Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is another ancient building in the UNESCO world’s heritage list. The temple considerably has the most sophisticated and magnificent architecture in South East Asia. It stands 47 meters tall which you can clearly see from afar. Was built in 850 AD, The temple also has popular folklore which local people still believe in today. herefore, millions of international and domestic tourists visit Prambanan Annually.

Prambanan Temple of Indonesia
The Majestic Architecture of Prambanan Temple

Location and how to get to Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan temple is located in Sleman, Yogyakarta. It is right on the border of Central Java and the special region of Yogyakarta. Fortunately, access to the temple is very accessible. You can reach the temple by riding a motorcycle, cars or renting driver to take you there. However, there is a cheaper alternative, which is to take the City Bus. The city bus is available if you are coming from Yogyakarta, but it is a little bit more complicated because you will have to remember the code of the bus. It is very cheap though, only Rp. 3,500 to Rp. 5,000.

Prambanan Temple of Indonesia

If you are coming from Adisucipto International Airport of Yogyakarta, go to the Bus Station S3 directly. Then you are going to take Trans Jogja Bus 1A towards the Prambanan Station. Walk 500 meters afterward. Sound simple right? but prepare to wait and stuck in congestion for a while.

Famous Folklore

Prambanan Temple of Indonesia

Prambanan Temple has another name which is Roro Jonggrang Temple. The name came from the famous folklore about how the temple was built. Roro Jonggrang was the daughter of Boko King which had lost a war against Bandung Bondowaoso. Roro Jonggrang then had to marry Bandung Bondowoso as the result of losing the war. But In order for Roro Jonggrang to agree with the marriage proposal, Bandung Bondowoso had to build 1000 temples only until the sunrise. Seem impossible, Bandung Bondowoso asked help from the genie to help. When the temples were almost 1000 in count, Roro Jonggrang wakes up all the roasters in the Village by hitting the rice makers. Hearing the roasters, Bandung Bondowoso thought it was sunrise time and failed the mission to marry Roro Jonggrang.

Drama Musical Performance in Prambanan Temple

One thing you should not miss while you are in Prambanan is the Drama Musical Performance. he performance consists of Ramayana Ballet in the Javanese Language. Held in Prambanan Complex, the performance is colossal and amazing. In order to watch the performance, you have to order the ticket online. The price ranged from Rp. 150,000 for a regular seat in the back to Rp. 400,000 for VIP class. Book your ticket here to get a chance for discounts!

Prambanan Temple of Indonesia

Admission Ticket and Travel Tips

Once you walk through the entrance, you will need to pay Rp. 50,000 for an adult ticket, and Rp. 25,000 for 3-10 years old ticket. Meanwhile, if you are an international tourist, you will have to pay Rp. 250,000 for an adult ticket and Rp. 100,000 for 3-10 years old ticket. For travel tips, go at 3 pm to avoid the heat of midday. Then wait until 6 pm because the picturesque temple will become a stunning silhouette under a full circle of sunset.

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