If you are unfamiliar with Hongkong, you may never notice that they actually have the best beach for you to visit. Yes, Hongkong is very popular with its fantastic tourists’ destinations and its stunning view of city light at night, but whoever thought of a beach in one of the most populous areas in the world. This particular beach in Hongkong is called Shek O Beach which Shek O itself means Rocky Bay. But what makes it extraordinarily special from the other beaches?

Well, Shek O Beach was found and established 200 years ago by the local fishermen popular for its quality and fresh lobster. The locals who lived there were forced to immigrate because they were invaded by the Shek O Country Club. Then the locals built a small village with some historical monument you can also visit nearby the beach, such as the Tin Hau Temple in 1891 in the Shek O village. Nearby the beach, you can also visit the Declared Monument of prehistorical craved rocks which remained unfound until 1970. The village currently surrounding the beach is kept traditional as they wanted to remain that way, which makes it even more special.

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  Other than its historical background, Shek O Beach is definitely a great way for you to escape from the fast-paced city life in Hongkong. Since the village was kept natural, it offers you a tranquil and peaceful environment, very different than other beach surroundings. Shek O Beach is located on the D’Aguilar Peninsula, the southern part of Hongkong. This beach is also awarded as the best beach in Hongkong because of its beautiful scenery. It is very famous for its clean golden sand surrounding the bay and the crystal clear turquoise ocean facing the South China Sea. It’s rocky surrounding also attracted many people to try a rock climbing experience with an ocean view. What a rare opportunity!

As one of the most popular beaches, you don’t need to question the facilities offered. This beach has a lot of cafes ranging from the cheap to the luxurious ones. You can relax watching the calm waves while drinking cold tropical beverages. Other than that, they are also completed with showering and changing areas, as well as a live guard watching everyone. Safety guaranteed as well because they put up shark prevention nets. They also have few convenience stores selling swimming equipment and daily use stuffs making a travel experience very convenient, so you don’t have to worry when you forgot to pack your bikinis and your sunblocks. Shek O Beach also offers something you may not find in the other beaches, yup, that is barbeque areas! This is absolutely perfect for you who brings a lot of family members and friends along with you. You can enjoy the scenery while barbequing with your loved ones. What a perfect way to spend your holiday. But f you are looking for a luxurious experience, there are also golf courses nearby! What a complete package!

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