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Naperville has Plenty to interest tourists in an area of Chicago and outside the State. Naperville holds one of the wealthiest cities in the midwest part of the United States. Also, it’s been ranked as one of the best places to live, especially if you are already retired.
Let’s have a look at the 9 Top things to do in Naperville

1.Herrick Lake

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Herrick Lake Forest, IL Chicago USA

Herrick Lake is a place for an extraordinary variety of wildlife. Ecologists said there are 470 different types of plants. The trees are gorgeous in the fall with an incredible flaming maple that you shouldn’t miss.Also, they have an excellent facility, Plenty of parking around the lake area with picnic tables and a bathroom.
Apart from the lake area, trails marked open to walk or run or biking. It is a beautiful place to walk for a little while or just sit down and enjoy the scenery and relax. Fishing is great as well. Also some kayaking and hiking are really nice options. In addition to kayaks, you can also rent canoes and row boat.

2.Blackwell Forest

9 things to do in Naperville
Blackwell Forest Preserve IL, Chicago USA

A well-maintained forest preserve. Many paths to go explore and go run in. A nice hill to go workout in for runners out there. Great fishing spots and picnic areas with plenty of tables.Water is always rather clear. Plenty of benches if you want to picnic. So make sure you go before you get here. This forest preserve is one of the nicest places in the Chicago suburbs to go kayaking or fishing. Great place to simply relax. Can fish or kayak the lakes. Walking trails are great for stretching your legs. Feel like you’re out of town and surrounded by nature. Spend a lazy day outside

3.Denada Forest Preserve

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Denada Forest, IL Chicago USA

Beautiful place to come and just relax. In October, their Fall Fest has plenty of activities, including a visit via tractor-drawn hay wagon to their “antique” farm, with no tractors or implements newer than the 1970s.They have long trails suitable for bikes and if you are willing to walk far enough it links up to nearby forest reserves like Herrick Lake. A great variety of nature from woods, to mashland, to prarie, and an area meant for horses.The Walking trail passes through a few nice gardens. White gravel path goes around a large pond.

4.Maze Garden

9 things to do in Naperville
Maze Garden, IL Chicago USA

Nice maze garden with only one way in and out surrounding by beautiful trees, a quite place, a great place if you come as family.

5.Sensory Garden Playground

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Sensory Garden Playground, IL Chicago USA

Highly recommended place if you come as family, The skill of the artists was amazing. And so many pumpkins! if took your children and I about 50 minutes to walk through. you actually looked at the scenes and artwork along with a lot of picture taking. Definitely worth the price of the groupon.

6.The Morton Arboretum

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The Morton Arboretum, IL Chicago USA

This is a very large arboretum, perfect for an afternoon of hiking and biking, or a family visit to the children’s area. It can get crowded, but they handle crowds very well and the parking is very organized. The children’s area is very adventurous and perfect for little kids. The food is also very delicious, and not too overpriced. The hiking and biking trails out in the woods are very well-kept and fun. Some highlights for me are the expansive hedge maze with a lookout tower encompassing a tree, and the wading pond where you can catch tadpoles and water-bugs. This arboretum is a long drive from Chicago, but the trek is definitely worth it.


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Fermilab, IL Chicago USA

If you love science and would enjoy learning about a cutting edge physics research facility visit Fermilab for a tour. You don’t have to have a firm grasp of particle physics to appreciate the research being done here. You can marvel at the concepts of muons and neutrinos and have a delightful time exploring and discovering the latest contributions from this unique laboratory. Great fun for adults and curious kids.

8.Millennium Carillon

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Millennium Carillon, IL Chicago USA

While this is officially supposed to be called the “Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon,” everyone just calls it the Millennium Carillon. For $3 during the summer, you can take the tour, climb the 253 steps to the top to see the Carillon, and check out Rotary Hill and Naperville’s views. It is amazing to watch the carillon being played. See the photos. Beautiful place. Inexpensive. Wonderful views

9.St. James Farm Forest Preserve

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St. James Farm Forest Preserve, IL Chicago USA

A wonderful place to stroll though wooded area or explore an old farm. Snickers and Newton enjoyed all the smells of nature along the path, biking, wildlife viewing, picnicking, relaxing, fishing. The area has a lot of history and is very well kept.

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