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Kedung Pedut waterfall is one of the best Attraction in Yogyakarta,
this place located in Kulon Progo Region, 20km from the downtown.
Not like other waterfall around here, this waterfall is special! it has BLUE Tosca,
Clear Water & not so crowded of offers calm atmosphere for relaxation and beautiful scenery for sightseeing.
During the trip to Kedung Pedut Waterfall tourists will pass through several other natural attractions such as beautiful green rice terraces, then Kembang SOKA waterfall, and Seplawan Cave, you could get a multiple destinations in one direction.

Kedung pedut waterfall

How to get there?

Renting a motorbike in Yogyakarta, cheap, and memorable way to get around. But there are some challenges for staying safe, both on the road and in the rental shop.
They will allow you to rent motorbikes without an international license, however, not having one may give the police a reason to stop you later. Sometimes a driver’s license from your home country will do. Sometimes having an international permit doesn’t matter if you’re stopped the police will still ask you to pay cash on the spot!

NOTE: Make sure you have Google MAP ready on your phone.

There are many local guide you can find around, they ussualy offer a ride with specify destination, a day package, half day package. so you just stay on the back, and they gonna ride you to the locations. and also the price is still affordable. Maybe you can get deal just with $15-$20 a day!


GrabTaxi is a product under the Grab App that provides Car / Motor Online booking and dispatching services.Similar idea with UBER If you are fancy traveler, you could use these option, but it’s a little bit more expensive tho!


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