Seger Beach is one among the other beautiful beaches which located in Lombok, just few kms away from the famous Kuta Beach of Lombok. This particular beach is not really hard to access so you may get to this beach from the road. You only have to pay between Rp 10.000 for parking fees. The beach is surrounded by lots of beautiful mountains. If you would like to get a top view of the beach, you can always climb any of the mountain and get your drone around to take videos. Most of the time, this beach is not crowded, so if you come earlier and you are lucky, you may get the whole beach empty to enjoy.


Seger Beach is also one of the most popular destination for those who are looking for perfect waves to surve. Sometimes the waves are quite challenging to train your skill and sometimes it is enough for you to get by. If youre looking for the best kind of wave, try to get there in morning where the waves are pretty high. Another tip is to get there in the wet seasons between October to April where you can expect a lot of other people catching the waves. If you get to the beach in dry season, the beach is drying up most of the time and you will not be able to surf. The beach will have a very low wave and the rocky reef will appear. Make sure your feet is not hurt stepping on them.

Seger beach is not only great for adrenaline rush activities, they also have calming and fun activity you can try. You can always try to snorkel to see beautiful rocks formations in the lagoon when the tide is not very high. The water is crystal clear and worth the veiw. If you are planning to bring underage children, it is advised not to because of the rocky reef which can be dangerous if you are not cautious.

If you are preparing to come to this beach, you can try coming in February when you can witness a unique experience of Bau Nyale. Bau Nyale is a ceremony the locals held to catch the sea worms which is believed as a the incarnation of the Princess Mandalika. The story of Princess Mandalika is a popular legend which has been spread all over Lombok, so you can expect hundreds of people in the beach when the ceremony is held. This event is only held once in a year.

The nearby surrounding is not as urbanized as you think it might, so it really accentuate the natural vibe it has. The beach has a lot of coconut trees which makes it better. The beach is also kind of rocky as you can see in the picture.

Even though the becah itself is not really crowded by restaurants or bar, they do have some locals who built small kiosk which sells some snacks and mineral water for reasonable prices. You may also find locals who are selling you fresh cocunut which they cut open so you can enjoy the coconut water while you are chilling on the beach. What a beautiful experience that should be on one of your bucket list.

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