Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane: Brisbane is Australia’s most sustainable city which is why it becomes a major attraction for international tourists. It achieves the title because Brisbane owns more than 2,000 parks spread all over its city! Other than that, it owns some of Australia’s largest parks as well. Many people come to Brisbane for its local foods such as the Lamb’s shoulder, and, black truffle tapenade. Overall, Brisbane has a lot to offer. Here are the top 15 destinations in Brisbane!

1. Sea World

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

There are many ways to spend a family day out in Brisbane. But one special place where all the crew can have fun is Sea World Australia. There are many educational areas as well as entertaining ones. Sea World also provides great opportunities to learn more about marine biodiversity as well as the right approach to animal welfare. Though the learning part seems boring, all of the animal shows were wonderful for all ages. Moreover, this astonishing place also has four theme parks and brand new attractions, Vortex, Leviathan, and Trident. There are many choices of tickets with different prices available. For example, a day pass to sea world only costs AUD 89 while a day pass to all parks costs AUD 100.

2. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

A cheaper alternative to enjoy a day out with your family and friends is to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. A single-day pass to enter the conservation area is only AUD 20. This place is definitely a must-visit because you will experience the world’s oldest koala sanctuary in the world. Though the name of the place indicates only Koala, this place becomes a home for many other Australian endemics such as Kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, and other reptiles. For the tourist, this is an amazing opportunity because they can take a picture while hugging the koala. Don’t worry you may hurt them, because each koala can only be held for a maximum of 30 minutes a day. Though you would have to pay to take a picture, the money will go into planting a new eucalyptus tree and expand the enclosure for the koalas.

3. The Wheel of Brisbane

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

If you are looking for a place to see the astonishing city landscape at night, you can come to Wheel of Brisbane. The Ferris wheel is 60 meters tall with 42 capsules! Each capsule is big enough to contain 6 people, therefore providing a capacity of 336 people in total. This attraction is relatively cheap, as one admission for adults only costs AUS 15.75. The ride lasts for about 12 to 15 minutes each rotation.

4. Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

Next is to visit a natural beauty that becomes one of the Brisbane pride. The Kangaroo point cliffs a favorite recreational spot for those who love the tranquility of nature. Many people also come here to do challenging sport, such as rock climbing. There are many spots for all levels. Not only rock climbing, but this place is also the right spot to do abseiling. At the bottom of the cliff, you would be able to see the Brisbane River and a narrow park. There are public electric barbecues with open tables and chairs for people to picnic. The picnic view is stunning, because you can see the Captain cook bridge and the landscape of the city here.

5. New Farm Park

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

Don’t forget to visit one of the oldest and largest parks in Brisbane. New Farm Park can attract as many as 18,000 visitors every week. That is because the park has a place for everyone. Especially children, because the park has a small amusement park to keep them occupied. New Farm Park is also budget-friendly since there is no admission fee to enter. The park is well-maintained, therefore making it very pleasant to visit, especially when the flowers start to blossom.

6. Sirromet Wines

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

You should not miss a tour around this famous winery in Brisbane. Because they just have everything you are looking for. Sirromet Wines also offer a stunning vineyard, cellar door, restaurants, and abundant wildlife. The overall scenery is breathtaking, that is why they also provide a beautiful glamping facility for those looking to getaway. The wine it provides ranges from Vermentino, Montepulciano, Lagrein, Shiraz, Cabernet Savignon, to Chambourcin. With that many varieties, impossible to miss this amazing place. Though it takes three hours to drive from south Brisbane, it is all worth it.

7. Eat Street Northshore

Best 15 Destinations in Brisbane

If you are looking for a fun place to eat while having fun with your family and friends, Eat Street Northshore is the best place to head to. But before you head to the place, prepare a lot of cash because most of the stalls only accept cash as a form of payment. There are many kinds of foods available. Start with something light such as sweet potato fries from Salty Sailor. Then eat deep-fried bread topped with fresh tomatoes, cheese, and all sorts of savory toppings. Then move to some choices of seafood such as this fresh Calamari with choices of dipping sauce. Lastly, have something sweet with unlimited choices of desserts. Try this Locomodes of Greek Honey Puffs topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. The admission fee is only AUD 15 for a family of four people!

