9 Yachts and Cruise Party in Bali: A yacht tour in Bali offers a luxurious and unique way to explore the stunning coastline, clear waters, and nearby islands. This article will give you an estimated price of their dinner package or a whole tour. Some are very cheap and some are luxurious. Many yacht tour operators in Bali offer customizable itineraries based on your preferences. You can visit specific destinations, engage in water activities, or simply relax. Bali is famous for its breathtaking sunsets, and a yacht tour provides a front-row seat to this natural spectacle. Enjoying the sunset from the deck of a yacht while sailing along the coast is a memorable experience. Here are 9 of our recommendations for yacht parties or on-boat dining experiences:

1. The Shivanna

9 Yachts and Cruise Party in Bali

One of the best recommendations for a sunset view party is held by The Shivanna Bali. The price range started from Rp. 1.670.000 which includes a welcome drink with the choices of cocktails, mocktails or beers, canape, and a beef barbeque gourmet platter for dinner. First, a small fast boat will pick you up from the starting point. Then a waitress will give you a warm welcome with your choice of drink. There will be a live music performance from a DJ on board so everyone can enjoy the sunset view while dancing on the desk with the other guests. You can also enjoy a glass of champagne while devouring on your BBQ platter. Once the sun sets, there will be fire dance performances by professionals to enjoy. Truly a luxury trip!

2. Aneecha Luxury Catamaran

9 Yachts and Cruise Party in Bali

If The Shivanna was out of your budget, you should try joining Aneecha. You can join their sunset view party starting from only Rp. 175.000 per person! The price includes a Welcome drink, a snack box, a Live DJ performance, and a Drag Queen Show. The price is only available on a certain date of the month, so make sure you check their website here before booking your spot. After the show, you can chill by the deck or swim and jump from the boat. If you would like to join their dinner buffet, you can choose the Rp. 350.000 package instead. They usually have the Sunset Party Cruise every Wednesday and Saturday open for public admission. They will pick you up at Serangan Beach. If you want a more private party, you can also book a private event with Aneecha. Lastly, they also have a full-day cruise trip to Lembongan Island!

3. Pirate Dinner Cruise

9 Yachts and Cruise Party in Bali

Another relatively cheap option to enjoy the yacht experience is by joining the Pirate Dinner cruise. They have dinner packages for KTP and KITAS holders for only 330,000 per person. For international tourists, the price starts from $35. The dinner package includes a welcome drink and cake, a pirate souvenir, an international buffet dinner, free-flow coffee and tea, a live music performance by a DJ, Balinese traditional dance or fire dance performances, and interactive games by the hosts.

4. Bounty Cruises

9 Yachts and Cruise Party in Bali

Bounty Cruise offers a sunset view dinner for Rp. 520.000 (KITAS/KTP) and International tourists for only US$59. They also charge only half of the price for kids under 12 years old. Boarding starts from 5.30 PM until drop! You can also get a cheaper price by booking a seat from tour agents providing dinner packages with Pirate Dinner Cruise. The package price includes an all-you-can-eat buffet, balinese dance performances, magician and comedian show. Overall the experience is definitely worth trying.

5. Jet Asia Bali Cruise

Moving on to tour packages offered by Jet Asia Bali cruise. This option is great if you are planning to do a wedding party on the ocean inviting around 30 people. With 7 crew on board and 2 rest room available for you and your spouse, the package is rated at Rp 29 mil/day. This package includes Life vests, a Buffet, Fruit Platters, Free photographers, a cake, free flow mineral water, an afternoon snake, decoration, and snorkeling facilities. The most expensive package they have is rated at Rp 45 mil with additional DJ, belly dancer, or acoustic performances.

6. Black Stone Yacht Club

If you want to join a sunset dinner view without paying for a package, you can visit the black stone yacht club. Located in Benoa harbor, the club offers an ocean view and docked yachts. They also have free access to a turquoise water swimming pool with no minimum spending. Lastly, they have many choices of food starting from only Rp. 30k.

7. Umah | Luxe Bali Travel

Umah Luxe offered a travel package with a private boat trip and snorkeling activity included in a 7-day all-inclusive escape in Candidasa and the wider Karangasem regency. Their boat trips can also be customized to fit your price range and budget! click here for more information

8. Yacht Charter Bali

Next on our list for enjoying your yacht experience in Bali is a package offered by Yacht Charter Bali. Their lowest rate is only Rp 6 mil with another 5% discount for the first timer. Some people chose to have their engagement proposal here, some decided to book the yacht to immerse Balinese experience with their family and friends. You can choose the location of the snorkeling or enjoy the recommendations from the crew. The crew will recommend you to a location where you can see a population of manta rays! They also have a speaker where you can play your favorite music!

9. Bali Hai Cruise

Bali Hai cruise is the last on our list. They have many packages to fit in your budget range. First, they have a sunset dinner cruise package. In this package, you’ll dine on an international dinner buffet while watching the sky change from blue to shades of orange, red, and eventually purple. As the sun set you will cruise around Benoa Harbour aboard Bali Hai II, our luxury motorized catamaran. After dark, you’ll be treated to a variety of entertaining performances, including live music, a 6-person cabaret, and a DJ. Dance the night away in front of a twinkling backdrop of stars and lights in the Harbour. This package started from Rp. 1,140,000 per person.
Other than the Sunset view dinner, they also have an Aristocat Evening Cruise package. This package is more like a romantic dinner for two people. The evening will begin in the private pavilion where you will served a drink and canap├ęs before you board the boat. At 7:00 PM they will set sail around Benoa Harbour, and you’ll be treated to live music and a sumptuous five-course meal under the star-studded sky. This is a unique experience to be had in Bali and something to be remembered.

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