Borobudur Temple in Indonesia
Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple remaining which was built in the 8th Century under the rule of the Syailendra Dynasty. As one of the grandest historical temples in the world, millions of international and domestic tourists come to visit and graze. Many scientists from all around the world had tried to study the historical element in the temple for a long time. The temple consisted of many reliefs which tell story and teachings.

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Location of Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is located in Magelang, Central Java of Indonesia. Even though the temple is in the middle of the countryside, you can use public transportation to reach it. If you are going directly from Adisucipto International Airport, then you can use DAMRI bus or shuttle for Rp. 75,000 or around $6. The trip will take about 2-3 hours depending on the congestions. You can buy the tickets in the northern area of the Airport. Alternatively, you can stay in Yogyakarta which is a vibrant city in Central Java, then take bus to go there. Otherwise, rent a driver alongside the car for the easier traveling experience.

Phenomenal facts about Borobudur Temple

The architect of Borobudur temple planned to build a grand construction on top of a 30 meters hill. Would you imagine just how hard it was to take the big rocks up to the hill, with minimum equipment in the 8th century? That is why the temple took approximately 100 years to complete. The temple did not use any modern material like cement. They used 2 million volcanic rocks that locked each other to form a temple. Then, Borobudur was first found by the former British Colony, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814.

Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Before the 20th century, Borobudur temple was a place that nobody gives attention too. That is why some people stole Buddha Statue and the smaller statues. The Dutch colony also gave away statues and rocks for free. Now you can see some of them now in the National Museum of Bangkok. There was an idea to put the important statues ad reliefs in the museum and dismantle the whole temple. Fortunately, the idea was rejected. When President Seoharto was in charge , they were able to enhance the temple with international aid and protection. UNESCO then registered Borobodur as one of the Seven Wonders.

Vesak Day Celebration

As one of the most visited historical sites in Indonesia, people still come to pray at this temple. As a suggestion, try to come on Vesak day, which is a grand celebration day for Buddhists. Vesak day may come around may this year. This may be the most awaited day of the year. There will be a lantern ceremony accompanied by chants coming from hundreds of Bhikkhu Sangha. Thousands of Buddhists from all around the globe coming to honor this day to pray. In the end, hundreds of beautiful lanterns will be released to the sky. Even though only Buddhists can participate in some of the activities as part of their prayer, you can still join this interesting moment.

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