Bangla RoadBangla road patong Thailand

Bangla road has been long popular that beach has a magnetic vibes to attract major domestic and international tourism. Therefore, it does not only allure the development of beach resorts, but also the glamour night life for those who wants to spend their nights to the fullest.Bangla Road as one of the most popular night life attarction is located nearby the Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.The fact that this place is only alive at night makes it way more special. You are going to see the difference if you walk in Bangla Road in the daylight. You will only find street vendors and cheap souvenirs stall. What makes it mesmerizing is this road only strecthes for about 400 meters long! But the buildings and the attractions are packed making it very crowded after the sunset.

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Bangla Road is also very bright with their colourful neon sign and lights, making it feel alive. You can even see the bright view from your hotel window. 

If you walk along the roads, you will find a lot of pubs, bar and night clubs. You  are going to be entertained by their live music, live DJs, cheap beers and other exotic mocktails made by talented bartenders. If you are into dancing, you can try visiting the famous night clubs in Bangla Road. Some of the best ranked from Tripadvisors are Seduction Night Club with a huge venue as well as up to date music for the youngsters, and the Gossip Night Club with Hip-Hop Music making all people go crazy for dancing. If you are not into jumping all night long and wanting to enjoy your cold beers, you can try visiting some of the bars. They are usually a little bit overpriced for international tourists, just be aware of any scam. 

Bangla Road is also very famous for its street performance done by pretty girls dressing in exotic costumes trying to allure all men to visit the club and dance. The clubs even display pole dancing live in the street! That must be something you can not miss. If you are lucky, you will spot the dancers performing fantastic attraction such as fire dancing. If you notice, some of the girls performing are ladyboys too. The diversity in Bangla Road is absolutely unquestionable, since Thailand is pretty famous for gender recognition. Even so, Bangla Road is also famous for its sex tourism. You will find a lot of girls try to seduce men in the street. You may want to negotiate the price beforehand because some of them may be a scammer. If you want to have fun and relax, Bangla Road has so many options of massage with sexy parlours in the private room. They are not hard to find, as the promotion girls are out in the street bringing up a sign for it. It is something that you can only experience in Bangla Road, so don’t forget to explore Bangla Road Nightlife when you are visiting Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. But if you woud like to see a short insight of Bangla Road.

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