Bali reopens for International Visitors: The government has prepared to welcome many excited tourists back. Bali closed its borders in 2020 for international tourists, causing the island to be in a dormant state. However, local people and the government was fighting back. The government has vaccinated the population in the Green Zones, Ubud, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. The sole purpose is to push the spread of Covid-19 on the Island. Meanwhile, the locals never give up to create new innovations and creative ways to attract domestic tourism. Hence, domestic tourism flourishes, and there are so many other places to discover.

16 Unspoiled Destinations in Bali

1. Tulamben Shipwreck

16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali

Tulamben is one of the most popular sites to dive in Bali. It is because of the existence of the USAT Liberty wreck. Unlike other wreck sites, this one didn’t actually sink to the bottom. It got wrecked by a torpedo during world war 2 and then towed to the shore. Don’t worry about safety, because the forces have dismantled it so it’s hazard-free. The ship now becomes a house for the coral plantation. It costs about US$125 per person. Lastly, Tulamben is located in Karangasem, which is an hour and a half from Kuta.

2. Asah Hill

17 Unspoiled Destination in Bali

Asah Hill is a sightseeing point located in Karangasem. Surrounded by lush plantations, this site offers an amazing view of the ocean. It is an unspoiled destination, meaning there is no facilitation other than the road. You can set up a picnic underneath the trees, and enjoy a whole day with your spouse or your friends. However, there is a campground where you can rent a yet to enjoy the sunset.

3. Gembleng Waterfall

16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali

This beautiful and unspoiled waterfall is located in Telun Wayah village, Klungkung regency. Before open to the public, the locals utilize this waterfall as a sacred source of water for melukat. This waterfall consisted of three little pools you can use to chill. The scenery is breathtaking. The air is clean, pollution-free. You have to visit this place ASAP!

4. Pura Goa Giri

16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali

The Goa Giri is located in Nusa Penida. It is so worth visiting because you would see two different temples inside a cave. The first one in a Hindu Temple, and the second is a Buddhist temple. The Hindu temple is located right inside the cave, so you would see a tranquil landscape of people praying inside this majestic cave. Before you reached the temple, you would have to cross a water source. What a complete experience.

5. Broken Beach

16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali

This one is another beach located in Nusa Penida. Broken Beach or Pasih Uug is famous for the little hole, naturally formed due to the wave for over centuries. Here, you can also catch sightseeing of the famous Manta Ray. However, you are forbidden to swim here due to its strong current. Though it is very tempting to jump from the cliff to the gorgeous turquoise ocean, there is currently no way back up. You can get here from Kuta by riding a motorbike to Sanur and pay Rp.300,000 for a round trip riding a speed boat.

6. Beyond the Cliff

16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali

Located in Labuansait street, Pecatu, Beyond the cliff is a whole place dedicated for you who wanted to experience the ocean by the cliff, literally. It opens from 12 PM to 7 PM daily. To enter this place, you have to pay Rp. 150,000 for a voucher you can exchange for food. This place is perfect for a romantic dinner while watching the sunset. And by the way, the sunset in this place is no joke! Beneath the restaurants, they have a sidewalk with lush greenery for a walk while enjoying the breeze.

7. Savana Tianyar

Bali has never failed to amaze me! From waterfalls, diving sites, beaches, and now a savanna! This Savanna is located in Karangasem. It offers a view which looks like in Africa if you come in the dry season. If you come in the rainy season, the ground will be covered by green grass. If you’re lucky, you can see some horses and ask the owner to ride them. Not a lot of people actually come to visit this unspoiled site, however, there is plenty of homestays around.

8. Tibu Bunter Waterfall

This unspoiled waterfall is so far in the forest, that no one really comes to visit. Before you reach this destination you have to go through a 250 meters tunnel that leads you toward rice fields. After being spoiled by the ricefields areas, you can find this waterfall with refreshing cold water. Surrounded by virgin forest, this will be an unforgettable experience.

