The beauty of Kembang Soka Waterfall

Kembang Soka is among thousands of hidden waterfall in Indonesia. This time, I got a chance to visit the city of traditional art in Central Java. The special region of Yogya is one of the most popular tourist destinations after Bali. That is because of the continuation of local culture. Especially the existence of Keraton or Kingdom in Yogya. But as the areas are getting hotter and humid, I know the exact place where you can feel completely refreshed again.

Far away from the city, Kembang Soka Waterfall is the option to recharge your energy. The name of Kembang Soka itself came from the Soka Trees that inhabited this area. Don’t be shocked once you arrive and find tropical plantations all around!

Location of Kembang Soka Waterfall

Kembang Soka is located in Kulonprogo District, Jatimulyo Village, which is around 30 km away from the center of the city. It is accessible through scooters and cars. If you would like to access it immediately through google maps, click here. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation going to this area, so make sure you got your own vehicle.

The location of the Kembangsoka waterfall is actually pretty close to other famous waterfalls in Yogya. One of them is Kedung Pedut waterfall. Kembangsoka itself is in the hills of Menoreh, meaning that the temperature will be a little bit colder. Surrounded by nature and untouched forest making this waterfall even more magical.


Kembang Soka usually does not have many visitors, but it can get a little crowded in peak seasons. People also prefer to leave the waterfall as it is, instead of building a lot of things around it. That is why, once you arrive at the parking lot, you will have to walk around 200 meters to reach the waterfall. You will be paying around Rp.25,000 for International tourists and Rp. 5000 if you are locals.

Since the locals wanting to preserve the uniqueness and the authenticity of the waterfall, they decided not to paved the road. Instead, they built a bridge from literal bamboos. You can walk through the bridge to get to the steep valley where you can swim.

Once you feel hungry, you can absolutely try the locals’ snacks and foods from the small vendors. You don’t have to worry, they got you mineral waters as well. But they might not provide sunscreen or change of clothes so please prepare beforehand. They have toilets and a place to change your clothes after swimming as well.

Magnificent View

Kembang Soka waterfall becomes famous for having a different trait than any others. Usually, the color of the regular waterfall is clear but Kembang Soka waterfall is turquoise. The color is so beautiful that people often say that it feels like being in heaven.

Kembang Soka waterfall
The turquoise water

The nature surrounding the waterfall makes the vibes even better. This place is perfect for you to escape from the heat and humidity of Yogyakarta. While swimming, you can hear the birds chirping around, making the place feel calm and tranquil. If you are lucky, no one might be there so you can have the place all by yourself!

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