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Here’s the story how I got robbed on my first day in Kuala Lumpur, on 16 October 2019 I did solo traveling 37 days to Malaysia – Hongkong – Thailand – Singapore, in this article I’m going to share you the first country I’ve visited which is “Malaysia”
Initially, I was bored with work, suddenly an idea came to me that i should travel abroad. without too much thinking, I immediately booked 6 airline tickets and hotels for 4 countries. I didn’t have any plan or itinerary and things to do, I even booked them just a week before departing. Here’s the Biggest Mistake I’ve ever made! I had a bad and good experience in KL. The good experience is I could learn from my mistake, the bad experience is that I spent too much money ineffectively and the worst was that I got robbed! I lost my wallet include my ID, ATM, Money card and everything!

I departed from YK Adisucipto International airport at 17.35 pm, then i arrived at the KLIA2 airport at 21.10, it’s quite a long flight! I took a taxi from KLIA2 to the hotel, since that was my first time in KL I didn’t know how to take public transportation, it must have been cheaper to take a bus. I also didn’t know the regular taxi prices, so the taxi driver hit me with a sky-rocketed price. I paid 120 MYR for one way route. Once I’ve arrived at the hotel, someone told me normally it is only around 60 MYR.

Finally, I arrived in the Chinatown area, it was the location of my hotel. I put my luggage, I walked around, made some videos, and night photography, then I got something to eat.
After a few hours walk around, i came back to the Hotel And got some sleep! Everything was normal until the next morning!

I woke up in the morning and took a shower! the hotel provided a free breakfast, lucky me! After That, I decided to go outside for a smoke, right at the front of the hotel there are some seats by the garden. I sat there and watched the morning busy roads and people went to work. While finishing my cigarette, a guy passed by me and asking for 2 MYR. He was tall, dressed like a homeless dude, I looked at his face and it looked like an Bangla or Myanmar guy.

But Honestly, I have no idea what was his intention, I just grabbed my pocket and find some bucks, It happened really fast. I didn’t feel anything and realized yet until an hour later I checked on my back ‘Jeans’ pocket. I couldn’t find my wallet on it. I couldn’t believe when I lost my wallet I got back to my room and checked everything. I still couldn’t find it! I talked to the receptionist hotel, they helped me to find it but no luck! 15 minutes later the Hotel manager drove me to the nearest police station to get a paper, I reported all the chronology, and you know what? I still didn’t realize that I was robbed! I thought IT WAS MY OWN MISTAKE! I wrote on the reported letter it was my fault, which my wallet from falling out of my jeans pocket. We get back to the Hotel, and there is the other guy who works on the Hotel, he shows me CCTV video that’s I Definitely was robbed! Now i realized, but there’s nothing i can do, I had to let it go.

Here are an items inside my wallet.
-ID card
-Driving License
-Vehicle registration
-Money $700 USD +-

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have any cash left. Everything i needed was there!
But, Luckily I still had my passport in my bags. The manager hotel told me, I could use a western union and told someone to send me money from my country. Because I still have money left from my Mobile Banking, I decided to send it to my friend’s back in Indonesia, and told him to send it over through the Western Union
Fortunately, I could have spares of money from the instant process of Western Union. Then I could continue my trip! I still had a long way to go. Anyway, the next days I met other Tourists. they also got robbed around the areas. Petaling street flagged as a RED District in Malaysia.
The thing is I didn’t know anything about it so the point is
Do any research before you do traveling.

Find any information you could find about what things to do and not do
Don’t travel without an itinerary.

Make sure you put your wallet on ur bags, or use alternative wallet. Put small money on it.
So, that’s what I’ve learned!

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