9. Paluang Temple

Paluang temple is another uniqueness of Nusa Penida Island. This temple is extraordinary. You guessed it right, it is famous for the car ornament here. People usually call it Pura Mobil or The car temple. The building of the car has existed since a long time ago, no one knows where the first time it was built. This site is an amazing place to meditate because the atmosphere is just right to conduct religious rituals. It is situated almost to the edge of the cliff, offering a scenic landscape.

10. Diamond Beach

Widely famous for having a heavenly landscape, Diamond beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida. This virgin, untouched beach has a clear blue and limestone bay with natural cliffs surrounding it. This gorgeous beach was first opened in 2018. Before the stairs were built, it was physically impossible to reach the beach. One thing before you decided to visit, ensure that you visit it during the low tide season. This side of the ocean has a strong current and can be deadly if you are not careful. Other than that, the ocean has a lot of corals and rocks, making it impossible to swim comfortably. And do not expect a safeguard in this difficult spot.

11. Sumampan Waterfall

Another hidden gem in Bali is easily accessible by motorbike. Sumampan waterfalls are located in the heart of the vibrant Ubud. Perfect site to retreat from the hustle-bustle of work life. There are hanging vines, palm trees, and lush plantations around, giving it a real jungle vibe. This site is open daily from 6 AM to 6 PM. There are some of the best time to visit it though which is on April to June. If you visit other than in that months, there is a possibility that the water would be dirty after raining, or dry because of the dry season. This unspoiled destination rarely gets any crowd, so don’t worry about it!

12. Taman Pecampuhan Sala Temple

Another unspoiled site to visit in Bali is this sacred temple. Sala Temple was a sacred place for local people to do their melukat tradition. Melukat means to purify and cleanse. Usually at certain times annually. It is about 4.5 km from the center of Bangli. This place stores its own charm, especially its pure refreshing source of water. Located just by the water stream and surrounded y lush greenery, this place is perfect for a quick getaway. To immerse yourself with the experience, try to shower beneath one of the natural showers they provided. Though open to the public, make sure you respect the site by wearing appropriate clothes and refrain from bad language.

13. 16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali: Campuhan Antapan Waterfull

Found and visited by mostly locals, this waterfall never really gets any crowd. It is easily accessible, unlike most of the other waterfalls. It is also surrounded by rice fields, flower plantations, and natural rocks. Located in Baturiti Tabanan, you should stop by before visiting the other famous waterfalls nearby, like leke-leke Waterfall. The entrance fee is only Rp. 10,000 for locals, and Rp. 20,000 for foreigners.

14. 16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali: Bayan Ancient Tree

Another unique destination in Bali you should witness is this 700 years old tree. With all of the love from nature and the protection from the locals, this tree can grow and live a long life. For Balinese, it is forbidden to cut or disturb a living creature this ancient. Locals also believe that spirits inhabit them. Maybe the next time you visit, do not use bad language near this tree because you can disturb the balance and harmony of the spirits habiting the tree. The tree also boasts of a legend deeply rooted in history – locals hid inside the tree from the Dutch during the occupation. This ancient site is located in Gesing.

15. 16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali: Devil’s Tears

Located in Nosa Lembongan, this place offers one of the best sunsets on the Island. It also shows us amazing and epic tides to watch. It is called the Devil’s tears for a reason. The huge tide sometimes blows a mist of water into thin air, making you wet without you realizing it. If you are lucky enough, you can catch a rainbow below.

16. 16 Unspoiled Destination in Bali: Mangrove Forest

This is one of the mangrove conservation areas established by the government. Here, you can bike or walk around the wooden bridge while observing the plantations and the faunas. There are many kinds of fishes and Birds which inhabited this area. You can enjoy a serene and tranquil walk with your kids and spouse while enjoying the free pollution air. They provided some shelter to rest or to have a picnic if you want.

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