Patong beach phuketPatong beach phuket thailand

Patong Beach Phuket or Hat Patong in Thai is place you must visit beach located in Phuket. It is around 40 minutes if you take a shared mini bus nearby the international airport. Historically, this place was just a quiet place with a hidden beach in the 1960’s. Ten years later, the local government recognized its potential after being visited by massive foreigners. Then they built the surrounding infrastructure, making patong one of the favourite destination when you come to Thailand. 

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Thailand is not only famous for its religious site destinations, but they also have beautiful beaches surrounding the country.

The Beach is astonishing with white sands facing Andaman sea. You willl have an option to pay few bath to use the beach lounge for you to sunbath all day or just enjoying the sand. You can always rent some huge umbrella too if you want to keep your skin protected by the sun. If you just arrived by the beach after a long plane rides, a traditional massage is available with various options and price such as head massage to full massages. You can find the local lady offering the massage. If you are more comfortable with massage privately, there are plenty massage center nearby or you can ask the hotels to call them for you with some extra charges. You don’t have to worry if you’re thirsty and you forgot your tumblr, because you will be able to visit some tourist friendly cafes which provide you with countless variation of beverages from fresh coconut to beer. The view of the Patong beach is very beautiful as you will see some of the cruises sail nearby the beach.

 If you are looking for something more exciting and thrilling to give you a new experience, you will enjoy the water sport available in Patong Beach . You will have so many options to choose, some of the best are parasailing and jet skiing. It is also very easy to find ths attraction. They usually have people as the operatos to make sure you are following the safety protocols as well. You just need to pay around $50 a person. But you have to be cautious because sometimes the operators are scammers and will charge you more for claiming a damage on their machines or jetski. Other than water sport, you can enjoy snorking and diving in this beach. Some companies will have several trips that you can choose, such as trips lasting for several days visiting various famous place such as Racha Noi & Racha Yai famous for their clear water or just a short visit to explore the reefs and caves.

Along the beach itself, you will also see that a lot of resorts have been built surrounding the coast making it lively for tourists to wander around to explore the existing infrastructure. Not only that, you will see that patong beach is very popular with countless restaurants serving from breakfast to midnight dinner. It also close by the nearest local residence, making it a vibrant integration between local and foreign culture. 

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