Covid-19 in

Covid-19 in Spain has urged Pedro Sanchez as the Prime Minister of Spain to put the whole country on lockdown. Especially since the health workers and capabilities are no longer able to handle the rising death toll, the country decided to freeze. The whole country of Spain is now in the 3rd week of Lockdown. The prime minister also decided to prolong the lockdown until April 25. Now that nobody can go outside, there will be a summertime sadness.

Covid-19 in Spain: Dying Tourism Sectors that will take forever to revive

Empty Rome
Rome which is always crowded now looks like a ghost town

Spain is a beautiful country with unique cultures and divine cuisines, making it very attractive to international tourists. No wonder that the tourism sector rose to become the third-biggest economy contributor in the country. Tourists usually come all around the year and even more in summer. The famous beaches like Ibiza, Costa Brava, and night clubs are full of those who want to enjoy bougie and lavish lifestyles. Meanwhile the major iconic places such as Rome, Plaza Mayor and other famous museums are full each month. Madrid and Barcelona then become the most visited cities in Spain, generates a lot of revenue annually. Spain is also popular with winter break vacation resorts where people can ski and take the cable car.

covid-19 in Spain
Empty Plaza de Mayor in Madrid, Spain

However, when Covid-19 hits Italy, Spain takes a hard hit as well. Usually, elderly visitors come to the coastal areas to enjoy their vacations or live off retirement. The coastal areas are famous for nice summer vibes, with a warmer climate and exotic beach. Even in winter, the coastal areas are still popular for beach view restaurants and hotels. But since Covid-19 put elderly populations at risk, most of the hotels and retirement houses are literally empty now. With the previous 80% of visitors, now there is less than 15%. That means not only hotels, but also restaurants, food suppliers, beach clubs, and travel agencies are at risk of closing down. Experts have estimated that it takes a least a full ear for the tourism sector to recover. At least after there is a slow down in death toll and infection cases.

Travel advise to Spain

covid-19 in spain
Local residents are seen empty in the daylight

Since the country is facing a lockdown with a rising death toll, most of the other countries advise any traveling activities to be postponed. Only important and critical visits will be allowed. However, that is with comprehensive health checkups and health certificate from the authorities. If you did book some holiday trips and hotels, make sure you contact them and ask for clarification. There are some hotels which allow full-refund policy, but some only allow you to change the dates of your stay. That is to encourage people to still come in the upcoming holiday seasons. According to UK local news, Spain will still be empty until the mid of September, due to the amid of Covid-19.

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