Cambodia: 9 places to visit includes just the most popular destinations in Siem Reap. Cambodia is great if you like ancient history and getting to know another spectacular culture. The country also has beautiful green landscapes, rain forests, and mountains. Don’t forget that it also has delicious local cuisines

Angkor Wat : Cambodia: 9 Places to visit

The icon of Cambodia is definitely this beautiful ancient remains of Angkor Wat. As the biggest religious monument in the world, the architecture has the best Khmer architecture. No wonder that millions of tourists visit this site annually. You may also see this icon on the national flag of Cambodia.

Angkor Thom

A little different from Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom has Baton architecture. The ruins represent an ancient city that was established back in the 17th century AD. There is also an ancient system of the canal in the old city which is now only a forest. Definitely a must-visit.

Artisan Angkor

After visiting the ancient ruins, surely you don’t wanna miss the opportunity to bring a souvenir home. That is why Artisans Angkor is a must-visit. The shop provides the local with job opportunities. They created hand-carved statues, high-quality silk, home decor, and other utensils. Their Creativity should make the price worth it.

Angkor National Museums

Angkor National Museum is the place to get more information about the local history and insight culture. They have extensive collections of Angkorian artifacts. Here, you can also learn more about the Khmer civilizations. You only have to pay $12 for the entrance fee, and an extra $3 if you want to bring your camera inside.

ANM Khmer Market

When you’re done visiting the Angkors at the daylight, refresh yourself by visiting this market at night. This is the perfect place for backpack travelers to satisfy their hunger. The price of foods are very affordable. You can even get fruit smoothies for $2. Other foods ranged from $1 to $10.

Psar Chas

If you want to see the insight culture of the locals, try visiting this traditional market. This market cater to not only the local people but to tourists as well. You can find special local dishes here such as dried fish, pork sausages, and a variety of rice. You can also test your bargaining skills here.

Srah Srang

Srah Srang is a reservoir site which was used in the ancient time for royal bathing. The pond has crystal blue water which makes it very scenic. Around the reservoir, you may also see some ancient statues. The perfect time to visit is in the afternoon because this place has a perfect sunset view.

War Museums Cambodia

Cambodia: 9 Places to visit

Cambodia is rich in history and ancient civilizations. But other than the Angkors, you can definitely visit War Museum Cambodia to learn more about the civil wars. The item displayed were all the real things used in the wars. However, they are not only Cambodian belongings. Some of them are Chinese, even U.S hardware.

Wat Preah Prom Rath

Cambodia: 9 Places to visit

Cambodian people are religious, that is why you can find a lot of religious sites. One of the must-visit is the Wat Preah Prom Rath. Located not very far from the ANM Khmer market, it is easily accessible. The site is embellished with colorful Buddha statues. Make sure to wear an appropriate outfit before visiting.

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