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Since COVID-19 spread from Hubei, Italy is another epicenter of the virus outbreak. But what Italy has been going through is a lesson for all of us. Never underestimate the warning of an easily-spread virus. Soon until the vaccine and cure available, it seems that Italy has to go through lockdown for a while. The whole country is empty, leaving only pharmacies and groceries open. As one of the most favorable tourists destination, Italy is suffering.

COVID-19 in Italy caused canceled Hotels

Empty Italy
Italy lockdown causes an empty city

Since the government implemented the lockdown policy at the beginning of March, the whole country looks empty. Everyone should stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus. Lockdown also means a closed airport for international tourists. Those who were planning to visit Italy earlier would have to cancel their booked rooms. Even though that means they can lose all of the money they have paid due to the no-refund policy. People are also losing the chance to enjoy a 60% off offer from Hotels. But some hotel companies are kind enough to let people modify their stay date to November 2020 without penalty. The update on cancellation policy was due to some countries being at lockdown. Those are South Korea, Mainland China, Japan, and the United States. But if you book your hotel from a third party application, that would be a little bit different.

Covid-19 affects Italy Tourism Sector and Job Opportunities

Venice Italy
Romantic Venice is sadly empty

Venice and Milan were always full of foreign tourism trolling around. Most of the locals make their living out of the tourism sectors. Either by opening small restaurants, bakeries, pizzeria or renting out boats for tourists. But with no tourists coming, that means no money for some. Tourists shall not visit Italy at least until the 13th of April, but it seems like it will be prolonged again. Sadly, the government can’t do anything but enforce people to stay home. Some of the locals complained that their small businesses are collapsing. Tourism gives €41bn annually to the Italian economy, and that is a lot of loss this year.

Despite the loss, people are somewhat celebrating the crystal clear water in Venice. Since a lot of business has caused pollution in the canal, the locals have never seen it clear. Now that it is empty, they can enjoy the view of clean canals at home. They hope that by quarantining, they will bring the epidemic to an end, and bring nature’s back to Italy.

Italy travel advice

For now, most of the other countries have banned people traveling to Italy due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of them were imposing the policy as early as February. Even though spending Summer and Eastern in Italy, you may have to postpone that until next year. Even local gatherings such as funerals, weddings, and schools are very risky. Some of the young millennials have prepared to fly to Italy for discounted hotels and tours. But that may pose greater risks spreading COVID-19.

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