Amphawa floating market is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand. Aside from the one in Bangkok, this floating market is famous for its preservation of traditional culture. As a result, the market received an award from UNESCO Asia-Pacific. No wonder that tourists from all around the world come to visit. Moreover, this is exactly the right place to escape from the hustle-bustle of Bangkok and immerse yourself with the Thai culture.

Amphawa Floating Market


‘Amphawa Floating Market is in Smut Songkhram Province, not very far from Bangkok. Unlike other destinations like Big Buddha Statue or Wat Chalong Temple, there is a minivan going to Smut Songkhram Province. Even though there is no exact route going to Aphawa, it is cheaper to take the minivan then take a taxi afterward. If you are interested, you can see the schedule of the minivan here. The price range around 80 Baht or $3 USD.

Otherwise, try renting a motorbike for a day to get the full experience of wandering around Thailand. Alternatively, you can rent a car with the driver but it will be a little bit more expensive. The last option is to take a taxi. The price range of the taxi is around 1,500 Bath ($50).

Stroll around the Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market is a weekend market that opens at 2 PM. Unlike other traditional markets, Amphawa opens in the afternoon because it is very close to the ocean and the sea level will be high in the morning. The boats around the market need to settle in a shallow condition. The locals who are mostly farmers and fishermen live nearby by building wooden houses.

You also might want to find the wooden houses at the riverbanks. They turned into a small shopping place. These vendors are selling souvenirs such as small pouches and T-shirts. Step up your bargaining skills so that you can buy a lot of things at a reasonable price!

My recommendation is to go to the market around 3 pm to enjoy the afternoon vibes of the market. There are just countless amount of sellers in the market. Ranging from fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, sweet desserts and authentic local foods, you name it!

If you are confused, the recommendations are the Authentic Tom Yum Soup topped with Pawns and Coconut shavings. The famous mango sticky rice is a must as well. Don’t forget to try some pork dumplings and fish cakes as well. If you have more space in your stomach, you have to try O-Liang or Thai Iced Coffee to get extra stamina.

After filling your stomach with the local delish, it is time to stroll around the river. I personally think that the market has become more vibrant in the evening. The boat rides will be available around 6 PM before the sunset. Price per person for a combined tour with other people is only 50 Bath( $2 USD) and 500 Bath ($16 USD) for renting the full boat. The best part of the evening market is seeing beautiful fireflies in cork trees.

Amphawa Floating Market

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