COVID-19 in New York has reached a staggering level. The city is one of the busiest places in the world with robust activities all around the corner. From the locals who are trying to reach their dreams, to tourists who finally got to see the city for the first time. But once the deadly virus arrived in New York, things got to change. However, the busiest city in the world is now empty and tourists-less. Unfortunately this week, the death toll has reached 1,400 people which is the highest in the world. The whole country is mourning, as each town starts to shut down.

Covid-19 in New York: Empty Airport

JFK airport
The busiest airport in the world is now empty for the first time

John F. Kennedy Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, accommodating thousands of travelers daily. Usually, each terminal and gates are full of people traveling internationally. Now, it takes only 5 minutes to check-in, without lining up and the planes are not even quarterly full. Meanwhile, shops and cafes which were vigorous and lively with people’s interactions are now closing down due to the loss of revenue. Airplanes companies are also cutting their planes operations even by 50% to reduce loss. This will risk a lot of operational staff,s from pilots, flight attendants, engineers, and even janitors. President Donald Trump imposed a travel ban on European Countries which made the airplane companies receive a great loss.

JFK Airport
Empty lines in the Airport

Empty Tourists Destination

Empty New York
New York busiest road is now empty

In March 2020, New York has become the epicenter of COVID-19 spread as one of the densest areas in the U.S. To prevent the cases from going up higher, local government decided to implement a lockdown in New York. At the end of March, the cases have reached more than 8,500 infected cases. All shops such as salons, barbershops, restaurants, cafes, even boutique were closed due to the government instructions. However, the local government then decided to cancel the lockdown as the U.S economy is crashing down the hill. The stock market also crashes down to the hill. New Yorker also faced discrimination from other people from outside New York. Some of the New Yorkers who traveled outside the states were forced to go back home by some people.

As the city faces more discrimination, many domestic visitors scared to go to New York. Most people now try their best to avoid New York trips, making local businesses even more bankrupt. Especially without the Chinese tourists who make up most of the revenue of tourism in New York can no longer visit. There are quite few sectors that are in risk, first is the tourism agency. Tourism agency involved transportation, admissions to destinations, hotels to restaurant revenues. It also affected Chinese speaking agencies. Unfortunately, there is nothing that the government can do about it. People who are at risk of losing jobs have to brace themselves in economic pain. Though covid-19 hits hard, most of the tourism sectors will be back to be even larger than before, of course after they find the cure for Covid-19.

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