Alor Street Foods of Malaysia

Alor Street Foods of Malaysia is the place where you can devour all of your curiosity towards the local cuisines. The street is a robust and vibrant street starting when the sun sets. Not only this place attract most of the travelers like me, but the locals also come to this place and satisfy their hunger. When it comes to exploring local culinary, there is no other place like Alor Street Food.

Alor Street Foods of Malaysia

Location of Alor Street Foods

Alor Street Foods is a famous road full of inexpensive but delicious foods and snack. The location is very strategic in Alor street, also not far from Central Market of KL and the famous Chinatown. You can take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to stop at Bukit Bintang station. If you choose to stop at Imbi Station, you can walk through the Pudu Alleyways or Bulan street towards the Bukit Bintang. Then head towards the Changkat for about 10 minutes. Otherwise, order Grab driver for motorbike riding which is a fast and cheap way to reach Alor Street Foods. For google maps access, click here.

Wander around the Street

Alor Street Foods of Malaysia

The street itself would be a little bit overwhelming for the first-timer. There are a lot of vehicles and Taxi Drivers crowding the area. While walking around the street market, there are plenty of massage parlor, night clubs, prostitution, and brothels. After enjoying a fun night, they will come to the street food market to fulfill their hungry stomach here. No wonder that the later the night, the more vibrant the street is.

Walking around the street itself gives me a similar experience as I walked around the street market of Hong Kong. There are Lampion Lamps as decorations giving Chinese vibes all around. There are a lot of tables and chairs placed in the street as a place to eat. You can also smell different aromas every time you walked past different hawkers and restaurants. The sounds of people cooking with their utensils and people talking with their peers. As we enjoy the vibrant street, let’s try the eateries.

Cuisines in Alor Street Foods of Malaysia

Alor Street Foods of Malaysia

With various kinds of delicacies, Alor street foods have some of the best ones. The absolute try is the Penang Asam Laksa which is basically Rice Noodles in a soup. As one of the most popular delicacies in Malaysia, the recipes varied in each part. The soup consisted of Thick Rice Noodles with mackerel shavings with a pinch of lemongrass, ginger flower, and mint. The other special delicacy is this Satay Celup or skewered meat dipped in homemade peanut sauce. Sounds yummy right. The last one is this simple coconut ice cream for your dessert. With various flavors and served right by the coconut shell, it is perfect to complete your day.

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