Kowloon Park from the above

Kowloon Park is the definition of bliss in the middle of concretes. Literally, a place to get fresh oxygen without pollution in it. It is located in the heart of the most urbanized area in Hongkong. Kowloon Park offers 13 hectares of open ground planted by various trees. Certainly, Kowloon Park as the lung of the city gives people a chance for people to interact in a public area, not in a dense-packed apartment building.

Kowloon Park beautiful Garden
Kowloon Park Garden

Brief History of Kowloon Park

Did you know hat Kowloon Park was once a Barrack belong to the British army? In order to build the whole park, they demolished around 70 buildings. At that time, this was a huge public site project. However, it wasn’t as huge as it is now. As they opened the first area of the park, it was only 18 acres big. Royal Hongkong Jockey Club funded the rest of the project to the size it is now. As the oldest institutions in Hongkong, they poured $300 million. As a result, they managed to finish complex public facilities


Kowloon Park is surrounded by Nathan and Canton Rd of Tsim Sha Tsui easily accessible through public or private transportation. It is only about 15 minutes from the famous Victoria Bay. Since the park is located in the middle of the city, there are plenty of ways to go there. First, you can go there by using Hongkong MTR. Head to the exit A directly to the entrance of the park if you’re going by Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. If you are going from the Star Ferry, walk for another 15 minutes to Nathan Road. To fast access towards Google Maps, click here.

Facilities of Kowloon Park

Not only that it provides fresh air to the local, here are some of the things you can do to get the full experience of Kowloon Park. However, only people with special permits can access some of the Park facilities. But other than that, it is free from admission to walk around the park.

Kowloon Park's Pink Flmingos
Kowloon Park has a lot of Pink Flamingos

The first is one to head to the Bird Lake and Aviary. Kowloon Park is surprisingly a home for around a hundred of bird species. The Bird Lake consists of a huge Flamingo Pond and Small waterfowl pond. There you can watch a lot of pink flamingos strolling around to feed themselves. Bring your kids and I am sure they would love the afternoon walk here. Aside from flamingos, there is plenty of birds exhibit this park. If you have a huge interest in birds, you can join the bird watching experience every Friday at 7.30 AM.

The second one is the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. The British Army built the building functioned as a barrack in the 1890’s. The government officially opened the ancient barrack as Hongkong Discover Centre in 2005. The building is now full of activities such as art exhibitions, an education center, and a reference library. They have a $20 HK admission fee for adults and $10 HK for senior citizens

The last one is to enjoy the Kung Fu Corner if you come at Sunday afternoon. They have free Chinese Dragon Attraction along with the full equipment. They also have a martial arts demonstration to cheer up public visitors.

After all, Kowloon Par really offers something to make your experience in Hong Kong even better. Don’t forget to visit The best Hiking Experience in Hongkong.

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