Air Itam Dam Malaysia

Air Itam Dam of Malaysia is the perfect place for you to save your inner peace. We all know that Malaysia has other excellent destinations such as the iconic Petronas Tower and Batu caves. However, Malaysia has hidden beautiful destinations that are less crowded if you compare them to other destinations. Less crowd means a tranquil and calm environment where you can take a long walk and enjoy fresh air, far from the hustle-bustle of city life. Ait Itam Dam is also a home for animal species and one of them is the Fresh Water Turtle.

Location of Air Itam Dam of Malaysia

Air Itam Dam is located in Penang Island, far away from Kuala Lumpur. If you are traveling internationally and arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, unfortunately, there is no public transportation that you can take. I suggest you plan your time ahead before crossing Penang Island to ensure that you waste no time. However, once you arrive in Penang Island, you can take the public transportation available which is the bus. Make sure to stop at the Pekan Air Itam Bus Sop, then continue to hike up the hill for about one hour. For easier access to Bus Schedule and Route, click here.

Air Itam Dam Malaysia
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When to Visit

One thing to do around the Air Itam is to hike early in the morning while everybody is not yet around. Just you, the glimpse of trees and the oasis of water. If you are planning to seek peaceful experience, avoid peak season and busy days like Sunday where there are a lot of people coming for picnic and relaxation. Otherwise, hike up to the top or bring your bicycle too since there is a lot of cyclists here. Also, check the local calendar too, if you are coming on a certain holiday, the place will be jammed packed with cars in the parking lot.

When I walked around, I noticed that there are some guards in the entrance and some in the forest nearby the reservoir. Turned out that you can only enter the forest in the morning. When it is dark, visitors are prohibited. My speculation would be since the reservoir is the source of drink water for George Town, they need to make sure that nothing contaminates it. Especially with humans’ presence around the water tank.

Magnificent Scenery and Wild Animals

Air Itam Dam Malaysia
The Beautiful Scenery of The Reservoir

I also saw some of the animal species here, such as colorful birds, some otters by the dam and even Iguana. If you are lucky enough, you may get to see the Fresh-Water Turtle. However, I notice that monkeys are the most common in the forest. They won’t harm you unless you bring food, because they are going to steal it. So keep your foods invisible from them.

Once I arrived at the top, I can clearly see everything. From the serene forestry and the blue water of the dam to the skyline of Georgetown. It was magnificent. I was amazed by the scenery and took some pictures. Overall I surely did have an amazing walk.

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