks are items that must be worn. In addition to preventing the spread of COVID-19, using a mask also helps avoid dust and pollution during travel.

Avoid Crowded Destinations

After many tourist attractions have opened, it will definitely be crowded. Try to remain observant in choosing tourist destinations or arrive early. If already, then keep a distance and do not touch the face.

Non-Cash Transactions

Money is a medium for spreading bacteria and viruses, therefore minimizing the use of cash in transactions. Take advantage of online payment and booking facilities that are now widely available and used by tourist attractions.

Enough rest

A pleasant holiday is definitely complemented by a tiring journey. Rest your eyes from gadgets and rest your body by going to bed early.

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