All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta:Alberta is one of the most beautiful place in Canada which stores vast wilderness, natural beauty, and unexplored hidden gems. Ranging from insanely huge national parks, limestone’s Crystal clear lakes, ancient canyon as well as thrilling rights on the mountain, Alberta has it all. Here are our 15 heavily destinations in Alberta.

1. Banff National Park

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

The first Stuff is to visit Canada’s oldest national park which was established in 1885. There are so many things which makes it one of the best scenic and heavenly destination in Alberta. From a perfect landscape of limestone glacial lakes, picturesque mountain village, as well as the beauty of native wildlife. And all of that you can enjoy while riding your bike on the scenic routes and mountain trails. There are so many parks sites that you can visit, and some of the best are listed below. Besides that, you cannot miss this national Park as it becomes one of the most visited national parks in North America. There are so many activities and different seasons, including hiking in Summer and skiing in winter. Moreover, there is a 1,600 km natural trail for endless explorers and many campsites available for overnight stays.

2. Moraine Lake

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

Inside the Banff National Park, there’s a heavenly glacial lake situated in the valley of the 10 peaks. Is famous for its surreal limestone colors with gleaming sun rays upon the elevation of 1,800 m. The perfect time to visit Marine lake is by sunrise in midsummer. It is the time when the lake reflects a rare color of azure blue. Surrounded by the Rocky mountain, and lush forestry making it is a perfect site for sore eyes. This jaw-dropping scenery is accessible from two more strenuous hikes. Lastly, one of the best things to do here is to paddle around the pristine lake Morraine.

Moraine Lake

3. Peyto Lake

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

Not only moraine lake, but Banff National Park also has another heavenly lake to visit. Peyto Lake is very famous for its bright turquoise color due to suspended Rock particles from the nearby glacier. Many people come to take breathtaking photos of the lakes surrounded by mountains and lush forestries. One of the best spots to view the lake is from the bow summit. As a popular tourist spot, the government has invested millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure surrounding the lakes including adding more parking lots as well as adding restrooms. Furthermore, the lake can be very crowded in peak season and midsummer, so try to avoid visiting at that time. You can always try to visit from June to September.

4. Lake Louise

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

Still in the same national park, there is another alternative lake to visit. Lake Louise also owns a beautiful limestone color and bright azure blue, just like the previous two. However, many tourist facilities are surrounding the lake such as luxury resorts, vintage inns, pictures of coffee shops, and an alley filled with shops. One of the most famous luxurious places to enjoy the lake is the Fairmont chateau lake Louise which has a rooftop jacuzzi. The lake is also surrounded by many restaurants serving various delicacies from Alberta best meats, bistros, bakeries, and a tea house. You can also enjoy a dining experience while riding a gondola. Lastly, there’s a shopping center complete with grocery stores, bakery, sports store, and a local market.

5. Jasper National Park Of Canada

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

Moving on to the next national Park in Alberta is the Jasper National Park. This one is the largest national Park popular for its breathtaking natural landscape and outstanding peaks to conquer. Located in the west of Edmonton, the national Park has hidden lakes, waterfalls, and springs to explore. With its abundant resources, the park was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in the 1980s. Many people come to visit for outdoor recreational activities from cycling, hiking, fishing, kayaking, to overnight camping. To read more about the famous sites inside the Jasper national park, see our lists down below.

6. Athabasca Falls

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

Athabasca Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfall located in Jasper national park. It is also the highest and widest waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies. In order to reach the falls, you will have to head to the icefield parkway and hike for around 1 hour from the starting point. Admission fee started from $5 for children, and $10 for adults.

7. Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

If you are aiming to find a Serene and pristine destination without crowded tourists, then waterton lakes national Park it’s the perfect option for you. Located in the southwest corner of Alberta, the park is also as pretty as the others with searing waterfalls, natural rock formations, Crystal clear lakes and colorful wildflower beds. Many international travelers come to immerse their self with the peaceful and buying which is very hard to find elsewhere. The natural park was once a home for native tribes who hunted and gathered along the shores of the lakes for thousands of years. That is why there are many ancient artifacts found showing the proof of human civilization. There are so many outdoor activities you can do here such as overnight camping, hiking, kayaking paddle boarding, even scuba diving. However you can also enjoy a day fishing with a license.

8. Maligne Lake

All the Heavenly Destinations in Alberta

Located in the Jasper national Park, Maligne lake is the second largest natural lake in Canada. It is famous for its limestone Waters surrounded by pine trees and natural Rocky mountains creating a breathtaking landscape. It also has a pristine combination which you can enjoy from kayaking and fishing on the lake. There’s one special activity you can do only in this lake which is a boat tours to the spirit Island. Moreover, just like other legs and Alberta you can do various outdoor activities, especially hiking the 44 km trail.

