Enjoying the City of Light on Budget!

City of Light is definitely the best words to define Hongkong. As one of the busiest city in the world, Hongkong has been known for the fast-paced lifestyle and the never ending activities. It seems like the city never sleeps throughout the 24 hours.  When the sun is down, not only the moon shines through, but the millions of neon which lights up the skyline. The City of light trully symbolizes the hustle bustle of it’s residence lifestyle, either working for late hours, starting the night shifts, or for some to enjoy life like never before.

If you are a low budget backpacker, enjoying the city of light can be very affordable. You don’t always have to make reservations for a fine dining restaurant in the skyscrapers to enjoy the beautiful landscape. I can not deny that it might worth the price, but if you want to minimize your spending, you can follow my tips down below.

created by dji camera

First, Hongkong at night is all about different activities going on everyday. From a very crowded crosswalks in every corner, to a various festival that opens for admission. You have to utilize your internet connection to find the nearest festival from your stay, then grab your walking shoes and go. Taking Taxi might be a little too pricey, not forget to mention that you might meet some scammers. So it is better for you to walk around as much as you can. Festival can be varied depending on the season. If you come around October, you might visit Halloween festivals which will be very fun to witness. Otherwise, just walk around to enjoy the night vibes of Hongkong. You can check out my cinematic video of Hongkong down below!

Second, Hongkong is a place for many many immigrants to come, therefore the city is a fusion of diverse culture. It also a great integration of East and West culture. It really shows on their cuisine! So the next thing to do to enjoy Hongkong on budget is to explore their culinary. Hongkong has a lot to offer in terms of food because they have many places serving affordable meals that you can try. The best known place ine Hongkong is Bowrington Road Cooked Food centre. It is available from 6 Am to 2 Am. The place is jam packed not only for the tourists but also the locals enjoying authentic dishes with low prices.

Last but not least, you can enjoy the city of light by riding the Star Ferry in Victoria Harbor. It only costs you around $2-$3 for a 10 minute short ride. Besides offering a sight viewing, Star Ferry also offers something more spectacular. It is the stunning multimedia show, Symphony of Light which is held everyday at 8 pm. There are around 42 Building participating in this show everyday and It is completely free for public to enjoy. You can see the performances from the deck of the ferry, so make sure you are in the first to sail before the performance started.

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