8. Howard Smith Wharves

On the other side of the Brisbane River, there is an entertainment complex where people can eat, drink, play, and chill. Howard Smith Wharves offers many choices of places to eat with a spectacular view of the waterfront. If you are looking for Greek Foods, come to Greka. But if you are looking for Japanese foods with a funky and contemporary style, come to Yoko Dining. Moreover, other choices such as Italian restaurants, Classic American Burgers, to World-Class Seafood are available. HSW also offers many vibrant places to drink such as the iconic Felon’s Brewing Co., Mr. Percival’s, and Fiume Bar with a huge rooftop.

9. Brisbane City Botanic Garden

Other than New Park Farm, City Botanic Garden Riverwalk becomes a great alternative if you are looking for lush greenery. There are many different attractions to find here. Starting from the Bamboo Grove is a collection of 23 bamboo species. Next is to visit the Cannon from the date of 1797 and 1810 from Scotland. There are other attractions as well, such as the ornamental ponds, the river frontage, the Walter Drinking Hil, and Weeping Fig Avenue.

10. Museum of Brisbane

Do you want to see what makes Brisbane unique and special? The Museum of Brisbane is the answer. It helps you explores the historical artifacts of Brisbane. The museum is also completed with various workshops, talk shows, tours, and many children’s activities. The museum is open every day starting at 10 AM to 5 PM except for National Holiday. Click here to see more.

11. Glass House Mountains National Park

Who knows if Brisbane stores breathtaking natural beauty. One of them is the Glass House Mountains which is a heritage-listed National Park. The mountain also becomes the most impressive landmark in Queensland. You can see a peak raised from a flat coastal plain combined with other mountains. The mountain is especially important for the indigenous community. Therefore you would be able to explore the artifacts and even ancient drawings.

12. Settlement Cove Lagoon

If you are looking for a day relaxing by a cold pool with your family and friends, you can try the settlement cove Lagoon. This place offers a shallow water pool with a view of the blue ocean, creating a safe playground for the little ones. The children’s area has these cute little fountains mushroom-shaped. However, the adults can go have fun by the Lagoon where there is a miniature of a riverbed. The best thing to do here other than swimming is to grill some steaks on the BBQ facilities available for a picnic.

13. Cathedral of St Stephen

The sophisticated architecture of the Catholic church stood out amongst the surrounding skyscrapers. That is because of the neo-gothic style building with striking sculptures and memorable collections of the 19th century. The first stone of the construction was laid in 1863. When you go inside the building, you will find a majestic interior that has undergone renovation and refurbishment. There are many walking tours to help you understand a little bit more about the history of the Cathedral. Overall this is the place you can’t miss.

14. Cultural Center

Queensland Cultural center is another option to learn and embrace cultural diversity. The main attractions include sophisticated architecture, spectacular exhibitions, and world-class performances. The complex has four different facilities. First is the Gallery of Modern Art, second is the Museum and Science center, this is the performing art center, and lastly the Library of Queensland. Sometimes there are world tour performances ranging from Ballets, Contemporary or Traditional dances, to orchestra hold here.

15. Dreamworld

Dreamworld is a theme park combined with a whole zoo area just 55 km away from the center of Brisbane. It becomes one of the biggest theme parks with around 40 thrilling rides and attractions. Some of the attractions include Ocean Parade, Dreamworks, Tiger Island, and Corroboree. Each island has different animals, rides, and attractions which makes it very unique. Now, the theme park owns four roller coasters that have different characteristics. This is the place where all ages can come together and have fun. The entry ticket ranges from AUD 99 for a single-day pass to AUD 149 for a three-day pass.

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