Kata Beach

Phuket is one of the most-visited parts of Thailand aside from Bangkok. Even though Phuket is most famous for the wild nightlife and the cheap beers, there is still an option if you are bringing your family to Phuket. Kata Beach is the second most visited beach after Phatong Beach. But it is way less hectic and more enjoyable. Bu as it is gaining more popularity, you should not be going in the peak season as it is probably more crowded.

The Location of Kata Beach

Kata beach is located on the west coast of Phuket. Even though it is like an hour drive from Phuket International Airport, It is easily accessible through any transportation. There is a bus going to Kata from the airport as well. Likewise, there are taxis in the airport that be willing to take you to Kata beach for 600 Bath. If you want an easier direction through google maps, click here.

Beautiful Landscape of Kata Beach
Beautiful landscape of the Kata Beach


Kata beach has white sands all over the shorelines which stretch for about a mile long. The view of the turquoise water really gives you the real picture of a tropical beach. From the beach, you can see the view of another small island in the middle of the ocean. The beach has warm tropical water and usually shallow on the shorelines so you can take your kids to enjoy the water with you.

There are also plenty of coconut trees around. It is perfect for you who wants to get a perfect sunbath. Just bring your own towel and relax. However, there are plenty of huge umbrella and beach chairs around the beach for 300 Bath only. While enjoying the view, order yourself some fresh juice or smoothies from the nearby cafes to your beach chair. Once you got tired, head to the tents on the beach which offer a cheap full body massage. There you have it! a perfect vacation.

Watersport Activities

If you are looking for something that can rush your adrenaline in Kata beach, there are some things you can do to satisfy your adventurous soul. The first one is surfing. If you are a pro in surfing, come to Kata beach around April to November. Even though the waves are not going to be a spectacular one, it should be enough to enjoy the ocean. Meanwhile, if you are a beginner and wanted to learn, there are plenty of surfing schools close by the beach. Price ranging from $15 above for one hour and a half. If you come around the other months, you can visit the surf house which has unlimited waves for surfing and non-stop music.

You can try other fun watersports as well. There is water skiing that you can ride for a full thirty minutes for only 600 Bath. There is also parasailing for around 800 baths but this one is only a 5 minutes long ride.

Eatery in Kata Beach area

After a full day spent on the beach, it is time to fill the empty stomach! In kata beach, there are just plenty of eateries to enjoy a nice and tranquil dinner. The cuisines ranged from Local delish, fresh seafood, even Italian pizzas and Turkish restaurants are available.

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