Chinatown of Singapore

Chinatown of Singapore really did not differ from any Chinatown in the other parts of the world. It is full of color, tasty cuisines and fusion of Chinese Heritage with the local area. However, the Chinatown in Singapore really blends with the local culture, especially with the majority of populations are also Chinese. That really shows from the hawkers I saw on the road of Chinatown. Not only that there are plenty of street foods, but there are also high-end fine dining restaurants that are worth trying.

Location and How to Get There

Chinatown of Singapore

Chinatown is located in the Outram district of the Central Area. Since Singapore is not a huge country, all of the places over there are very easy to reach and accessible by public Transportations, especially the MRT. The city was built to accommodate pedestrians all over the country. There is an MRT station near the Chinatown that you can go to. Unfortunately, it is a little far away from Changi Airport if you are taking the MRT since it will be stopping for each station. It can take up to 45 minutes. Alternatively, the taxi will take you faster but at a much higher rate so consider before you take them. If you are coming from Little India, you can take the MRT for only $1.4.

What to do in Chinatown of Singapore

Chinatown of Singapore
Busy Street of Chinatown

The first is to visit Singapore City Gallery which shows the city development from the past 50 years. There are a 3D map of Singapore displays, a large model of the city from the bird’s point of view, and historical photographs. This attraction is family-friendly too since there are interactive games for children to play. Above all, the attraction is free of charge!

The second place to visit is the Sunday Flea Market. This is the right place if you want to find cheap trinkets as souvenirs for your family and friends back home. The budget-friendly market consists of preloved goods, toys, and vintage stuff. Unfortunately, it only opens on Sunday.

The third one is to visit is the Chinatown Heritage Center. The place offers you a deeper insight into how local people here used to live a long time ago. There are six galleries displaying the exhibitions of opium and spices factory. The building consisted of three floors depicted 1950’s living conditions in Singapore. The first floor was once a Tailor Shop which you can still see till today. You have to pay $15/adult and $10/children for admission fees. If you would like to learn more about history, you can book the tour beforehand.

Chinatown of Singapore

Next, is the Chinatown Complex which is a home for more than 260 hawkers and delicious local foods. The complex is considered the largest Hawker center in Singapore. This place is not only a magnet for international tourists who are curious and hungry but also a home for the local elderly. You can even find the first Michelin hawker stall Singapore. Sounds amazing right? The absolute try is, of course, the Michelin star hawker which is this Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

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