Central Market of Kuala Lumpur
Central Market of Kuala Lumpur
The entrance of Central Market

Central Market of Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant and robust place full of activities. The ultimate reason is, the building was first constructed in 1888 by the British Colonial. It was a wet market with smelly fishmongers and the center of staple foods for the city. However, it is now a touristy place that provides souvenirs, fragranced perfumes and Plenty of Delish.

Location and How to Get to Central Market of Kuala Lumpur

The Central Market of Kuala Lumpur is located in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock or in Foch Avenue. It is also just a few minutes away from the famous Petaling Street. As it is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it is easily accessible by public transportations. The easiest way is to take the LRT Kelana Jaya line to the Pasar Seni. There are also several buses that you can ride for free. You can check out the buses schedule but they usually come regularly according to the intervals. For easier access, click here.

Shopping in the Central Market of Kuala Lumpur

Central Market of KL

If you are an international tourist coming to Kuala Lumpur, then Central Market is a good option to expand your knowledge about the local culture. This place is more than just a market. Back in the 1940s when the Market became a place of Trade for local people and the merchants, the market was divided by the race of the seller. It wasn’t because of the racism, it was because of the goods being sold are differed in each race. There were the Melayu Alley, Indian Alley, and Straits of Chinese.

Central Market of Kuala Lumpur

Nowadays, people mostly come to this market to buy locally made souvenirs. The most famous ones are the batik which is a uniquely painted shirt with ancient patterns. The other famous one is Songket. It is a kind of hand-woven garment with a touch of synthetic gold or metallic thread. The pattern has been consistent for hundreds of years in the Malay culture. The market also sells hand-made wood carvings with authentic patterns. It is impossible not to get one for the embellishment of your housing.


Central Market of Kuala Lumpur is a fusion of different cultures. It really does appear from the local cuisine. After wandering around to see new things being sold at the market, get to the Canteen of Central Market. It is a place to grab something to eat once you feel that hunger comes in. The canteen really does need improvement though, like the sanitary and the hygiene of the place. But overall, the place provides range of affordable cuisines. The most famous one I tried is this Spicy Chicken Rice. They also have chicken noodles and the famous Indian dish of Canai Bread served with curry. Yum Yum! Afterward, fill your stomach with chocolate cakes or sweet shaved ice with red beans.

Cultural Performance

If you want to see The Live Cultural Performance arranged by the Malay tourism department, then wait until 9 PM. They have a free open performance to introduce the local dance and music every night. If you come at the peak season especially a certain holiday, the whole market will be decorated with lampions. It is a good activity to just kind of wander around at night.

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