9. Mount Norquay

After finishing with all of the scenic lakes, bring on to the best of the best mountains in Canada. First option is to visit Mount Norquay in Banff National Park. This is the best option for you if you’re looking for outdoor activities to do in the winter season. First winter activity is the Via ferrata or Iron road in Italy. You can enjoy an assisted climbing experience alongside breathtaking suspension bridges on the cliffs above their mountain. Very thrilling right? If you are interested in a less thrilling ride, you can try the sightseeing chairlift. This is one of the most famous chair lift with panoramic views about the cloud as high as 7,000 FT elevation. Other than that, you can also visit their Cliff House bistro which offers a dining experience with majestic view from the top of the mountain.

10. Maligne Canyon

Not so far from the previous Maligne lake, there is Maligne canyon which is the deepest canyon in Jasper national Park. This natural canyon can be explored by crossing six different bridges built across various points of the canyon. If you’re looking for a thrilling exploration, you can try the second bridge which is the highest bridge with more than 50 m above water. You will see waterfalls in the summer, however it turned icy in Winter where you can walk above it and experience icy caverns like no other. It is very famous for the hikers to enjoy this majestic valley while enjoying wildlife watching. To close the day you can also enjoy a dining experience in the wilderness kitchen where they serve smoked beef season with local herbs and vegetables.

11. Columbia Icefield Skywalk

Another experience you cannot miss while visiting Alberta is to go on Columbia icefield skywalk located in jasper. Here you can try walking across Cliff edge walkway which then leads you to a glass floor observation platform. It is 280 m above the valley. If you come around summer, you will see that forestry surrounding the natural Rocky mountain. Meanwhile, if you come around winter you will see a majestic white landscape of snow covering every inch of the park. The admission fee cost from $25 for adults and $12.50 for children.

12. Johnston Canyon

Next up is to visit Johnston canyon in Banff national park. The canyon formed by thousands of years of water erosion which then result in limestone bedrock with searing waterfalls and deep natural pools. Surrounded by lush forestry with vast wilderness, many people come to find peaceful and Serene relaxing time while hiking or overnight camping. To reach the falls, the trail is flat and smooth which is easily accessible by beginner hiker. Meanwhile, you can also come in winter to ice walk or ice climb. Though winter activities may sound daunting, it is accessible to beginners and intermediate hikers, they’re also guided tours with provided gears so you can have an enjoyable trip exploring the canyon. Click here to find more information.

13. Bow Valley Provincial Park

If you’re aiming for a perfect destination to spend a family day out, you can head to bow valley provincial Park. Located in between the two rivers, you can enjoy a scenic view of lush forestry and natural Rocky mountain. The park is very popular for family camping filled with hundreds of  huge RVs and trailers. And that is because of the crystal clear turquoise River which becomes the main attraction. Not only camping, the park also support many outdoor activities from hiking, biking, horse riding, and even windsurfing. Other than that, the park is accommodated with supportive amenities and facilities for a semi luxurious camping experience including electrical hookup, generator use, and parking spots. To enjoy a night here you will have to do a reservation. There are many different campground sites such as Dawson equestrian, Willow rock, Three sisters, bow valley and Lac des Arcs. The campgrounds offer various facilities for example if you are a fan of water sport you can reserve a place in Lac des Arcs where they have boating and windsurfing facilities.

14. Lake Agnes Tea House

This particular place is surely not a natural destination, however it serves a heavenly view off the majestic lake Louise on the altitude of 2135 m. To reach this isolated tea house, you will have to hike 3.5 km to the valley. The Tea House gives you a tradition of having tea on the mountain. This iconic tea house has become a must visit for all of the hikers since it becomes their refugee for a cup of hot tea and delicious homemade baking. Located far away from the city, this family run tea House has absolutely no electricity. They have to fly a helicopter to deliver all of the flour and sugar for baking. From here you can see the glimmering side of the lake as well as the majestic view of the natural mountain.

15. Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Last but not least, you should absolutely visit nikka Yuko Japanese garden to finish up your day in Alberta. This garden offers a Japanese cultural experience combined with a serine setting off Japanese garden. Designed by Dr masami sugimoto, the park has unique pavilion, a cultural shelter, Bridges and Gates which were built in Kyoto by five artisans. The Japanese garden also offers a yoga experience with professional yoga instructor. Other than that they also offer various Japanese experiences from wearing the Yukata Dresses, guided tours, Japanese long table dinner, Japanese picnic in the garden, zensai in the garden as well as otakai or tea service experience. For more information click here.

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